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Userpedia is the proud host of Featured Articles. Because Userpedia is growing in size, our articles are too; thus, we have created a way to acknowledge our well-written articles.

General Information

The project started up in 2009, but was cancelled due to lack of attention (itself caused by the necessity of other projects being focused on). After over a year of discussing and debating, the staff decided it was time to allow the project to start back up. However, there was a major disagreement: how selection of Featured Articles would be done. Some wanted members of committees to be appointed, and some wanted direct voting on Featured Articles. A compromise was found in having the Director of the committee being directly elected by the users every year, and the winning candidate appointing the other members into the committee.

The Director, once elected, must propose requirements that articles must meet to be featured, set up a consistent rotation for featured articles to go up on the Main Page, and must update the template for Featured Articles on the Main Page according to that rotation. The rotation will be monthly.

The committee nominates articles and votes for featuring them via the forum. These articles must be of high quality and must set a good example for other articles. Any featured article that loses its high quality may also be unfeatured by the committee through a similar nominating process.

Current Committee Members

Articles That are Featured