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Userpedia is Dead, Long Live Userpedia

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Userpedia is Dead, Long Live Userpedia
First Aired  ???
Rating PG
Status In Preparation
Genre post-epic
Style Comic
Created By Scarecrow von Steuben
No. Of Issues 1 (promo)
2 (main issues)

Userpedia is Dead, Long Live Userpedia, also known simply as UP is Dead is the final comic by Scarecrow von Steuben. It will run until it is canceled, and has no set ending. It details the events occuring after Userpedia's fall into inactivity.
Issues will be released about once a week. Each issue is done much like a music 'single', in that the issues are each released with an A-side and a B-side. In this format, the A-side is the UP is Dead issue and the B-side can be a side story, an old issue of a different comic, or an alternate version of the comic itself. The only B-sideless issue is the promo.


The comic is, for the most part, a chronicle of Scarecrow's aimless wanderings to get out of the remains of Userpedia. Jorge and Scarecrow are the only living characters revealed thus far, though there may be more that have yet to be seen. The ghosts of RAP and Steve appear in issue #2, haunting Jorge.