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User Soup/Episode 32

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Narrator: Hello welcome to the end of January episode of User Soup! We have a look into part of our host's Internet past. Jorge plans a new comic, and that shall not be all. So here's your host, SonicMario.

Hello, Welcome to User Soup. Well we've reached the end of the first month of 2010. Though it's not really yet the month to tell how 2010 will be for us on Userpedia, it's starting to shape up to how this year will be. But there's nothing else to introduce except out first story.

Jorge has been unbanned days ago, and he's planning his next comic. Indeed, he's canceled Jorge and the Family. And started a new comic that he considers to be a spiritual sequel to Friday Night Live. The show is called the Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. Obviously based on the other latenight comedy show on NBC. Though of course without the recent controversies with switching hosts and all. It is set to start in February, perhaps as a 1 year anniversary of the start of FNL. Though I kind of hate it how Jorge says it's sort of a sequel. Because if it is a sequel, people will start comparing it to it's predecessor and point out what's better but also what changed so much that it sucks. Though considerably even if Jorge never called it a sequel to FNL, I'm sure there would still be those who tried to compare it to FNL. But before they compare it to anything, they need to see how the show itself goes.

Now on to something else, I want to tell you a specific story. Part of my past that I've never revealed to every single person here, only a few friends here that I've directly spoken too. I would of put this in Nostalgic Lookback, but I figured since no one else knows my experiences, I better write it off as a new section (Though I'm not completely sure I'll use this again). Please welcome to My Stories


Before I was a host of this show. Before I joined Userpedia, and even before I joined MarioWiki. I was an active forum poster on Smashboards, a forum specifically for the Super Smash Bros. For most young teenagers, their first internet experience was Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But as for me my first internet community experience was Smashboards, and while others may think that's not efficient enough. I think I've learned alot about the internet, even if the site was only for a Video Game. The reason I have never been much of a noob (except on a few occasions on chat early on perhaps) on userpedia is because I was disciplined from some hardships at Smashboards. I've witnessed the first trolls, first internet friends, first noobs, and first intelligent people on the site. At the same time, my noobishness only showed up when I thought a character could never get in. I kinda spazzed out once on a Boo thread that supported Boo as a playable character in Brawl. And I loled at a Red (Pokemon Trainer) thread.... only to see you-know-what happen in updates.
But the big point I want to tell you first is that there were clans or groups for the most popular characters that roamed in the Brawl discussions. The very first clan was club R.I.D.L.E.Y. obviously supporting Ridley for Brawl. In case your wondering about the Dots, indeed it was an acronym. R.I.D.L.E.Y. stood for Ridley's Intensely Dedicated Legion of Enthusiastic Youths. Not only was it the first, but it also had the toughest guys and speculators on the site. They'd always flame or at least give facts to anyone who said "RIDLEY IS TOO BIG" or "RIDLEY FITS ONLY AS A BOSS". Heck, they flamed people for just starting to doubt Ridley's appearance, trust me I learned that the hard way. Besides that, other clubs started to appear. I may have or may not of started the whole thing. But it's probable that a club that I made namely: The S.S.S. (Means Smashing at Sonic Speed, In case you want to make a Nazi joke of The S.S. Your more then 2 years late, even one of our own members was freaked out of that. But luckily no one else ever brought it up) could have been the threshold that created clubs for characters like Geno, Megaman, Krystal, and even Ashley. Yes that Ashley.
But I want to make another big point, in the middle of all these clubs, one person decided to start a comic (drawn by him) of members of different groups in which they will have their own appearance. Most of them not really being Human in the comic, not to mention a real story that is somewhat dark with some attempts at humor. Does this sound familiar to anyone at all here? Yes indeed, I saw a comic grow BEFORE I joined Userpedia that included Users being represented in different forms. Although the premise of it all is very different from Userpedia. It is very similar to Userpedia in the way that there are made up places that are just Websites in Real Life and of course the Users. The name of the author Stryks, himself being a member of multiple clubs he felt entitled to tell the story via his drawing hands and give entertainment. Much like Userpedia comics, they were really well received by those who were involved in the comic and those who wanted to be in it. But also another sad truth is that like most Userpedia comics it was cancelled as it was starting to get interesting due to overuse of the thread for spamming and not discussing the comic wisely. What I want to do, is cover these comics as if they were on Userpedia. Be aware you'll probably (Actually not probably, you WILL) not recognize anyone in the comic except for my one appearance. I also couldn't manage to get all the issues that were still there, but the majority are still there.

