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December 6th, 2009
Issue IV

The official magazine of Userpedia

The Disconnected calendar for 2009
September 12th October 10th
November 10th December 12th

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Table of Contents

User Section Page
Marioguy1 (Talk) Director's Commentary 2
Super Mario Bros. (Talk) Sub-director's Notes 2
Super Mario Bros. (Talk) Your World with SMB 3
Tucayo (Talk) Crazy Interviews 4 – 5
Nega-Mario (Talk) & Renzoku Kikou Dan (Talk) Director's Notes (Fake News) 6
KP Shadow (Talk) WINterview 6
Nina Windia (Talk) Advertisment (Fake News) 7
Nega-Mario (Talk) Game Reviews (Fake News) 7
Ralphfan (Talk) Director's Notes (Fun Stuff) 8
Marioguy1 (Talk) Lololol (Fun Stuff) 8
Super Luigi! Number one! (Talk) Director's Note (Music & Artwork) 9
Super Luigi! Number one! (Talk) User Artwork of the Month (Music & Artwork) 9
Marioguy1 (Talk) Random Image of the Month (Music & Artwork) 9
Disconnected Head Staff Contact Us 10

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Director's Notes

OK, this will be the last issue that we send out before the holidays so I tried to make it a christmas-themed issue. I am frankly surprised at the amount of sections that were sent in this month as I received two; ralphfan's director's notes and Hemu's Fake Ad by Alex25. I hope SMB received more because we have a great lack of them this month.

Furthermore I would like to announce our new rule that disconnected director's must have a back-up of all their sections so I suggest either they do it or they get one of their staff to do and extra section just in case someone forgets to send it in.

Finally I would like to say goodbye to our Fun Stuff director, ralphfan. He is too busy at the moment with the shroom and the ultimate character tourney to manage the disconnected as well and will only stay director until we can find another. On that note, sign-ups for Fun Stuff director are open - contact me on my talk page to request the position.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukka, Happy Kuanza, or whatever else you celebrate; have a good one and read on!

Sub-director's Notes

Hey guys, this is SMB. Yup, yet again another issue that I am releasing. :P As you can see, we have a new format for The Disconnected, as we are now in the style of a magazine. Not much else to tell you except that, so I guess I'll stop boring you let you read on. Enjoy!

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Your World with SMB

Hey guys, SMB here. Well, we had quite a bit of commotion the past month, so let's see what is up.

  • Ralphfan was promoted to chatroom operator, but has resigned from directing the Fun Stuff of The Disconnected. A replacement will be selected by the Disconnected Staff soon.
  • KPT (Koopa-Paratroopa or Nega-Mario) has returned to Userpedia and has resumed his duties as co-director of the Fake News section of The Disconnected.
  • Jorge was recently unblocked by decision of the administrators, and he has helped making Userpedia more active because of his new comic, Jorge and the Family.
  • The 'Shroom will be having its Director's Election starting 2009 December 12, and it will end on 9 January 2010. Don't forget to vote!
  • Ultima Bahamut has returned to Userpedia.
  • Stooben Rooben is retiring from Userpedia, after a well-served and long Stewardship. He has crowned the new Steward, Scarecrow von Steuben. Congratulations!
That is about it for now, so until next time!

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Crazy Interview

Tucayo: You here???

Nina_Windia: No

Nina_Windia: I'm dead

Tucayo: D:

Tucayo: Too bad, then no interview for you D:

Nina_Windia: INTERVIEW

Tucayo: :D

Tucayo: Hellooooo userpedia! I am Tucayo and I am back as interviewer!!!

Tucayo: This month our CRAZY interview will be with none other than NINA WINDIA!!!

Tucayo: Say HI! Nina

Nina_Windia: HI!

Tucayo: Good boy/girl? Take a cookie

Tucayo: Now

Tucayo: First Question

Tucayo: Why did Bowser steal the Star Rod?

Nina_Windia: K

Nina_Windia: Because you left the fridge door open

Tucayo: Dammit, that wont happen again

Tucayo: How did you discover UP?

Nina_Windia:Hmm... I think I stumbled upon it during my days at UnMarioWiki

Tucayo: Niceeeee

Tucayo: What is next to the butter in my fridge?

