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The Disconnected was the official magazine of Userpedia. Originally facing severe hardships in the beginning, the project was on constant hiatus for about a year, with the project switching from director to director. Eventually, the first issue came out on 12 September 2009, being led by Super Mario Bros. (Talk) (sub-director at that time, who ended up taking the title of director in the second issue). At this time, it was formatted as a newspaper (much like The 'Shroom). However, starting with the fourth issue, the format was changed so that The Disconnected would resemble a magazine, and made use of the tabber extension to do so.

Ralphfan (Talk) was elected unanimously in the Director Election 2010, and started directing the project with the thirteenth issue. The focus of the magazine was changed to being a more facts-based magazine, rather than serving a purpose of entertainment. For several months, Ralphfan pulled almost all of the weight of the magazine until he resigned in order to keep up with things going on in his life and to give somebody else a chance to manage it, as he had become too busy to do so.

In the election that followed, several candidates announced interest in directing the paper. Saito (Talk) (better known as SLNO) had posted up her campaign, and drew a wave of support that even moved the other candidates to concede the election and to throw their support behind her. She ended up winning unopposed and with overwhelming support. Her first issue was the nineteenth issue.

After some time, however, the project was cancelled due to several factors.

Our directors have been:

Our sub-directors have been:

* – This is the date that the project was officially cancelled. The last issue released was the July 2011 issue, nearly a year before the project was cancelled.

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