1st up is the intro comic, we see a black and red flaming caterpie named DemonCaterpie.


He's supposed to be like the narrator of the comic. As he describes the premise of the comic

In the next frame we see rival clan leaders Chaos Leader of the Star Wolf Squadron (Obviously a Wolf Club) and (I'm not joking) The Rape Staff (A Krystal Club... your mileage may vary on why they named it "The Rape Staff" O_O)


Oh, and here's little old me with my arms up in celebration. Because at the time of this comic being made, Sonic has been confirmed for weeks. You may notice that I didn't have Overalls back then. But what can I say, I was a wild hog ;)


Then there's these 2, the creepy eyeball thing is PsychoIncarnate of the Geno Alliance. Along with the clone trooper with wings BlueBomber22 who was for Megaman.


The final panel is rather sort of a joke panel. Although both of those clubs did exist. Yes, the Waluigians was a real one. Though I'm sure they would of gained more members due to his recent popularity from Brawl In The Family


Anyway, there's also Lord_Deathborne for the BombSquad. A club for Bomberman. In case your wondering about the line "...But he can throw bombs or something!!". It kinda became the motto of Waluigi for Brawl, much to the disgust of the Bomberman group. And thus ends the preview issue

We head up into Issue 1 telling where our story starts off exactly. We see the Internet World. And closing up we see the continent of Smashboards. Which is only a skinny ocean away from the infamous trollhive site 4Chan.


For some people involved in this comic, it was a fitting place as they disliked some things about Smashboards. Then there's a sign along with identical grey houses in the Character Discussion. We then see R.I.D.L.E.Y.'s house which has a Ridley statue up on top along with the acronym explained on the front.



We then see the author, or rather perhaps the main character Stryks shows up to see his old friends in the bigger on the inside R.I.D.L.E.Y. house.


2 of his friends who is human named Legolastom and the other a bird very similar to Falco from Star Fox named RDK (It stood for Red Darkstar Kirby). They see that an important meeting called them though most don't even know why, but as the Falco guy notices. It must be big if it attracted every member around.


Issue 3 is missing, but basically the leader of R.I.D.L.E.Y. Gypsy Lee, who comes up in it along with the 4th issue which I do have. This is when the comic gets really narmish. All the cheers go up for Gypsy such as "You da man" "Gypsy for Prez" and even "I'm not Worthy".


Gypsy yells a salute to ridley raising up his hand. You just better hope he's not raising his arm in a Nazi kind of way.


As Stryks yells Hells Yeah. Gypsy whispers to himself about showing Superiority.


Geesh, maybe he DID make a Nazi salute...
Issue 5 has him go on an angry spree that you might as well replace his language with the Narm Hitler from Inglorious Basterds. He goes over why he's angry about the noobs that complain that Ridley is too big, Be a Bowser Clone and how those same noobs are supporting crap characters with their own clubs.


And he starts banging the table while saying "WELL I'VE HAD IT". And this is why I mentioned the Narm Hitler here.



Then his speech takes a side to that they were the first club and everyone else copied them and the arrogance of the others. It's kinda hard to take anything seriously when their character is shaped like Conker. Even this face just looks silly when he's supposed to look angry. As he states that it's time to show who is the best candidate for Brawl and they will attack by force if necessary to prove it. This shocks Stryks very much so.


Issue 6 reveals what they plan to take down first. The victims end up being A.S.H.L.E.Y. and the Geno Alliance. (Luckily by the time this comic was made Sonic was confirmed, so I believe we were safe) And cues the cheering to Victory



In Issue 7 Stryks starts to think this is all a joke, it's crazy and This is madness..... Oh no don't even think on saying.. wait stop nonononono NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Damn it.... Anyway, Stryks hopes that Legolostom is with him on that point of view.


