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Userpedia's Restore Requests is a capability that only its respective Sysops and Bureaucrats can attend to. When an article, template, category, or other page is deleted, a user has the right to request that that page be restored. However, the process isn't as simple as "I want this page restored, please restore it". When a user requests a page to be restored, he or she must bring up a valid reason as to why it should be restored. Now, when you wish to request a page to be restored, you must type your request in the following format:

===Restore Name===
*'''Reason''': <place your reason(s) as to why the page should be restored>
*'''Requester''': <place [[User:Username|Username]] and ~~~~~ here>
*'''Restorer''': <leave this blank. A Sysop/Bureaucrat will place his or her name here>
*'''Comments''': <leave this blank. A Sysop/Bureaucrat may add argumentative comments here>
*'''Status''': <place 'Pending' here. A Sysop/Bureaucrat will replace with 'Accepted' (in a green font), or 'Denied' in a red font>

Restoration Requests

Dont let UP die

  • Reason: see Antons mariowiki talk page
  • Requester: BroccollyGuy
  • Restorrer:
  • Comment:
  • Status:


  • Reason: He was an awesome user, and I believe he deserves his article back. If it doesn't meet UP's standards, then I will try my best to rewrite the article. Also, if there were any deleted images of Pikax, could you restore them too?
  • Requester: Dr. Death Defying 17:29, 28 October 2011 (PDT)
  • Restorer: Hypnotoad 22:05, 29 January 2013 (EST)
  • Comments: Quite a late restoration response. The article does need some fixing up, but like it says in the reason, it will be rewritten.
  • Status: Approved.PNG