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User Big Brother: World

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User Big Brother: World
Host Toad85
Premiere Late February, 2013
Finale N/A
Weeks 11-13
Houseguests 9 + 5 Judges
Winner N/A
Runner-up N/A

User Big Brother: World is the first direct spinoff series of User Big Brother, loosely based on the original European version of the television show Big Brother. It will be hosted Toad85, and will feature 14 players: 9 Houseguests, and five judges.


Nine Houseguests would be sequestered into a house for eleven to thirteen weeks, having many conflicted personalities and attitudes. Unlike the American version, discussion of voting strategy is strictly forbidden.

Each week, there are two challenges, called "tasks", to complete. At the beginning of each week, the Houseguests must perform a luxury task. If the Houseguests can complete the task decently, the house is rewarded. Rewards can range from luxury items, to advantages in future tasks, and occasionally immunity. If at least one Houseguest fails to meet the benchmark, the house is punished.

The second challenge is the Food Bill task. Each week, two food items from the house disappear, and if the House's pantry becomes unstocked, the house is punished. In this collective task, the Houseguests must rack up points that they can spend on food items. The more food items that are collected, the less likely the House will go hungry.

After the second task, all of the Houseguests must enter the Diary Room and mark two of their fellow Houseguests for "banishment". The two (or more, in the event of a tie) Houseguests that receive the most marks are placed on the block. Finally, at the end of the week, the Banishment Panel votes to banish one of the nominated Houseguests from the house.


Will be added to once game is over


  • Baby Mario Bloops
  • Lily
  • Mr. Concrete Donkey
  • Nabber
  • New Super Mario
  • New Super Yoshi
  • Pi
  • Pokemon Trainer Red
  • Reversinator
  • Rocker64
  • Yoshi K

Banishment Panel

  • GutsehMan
  • Marshal Dan Troop
  • Smasher


While discussing strategy directly is forbidden, alliances between Houseguests for reasons other than protection may be made. There have been many successful alliances and many short-lived alliances.

Alliance Names Will be posted after the game is over.