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As a well-formed wiki, Userpedia has many Administrators – or Sysops. These Sysops are a small group of users with Sysop rights. It is a goal for many users to become a Sysop. Sysops are not above the law. Though they enforce the rules, they must follow them as well. Being a Sysop isn't as easy as it sounds either. They must do a majority of the cleanup around Userpedia. Sysops must do such tasks as deleting unnecessary pages, blocking trolls and spammers, enforcing rules, making announcements to the community, and much more.

A list of all current Userpedia Sysops can be found here.

What Sysops Can Do

  • They can delete any type of page or file found on the wiki.
  • They can block users who break the rules.
  • They can unblock users who have been wrongfully convicted or whose bans are over.
  • They can protect pages to prevent edit wars and/or vandalism.
  • They can unprotect pages to make them accessible to regular users again.
  • They can edit protected pages to keep them updated.
  • They can restore deleted articles. However, images and sound files cannot be restored once deleted.
  • They can revert vandalism much easier than a normal user. While users must use the undo action, it can take quite some time to do; Sysops have a special button labeled rollback. This is the exact same feature as the undo action, only it can be performed much quicker.