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Super Mario Bros.'s 2nd WikiBirthday Extravaganza

This is about SMB's 2nd WikiBirthday which will occur on March 8th, 2010.

Part One

"Hi," SMB said.

"I love outerspace," is what Moofle replied.

Everybody in all of Userpedia was drunk and surprisingly for some, and not so suprisingly for others, swearing, having orgies, watching porn, and gambling.

Part Two

SMB was having a Bar-B-Que when he drank some whiskey that he received as a gift. He became drunk and accidentally pored all of the whiskey in the salad and steak and hamburgers and every other food he was making. Everybody had food and they became overly drunk.

Part Three

Paint it Black snuck into SMB's party and spiked the punch. Everybody was drugged up and they were happy. :D

Part Four

Everybody ate cheese, which led to a certain user to remember the year of 2007 for some reason and eventually went through a period of nostalgia (although this is only a theory, some think he was just as boozed up as the others).


Want to hear what happens after this? Find out soon!