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GIF Requests Logo.gif

When you need GIFs, look no further! The GIF Committee will take on your requests and make the GIFs you need. You can also request a user to make your GIFs; however, your request can be turned down.

Member Type
Porygon2 (Talk) Advanced
Red Sector Ω (Talk) Advanced
Stooben Rooben (Talk) Advanced
Mason (Talk) Intermediate

When posting a request, type as follows below the correct request header:

===Your Username===
'''Request''': -Describe your request here-
'''Type''': -Put 'Repetitive' or 'Advanced'
'''Animator''': -You can request a user here, or leave blank if you don't care. When the request is taken that member will their name here.-
 ''Status''': -Leave blank. This is for your Animator to put the current status of the request. (Ex: 'Taken', 'One week', etc.)



Request: A gif of an abra eating a blue gummi.


Animator: St00ben R00ben

Status: Accepted.


Request: A gif of Princess Lanette doing this.




Hyper Guy

Request: A GIF of "Hyper Guy" (Green Shy Guy) in General Guy outfit,doing that dance General Guy does in the parade. [[1]]


Animator:Stooben Rooben



Request: If anyone still has my sprites, a gif of Tb101 eating a Jdrowlands sprite =3

Animator: anyone

Status: Pending



Request: Nnagf.PNG Can you turn this into an animated Gif for my sig plz?

Animator: Mason :P

Status: File:Alex25 Request.gif


Request: A gif of me running (and the abilities change while running)


Animator: Hemu

Status: done

Boun C ball

Request: This Bouncing:Boun c ball flip.png

Animator: anyone

Status: Done

Herpaderp.gif How's this? - Mason

Thanx:)It's great!


Request: This, but in animation. Scorpionfrogmadness.png

Animator: Someone advanced. It's hard. (It wasn't hard. - Mason)

Status: Completed. What is this? I don't even... (Mason)

New Super Mario

Request: Can someone make me a GIF of me running, and hitting a question mark block multiple times, getting coins?

Type: Doesn't really matter as long as it's good

Animator: Stooben or Mason

Status: Does this work? - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF