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Welcome, Mario and Luigi!

You are now a member of the one and only wonderful Userpedia, the one-stop shop for all things user-related!
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Smasher 101 (Talk)

You still have to put your name on the page.

When you've done that, then i'll try and find the time to make you one. -- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!

Ok, i see what happened. You added your character somewhere in the middle of it, instead of at the bottom of the signups. That's why i didn't see it. But, in any case, I won't be making emblems for a while. Like i said above, i'll try and find some time for this. -- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!
I will get back to them soon, so you will suddenly have an emblem some day soon. Sorry for this inconvinience :( -- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!


hi you know me N64Dude MG1 Made this Account for me!
The previous unsigned comment was added by Nintendo64Dude (Talk).


Mario and Luigi how do i make my own sig? Reply on my talk page! Nintendo64Dude


Also could you make me a Personal image?? i want a Blue Toad Nintendo64Dude


Fire Blue Toad is fine. Nintendo64Dude


Thanks but where do i put the image?? Nintendo64Dude


when i put the image the table goes over the page?? why? reply on my talkpage! Nintendo64Dude


Could you Make my UserPage Look Better?? Nintendo64Dude


i want my Sprites and my Real name. my Wiki Friends) when i was Born) Other Forms like Red Yoshi form PaperMario Form me im my 3D Form. Also Statistics and how much HP Attack Defense Speed Il' got in my different forms. and a Gallery of my Recolours. and Trivia. Also Quotes as well. Then ArtWork Drawings. Nintendo64Dude

Yoshi Wiki

I join your wiki its well awesome!! Nintendo64Dude Also could you promote me on your wiki??


Link to your Yoshi Wiki Nintendo64Dude

Yoshi Wiki

Hey I Found something you can Change How Many Posts you got Click on Profile then Summary. Well Good on Your Yoshi Wiki Forum i change my to 901 =P Nintendo64Dude

Yoshi Fourm

Hey I Post something in the Yoshi Wiki Fourm Reply Please! =D Nintendo64Dude


Also Red-CyanToad has Join the Forums and the Wiki. on the forums he is a Administrator. And on the Wiki he is a patroller. Yoshi Wiki and its Forums!! Nintendo64Dude


Sorry would you give me back my Admin Powers? Really Sorry i did not mean to mess up your Proflie on the Yoshi Wiki Fourm. Friends Again?? Nintendo64Dude


hey did you give me back my admin powers on the Yoshi Wiki Fourm! Nintendo64Dude Reply on my talk page.


Hey Did you do it?? did you give me back my admin Powers?? on the yoshi fourm Please.

Also how do I Get the Contents like on your userpage reply on my talkpage. Nintendo64Dude


Can you make my UserPedia page better like my Quotes?? My Quotes a Awesome i Whir i whir at Anton

then my catchprase. N64dude catchprase O_o Then my Trivia In Real Life N64Dude has ADHD And N64Dude likes chat. thats it!! Nintendo64Dude


coud you upload a Yoshi For me Paper Form?? Nintendo64Dude


Sorry about the yoshi wiki Could you give me one more chance?? and could i just be a sysop?? Also Im sorry about copying stuff I Wont do it again promise Nintendo64Dude

Maybe you should stop pestering him about it... ~Nabber


how come your Pokemon Trainer Leaf page is not a stub and mine is?? Nintendo64Dude


can i add it?? on my page the construction Nintendo64Dude

Deleteing images

can i Delete a image?? Nintendo64Dude


could you put my Yoshi Image next to my toad image please?? Nintendo64Dude


Can you put my Quotes whitch are Um Hi Byeee lol. And My History i made a Account then got a UserSpace waring then my Favoutite games are Super Mario 3d land Mario Kart 7 and Wii Party Ok?? Nintendo64Dude


how do i recolours something?? Nintendo64Dude


i got PaintNet Nintendo64Dude

Cool Adventure

Your Adventure was awesome how could i make one?? Nintendo64Dude

Regarding Lightsaber blitz

Since you signed up as ur Mario Form, Could u also sign up as luigi form? Thnx

Catjedi! May the force be with you!! 15:48, 19 February 2012 (PST)

Hey, thanks.

I didn't know there was a code for superscript and subscript. I must confess I'm a rather poor editor, so thanks for changing the PKMN Queen title to what it should look like. Dr. Javelin

Creeper edits and stuff

You do know you can click "Preview" so you don't need to make so many individual edits, right? Also, I'm not sure what you mean to do with the Creeper pages. I hope I didn't delete the wrong one..? - Hypnotoad (T|C) AntonBonesMason.GIF

It's alright, I just didn't really know what you were doing - Hypnotoad (T|C) AntonBonesMason.GIF