But it turns out the charismatic squirell leader's speech worked on him and he supports the violent action. RDK is also entranced by Gyspy's speech.



Unfortunately here comics 8 and 9 went missing so we go forward to Issue 10. Where a girl member that probably debuted in one of the missing ones asks what is wrong with Stryks. Stryks on the other hand doesn't want this to start and plans to warn the mods.


But the other members have different plans, as a Grey and red samus aims a lazer at Stryks before he goes out the door with a plasma beam and he is blasted by an explosion.



He does not die from it however.
Issue 11 is missing unfortunately so no corny one-liners after what he's going to do now. Actually technically he does do so in Issue 12 as the smoke clears in that one. He apparently survived using one of his abilities from his comics. (Gee a mention of his comics... in one of his comics?)


So he challenges to fight or live obviously believing he has the strength to take down everyone in there.


Gypsy says that RIdley never backs down as so does their club. And here it comes, the one liner:


It then turns into a stereotypical Action Anime with the names for his attacks such as this Light Blade.


He notices the odds of One against a thousand, but he still likes that odds and he wants them to DIEEEEEEEEE.


Oh and eat Stryker Beam (Gee, a punny attack). This is unfortunately the last issue of Arc 1. Oh I forgot to mention this had arcs. But anyway it ends with Gypsy being told to worry about Stryk's power but Gypsy knows they have friends from high places. Showing a shadow of a flying mewtwo with wings and a spiked tail.


After this the author got bored with Arc 1, so he decided to start Arc 2 early. Even if he only did 2 issues for it. This takes place a month after the RIDLEY wars ended.


We see a noob who is about to make the thread of the rumor about Ridley, Bowser Jr and Wind Waker Link being in Brawl (Which really did happen).


However he is killed violently but a hairy tentacle/arm/etc. thing from a hooded figure.


who then tosses the poor boy away and creates a thread using the small thread creator you see.


This is all the story goes however, all that's left are one-shot spinoffs or pictures related to the R.I.D.L.E.Y. club. Such as a Cloverfield spoof Back then it was considered spoilers, but we see the Cloverfield monster...


Wait a sec that's not the Cloverfield monster... What is Palkia doing there?
Well whatever is happening Stryks sure is scared and the girl seem to like him. And Stryks is killed brutally.
Okay so Palkia wasn't really in it, but I'm sure it's alright. And the last thing is this picture of some of the R.I.D.L.E.Y. members. And the girl in the background saying they are sexy. (Though what'd kind funny is that I actually heard the RL user of that girl was Lesbian. Then again she could of been Bi...)v
So that's all from that comic, the reason it never continued because the thread of the comic became a spam fest and after being closed about 2 or 3 times the Mods finally permanently banned the thread, and thus the comic was cancelled. But it's interesting how I came from there to Userpedia because in a way it was getting me ready for what I would find on Userpedia: Comics galore.
The final thing I want to say is the reason why I mentioned this thing is because 2 years ago the Brawl Roster was revealed and on Smashboards that day everything went nuts. People who got confirmed characters were partying like it's 1999 and those who supported their character that didn't make it took it as their greatest defeat. Specifically the ones that had clubs for them. As we all know Ridley was reduced to the status of Boss in the final product. Only a few clubs got what they wanted: Wolf's, Olimar's, Sonic's, etc. While most of the others were gone.
Now that there's no more to mention. Let's finally get to what happened this week.

Though actually not much has happened really, a few fictions and a preview to Jorge's Tonight Show. SO how about we first go over to Tabuu's New chapter of 132 Redux. Specifically it is another Season Finale. Boy does time go fast.
Anyway the chapter begins with Tabuu strolling by the clothing store, it had been months since he killed Rudnicki (last chapter) and destroyed the Spam Vault. But the Wiki is still recovering from all the damages Rudnicki caused. It turns out Jorge is alive, though as a Cyborg. (Does this mean he is now SuperMegaDeathJorge2000?)