Tucayo: Since you happen to know it really good

Nina_Windia: Nothing, I took the open fridge as an invitation to take as I please >:3

Tucayo: Why Nina Windia?

Nina_Windia: Yes

Tucayo: I always tought it was Ninja

Nina_Windia: XD

Nina_Windia: But rly, nina is my favourite character in the Breath of Fire series

Tucayo: And the other word?

Nina_Windia: Windia is a fan made second name as the kingdom she's princess of is called Wyndia

Tucayo: Nice, a bit of culture

Nina_Windia: :3

Tucayo: Well, this is the perfect moment for you to say something to the audience watching reading us!

Nina_Windia: YOU SUC-*shot*

Tucayo: D:

Tucayo: Next, choose a number between 3 and pi

Nina_Windia: Pi

Tucayo: Nice election hifty:

Tucayo: Nao multiply it by a thousand

Nina_Windia: K

Tucayo: And divide it by 3

Nina_Windia: Alright

Tucayo: Is your number closer to purple than to red?

Nina_Windia: no, cyan

Tucayo: Hmmmm, then you win

Tucayo: Lucky boy/girl?

Tucayo: Next question!

Tucayo: How did you find the chat

Nina_Windia: I spotted it on one of the rare occasions I visit Mariowiki

Nina_Windia: But I'd also heard of it beforehand

Tucayo: Noq an obligatory question

Tucayo: Is this the last question?

Nina_Windia: No this is. where's the money you promised me?


Nina_Windia: WHERE'S MY MONEY!!! >

Tucayo: MOney is not everything in this life, you know?

Nina_Windia: Yes, I do

Tucayo: Well, thanks for letting me interview you

Nina_Windia: But it sure helps

Tucayo: Goodbye and til the next issue

*** Tucayo goes

*** Nina_Windia dances while the lights fade out

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Crazy Interviews (cont.)

Tucayo: Thanks alex

Nina_Windia: Welcome mah boi

Tucayo: now g2g

Tucayo: BYE!

Nina_Windia: SLAN LAIT

Tucayo: dunno what SLAN LAIT is

Nina_Windia: Goodbye in Irish

Nina_Windia: :3

Tucayo: oh XD

Nina_Windia: XP

Nina_Windia: Tucky

Nina_Windia: Did you remember to turn off the camera?

Tucayo: Alex

Tucayo: Ummm,.....

Tucayo: Actually....

Tucayo: There was no tape XP

Nina_Windia: O.o

Tucayo: D:

Tucayo: Oh, no

Tucayo: There was

Tucayo: Turning off camera in 3

Tucayo: 2

Tucayo: 1

Tucayo: OFF

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Director's Notes

Hi, I'M BAAACK! KPT here, back from my N64 break. Sorry I was gone so long. Anyway, I'm just telling that I'm back and Store Score is gones. Sry. But check below for my Game Review Section.

KPT, out.


Hey gaiz it's Hemu, I got some crew members for the fake news, had to hold them at gunpoint tho. Anyways KPT is back and i'll get back to stalking the girl i like patrolling fantendo.


~That one guy whose name sounds like something a cow says


Welcome to WINterviews. My name is KP Shadow. I remember it, so you don't have to. And yes, I copied the Nostalgia Critic on purpose. Today, our guest will be Paper Jorge.

<KP_Shadow> What would you do if SM managed to get ahold of a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning, and bring it onto the set of User Soup?

<Jorge> Umm, I'd die, pretty much.

<Jorge> Obvious answer durrrrrrrhurrrrr.

<KP_Shadow> what if he brought a gun that shoots bacon?


<Jorge> I love bacon

<Jorge> I'd open my mouth and omnomnom

<Jorge> Omnomnom gimme bacon you silly goose

<KP_Shadow> what if he brought a gun that shoots cookie shurikens and strips of bacon shaped like lightning?

<KP_Shadow> both of which were prepared by Chuck Norris

<Jorge> Umm, I'd be hungry, pretty much.

<Jorge> Obvious answer durrrrrrrhurrrrr.

<KP_Shadow> Do you like waffles?

<Jorge> Yeah we like waffles

<KP_Shadow> do you like pancakes?

