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I trust you are the contact I was told about. I am sorry I cannot give out my real name, but the times have become far too dangerous for such things. Back in 2008-2009 when Cerberus had not yet begun his reign of Userpedia, I could have released my name. Things were safer then. But, all these years have passed, and if I said my name aloud Cerby would come down on me and completely destroy my online avatar. Ultima Bahamut has successfully faked his death; he was locked in battle with Cerberus and allowed the monster to destroy his body, but uploaded himself onto the non-Cerberus-controlled areas of the internet. There was a slight fluctuation, but I believe it to be nothing; Ultima will soon rise up again and lead the rebellion under his new alias Restsids099. Thank you for your contribution to the rebellion. We would never be able to do this without you.
--May 2nd, 3001