It also seem Tabuu and Jorge has made up since... trying to kill eachother chapters ago. All the charges of evil go to Evoltsul because everyone else who is charged either is a main character, on the good side, or is dead. Willy on Wheels has reformed and he looks up to Tabuu as if he was a Master. This weirds out Tabuu but Tabuu is also raising an eyebrow for 3 people he knows going to the Reaper council. Master Lucario, Hemu, and Nerdy Guy all are new members. Nalia Cynd has become a Steward of Wikipedia. And it all seems good with old enemies becoming friends, people coming together, Tabuu being married and fathering within 4 months. But as always in fiction like this, It's only peaceful for 5 minutes. Tabuu walks into a diner in the robe with the mask that has since been cleaned offever since Murzon was killed. But it turns awry when an explosion erupts outside the wiki. As as Tabuu points out "It was time for action".
It cuts to Willy on Wheels who is standing with Steve, Nailia, and Stooby as they head into a large pond of clear water. They know that on the floor is Evoltsul's hideout and they each give gill mushrooms so everyone can breathe underwater for a limited time. Luckily they point out it doesn't litterally give you gills.
They dive down into the hideout which has a Computer room,


and a Kitchen with tons of food like canned soup and Ramen noodles. Willy finds a folder on the computer named The Kage Project. Willy reads it and is shocked on what he finds. But we won't find out what he found until the next Arc starts as it ends off with Tabuu who sees Users being attacked by darker version of themselves. Wait a sec... Dark.... themselves... Oh my god, it's the RETURN OF THE DARK USERS!!!
Joking aside, Evoltsul arrives at the gate of MarioWiki. And it's not long before Tabuu comes face-to-face with his own self-enemy. The darker one of course has more darker clothing and the smile is evil and creepy. This Dark Tabuu attacks with a force that surprises Tabuu more then Rudnicki did. As as they meet, Blood splatters.

Well that's another exciting end to an arc in 132 Redux but let's shift gears into Jorge's preview of his new show The Tonight Show.
Wayo comes back feeling homesick, perhaps planning to unretire but it turns out Jorge, Brayds, and Sams are starting a new show inside his house instead of on a stage and is dancing to a Britney Spears song. As Wayo walks away to prolong his previous retirement. It's a nice short intro to it, and I like how he placed some continuity from the last User Soup episode, with the building being right next to the User Soup building. Perhaps it's not the intro everybody wanted, but I think it's a nice start.

  • Jorge walks up*

Jorge: Hey

SM: Oh hi Jorge, what are you here for?

Jorge: I thought I'd give you a look at the stage with your own eyes.

SM: Okay then.

  • SM and Jorge head over to the next building. Conveniently placed between a door*

SM: Hmm... Not bad. I see we have a fridge over here


Jorge: To store mountain dew :)

SM: And that's sure a long couch

Jorge: That's in case we have multiple guests

SM: Or a really long guest...

Jorge: True...

SM: And there's seats, a desk and chair. It does remind me alot of the Tonight Show. And there's supposed to be a band to the right?

Jorge: Yeah Stooby comes along with his band

SM: Neat. Also you seem to have a nice vase isn't it

Jorge: Yeah it's worth alot

SM: Well I hope you don't continuously break them. Leading to some kind of money problems if you know what I mean

Jorge: Uh, yeah.

SM: This is also a nice view with the window.

Jorge: Yeah I can spy on the nintendo building from here >:)

SM: ....Ok... Anyway thanks for showing m-

  • Stomping sound*

SM: Do you hear stomping Jorge?

Jorge: No

  • More stomping*

Jorge: Now I do...

  • More stomping*


SM: What is that

Jorge: I don't know

  • More stomping*

SM: *looks around*

Jorge: I don't see anythi-





SM: I'm outta here!

Jorge: Wait, take me with you!

  • SonicMario heads back to the User Soup stage, Jorge heads to the same door but before he can do so he is grabbed by Palkia who breaks the window to grab him*



Jorge: Palkia, No. DON'T EAT ME. I AM YOUR FATH-*eaten*

Jorge: *muffled and falling* errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(*Back to User Soup stage*)

SM: Well that's unfortunate for Jorge, but he'll be back.... when you know who needs to you know what.

See you next week in February guys!