<Jorge> Yeah we like pancakes

<KP_Shadow> do you like french toast?

<Jorge> Yeah we like french toast

<Jorge> doop doo doo doo

<Jorge> cant wait to get a mouthfull

<Jorge> WAFFLES!

<KP_Shadow> if you caught a member of the Regi trio or a Regigigas, would you name it Sir Reginald?

<Jorge> What's a Regigigigiggigigigigigig?

<KP_Shadow> ....

<KP_Shadow> nevermind

<KP_Shadow> Chuck Norris is right behind you, do you A) say hello and give him a plate of bacon, B) kindly greet him and offer him a seat, or C) kill yourself

<Jorge> D) All of the above

<KP_Shadow> what is Pirate Goomba?

<Jorge> A Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba

<Jorge> WHO KNEW

<Jorge> susususussuus

<KP_Shadow> 'ello gobnah

<KP_Shadow> 'ow'd you like a spot of tea?

<Jorge> Teaaaa


And that's about when Jorge went insane.

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Game Reviews

Hey everybody, it's KPT! I'm here at Turtwig's Destruction Roulette reviewing Super Turtwig Kart!Let's get on with the show!

Graphics:The game is good on graphics, N64 quality with a bunch of texturing work, so everyone is really detailed. I'm no graphic crazed freak but the art style works!

Gameplay:Any great racer aspires to meet this game. Each ride feels different, the characters are easy to control but hard to master, and the controls are intuitive. The Story is great, too, I love how I'm in it!

Sound:Good, good. Cartoony engine noise, check. Multiple quotes for characters, check. Awesome and catchy level music, and a sound test/My Music mode? WIN.

Overall:10/10. Hamtaro did a GREAT job with this game, the pinnacle of kart racers.Everyone should buy this Turtwig Toyz exclusive for 4249 Wiki Coins, ($42.49)

Hamtaro-san, come here and get your present!

Hamtaro:Konichiwa, desu! Whatcha got, KPT-san? KPT:Oh here, you get...a Turtwig for perfect 10/10. Here!

Hamtaro got a Turtwig! See ya next issue! Buy an N64, they're good!

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Director's Notes

If you want to join Fun Stuff, please contact me on my talk page.


Here are some jokes for you to digest while you eat christmas dinner.

  • Pun: One Christmas, Phil and Will built a skating rink in the middle

of a pasture. A shepard leading his flock decided to take a shortcut across the rink. The sheep, however, were afraid of the ice and wouldn't cross it. Desperate, the shepard began tugging them to the other side.

"Look at that," remarked Phil to Will. "That guy is trying to pull the wool over our ice!"

  • Knock knock:
    • Knock Knock.
    • Who's there?
    • Donut.
    • Donut who?
    • Donut open 'til Christmas!
  • Q&A:
    • What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
    • Frostbite.
  • Joke: Here are eight things you should watch out for to make sure santa doesn't hate your kid:
  1. Kid's letter to north pole comes back stamped, "Dream on, Chester!"


  1. Kid asks for new bike, gets pack of smokes
  2. Along with presents, Santa leaves hefty bill for shipping and handling.
  3. By the time he gets to your house, all he has left is foam packing.
  4. Christmas day, your kid wakes up with a Reindeer head in his bed.
  5. Instead of "Naughty" or "Nice", Santa has him on the stupid list
  6. Labels on all your kid's toys read "Straight from Craptown."
  7. Four words: "Off my lap, Tubby!"
  • Tongue Twister: Seven Santas sang silly songs.

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Director's Notes

What a big surprise, I didn't know that the Disconnected was going out today, December 6. Yesss this the first time that I'm a director of something, yay. Also we need more users for the Music and Artwork and if you want to sign in, just contact us! Yes that's all. Have a good December!

User Artwork of the Month

Hello Guys this is SLNO. I can't show my drawing this month because I'm not with my scaner sorry. D: BUT I decided to do the User Artwork of the Month and it is:


Yes Yes, It's Link Jorge. DarkHero Sonic the Dark made this drawing and It's perfect! He draws really well using the computer. The original pic is here.

Random Image of the Month


These are the sprites for the Mariowiki/Userpedia user Princess Alyson Koopastool.

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