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About Us

The Featured Image Committee is a project of Userpedia, tasked to inspect image material on the database and select those that meet the requirements as featured content. Right now, the decision is solely up to the committee members, who will gather and nominate content on their own, but this is not set entirely in stone.

The committee currently has a fixed number of seven members. For the rest of this tenure, this number will not change.

Current Committee Members

Featured Images List

Sorted by order of appearance on the main page.

Image Creator Featured on... Notes
EdoHR.jpg Edofenrir August 26, 2011
MasterLucario.jpg SLNO September 9, 2011
Tucayo.PNG Aldo October 7, 2011
FE MG1Paladin.png Edofenrir December 5, 2011
PAKK.PNG Princess Alyson Koopastool January 8, 2012
MCnew.png Master Crash January 13, 2012
SonicMarioTwilight.png Hypnotoad January 13, 2012
Neurario CoffeeArtwork.jpg GSFox
January 14, 2012
2257Poochy.png Edofenrir January 15, 2012
Ujuxin.png Mcoolister January 19, 2012
Patroller2.png Hypnotoad January 20, 2012
Zero777bySLNO.jpg SLNO January 23, 2012
2257kart.png Aldo January 23, 2012
126137594433-61746.png Princess Alyson Koopastool January 27, 2012
100px MCKnackus I
(from MFGG)
February 11, 2012
Spirit Lies - Beanbean Official Artwork.png Edofenrir April 16, 2012
MBVPixelArt.PNG Ruby June 25, 2012
Bones tombstone.png Edofenrir October 14, 2012
Tiwessdancegf75.gif Edofenrir October 14, 2012

FeatImg.png = Currently on the main page