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Trope List

Hi, uhm... I think your idea with the list of tropes on your article is really amazing. Since I am a huge fan of tvtropes.org myself, I was wondering if you would mind me implementing a list of tropes on my article as well. And if you don't mind, whether I should credit you for the idea or not. I hope you can answer my question. Also, I'm sorry if this message is in the wrong place. - Edofenrir(T|C) 19:49, 1 July 2010 (UTC)

Master Lucario came up with the idea first, so it's nothing original on my part. You don't need permission to use tropes, mate; go ahead and use them. --Crocodile Dippy

Ok, thanks =3 - Edofenrir(T|C) 00:06, 2 July 2010 (UTC)


Why did you delete the Fuzzipede27 page. did i do something wrong? Fuzzipede27

You didn't do anything wrong. Nothing against you or anything, but we're trying to inspire users to become more active on the MarioWiki; hence, users without anything to their name don't get an article. --Crocodile Dippy


Well, I still don't know how this site works so. Do games have to have the word Fiction behind them? If no, then can I move Fiction:Trolls' Island to Trolls' Island?--Mr bones(T|C) 16:26, 8 July 2010 (UTC)

'Fiction' has to be placed behind comics and stories, so I don't see why it wouldn't apply to games as well. --Crocodile Dippy

My fanfiction and etc

I guess it can all be considered cancelled. What can i do to make sure its not deleted?Don Tb -- 16:00


Not exactly. Just decided to stop by after a slow day.

Master Crash

For me, go ahead. As long as i don't get some retarded role, I'll check later and see if Xze wants in, he probably doesn't care though. Master Crash (Named after a song, no big surprise.)

Can you try to get better quality for my image? If you are gonna delete it, then i'm sorry. Fuzzipede27 (Talk)

I'm not good at making artwork, sorry. --Crocodile Dippy


I guess I did kinda went too fast with requesting it, sorry I was too boneheaded to think of that. Though it's not like I demanded that she do it. If she didn't want to do it I said I'd understand. And I know she'll prbably do her own stuff before requests are done. I could wait months for the pic honestly I'm not that impatient. Again sorry if that made me look like a douche that expects something as soon as a certain user returns. SonicMario(T|C)

Allo, Bloody one! Master Crash

Hello. Sorry for my bluntness, but this isn't the best place to converse; try Xephyr Board. We miss you over there. --Crocodile Dippy

Well fine, jerk ;__;

Hey, did Xephyr move from Wikkii (Or whatever it's called) because the link i'm using isn't working. Master Crash

Yeah, it moved. Here; [1] --Crocodile Dippy

Looks like the same server as the very first Xephyr. Master Crash


Since you were a big part of Coin Collector's life on the wiki, do you mind if I could use you in my comic The Collector?

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!

Go ahead. --Crocodile Dippy

Shroom section articles


Are we going to create articles for every single 'Shroom section, or are there only specific ones that need articles? Pyro Guy(T|C) 07:52, 23 January 2016 (UTC)

Probably all of them in due time. -Crocodile Dippy(T|C) 12:01, 23 January 2016 (UTC)