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Uniju's Super Mario

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Uniju's Super Mario is just another bad work of fiction that starts with "Uniju's".

Chapter 1: Mario wakes up in house

It was a day that was beautiful, like the beginning of any good story, and Mario was in house that was his. He was still asleep, but suddenly a big noise came and woke him up. Mario asked the noise why he came and woke him up, and the noise told Mario that he had skin cancer. Mario turned to face the noise and said simply "no", to which the noise agreed. Mario decided he was bored so he started to kill up the noise, resulting in a bloody action scene. As the two fight, Luigidude comes home from a store in Uruguay with brand new pipes for the old plumbing system that was broken, and he say the two fight. A shock fell upon Luigidude, which was very heavy and he became flat.

And than suddenly monster came out of the bag from Uruguay and he reunited with his friends in the Republic Party, the noise and a shock. They once again became the invincible Uruguayan Trio of the Noise, a Shock, and Monster. Mario and Luigidude knew they can't fight three people with only two of them so they outed the time and got the cell phone to call an old friend. Xzelion came from the door again! The New Trio of Mario, Luigidude, and Xzelion came together to stop the evil forces of the invincible Uruguayan Trio of the Noise, a Shock, and Monster. And just than Sonic Heroes came into the room, but they left after having some Waffles so that the other Trios could get back to fighting of the deathly killing.

After the killing was over, everyone got tired. So they wanted to go to sleep, but the house only had two beds! And they where for Mario and Luigidude! So Xzelion slept on the floor and the other trio slept on the roof of the house that Mario was in, because the roof was made of pillows. But the sleep was over soon, because 1337Yoshi came over with the mail! 1337Yoshi said the mail was in season, so he gave Mario some. Mario ate the juicy new mail, and said to himself that it was fresh from the garden. Than he noticed your suppose to read mail not eat it!!! So Mario read the mail and it said Chapter 1 was going to be over soon, and than they would go on to Chapter 2! And Mario was so happy because his story that wasn't actually his was going to have a second chapter!

And than a nuclear missile killed everyone in the house because it was angry that it's story wasn't a second chapter, so everyone was now dead. All the trios except for the Sonic Heroes, who left hours ago.

It was for the better, really.

Chapter 2: Another nuclear war would happen with South America!

Uncle Sam was investigating the scene of they're deaths, when he saw the ruins of a Uruguay shop bag! His trusted assistant Stooben Rooben told him that the Uruguayans must have nuked the United States of America! Uncle Sam knew the Uruguayans where up to something before, but Bush didn't listen to him, maybe Obama will. So he went to the president Obama and asked told him that Uruguay nuked Mario's house! Obama suddenly fell over from the shock, knowing he was going to a nuclear war with south america.

So he called up Mexico to talk to Jorge who was from Mexico, and he said he needed help in nuclear war with south america. Jorge wasn't so sure about it, but he had lots of nukes so he decided to help anyway. And than he called up Canada and asked them for help, but Toadbert was the one who picked up the phone so he called Quebec instead, and Blitzwing pucked on the phone. Obama said he needed help with nukes so he would win a nuclear war with south america, and Blitzwing liiiiikeed killing things, so he wanted to help, but he would secretly betray the america later because he was actually the villain, and hated everyone.

Later that night Obama talked to the ghost of Ronald Reagan and Ronald said that he should not have nuclear war with people, because nukes are bad. but the ghost of George Washington said that nuclear war was good so he talked listened to Washington instead because he was Washington, and than they went and got some drinks, but Ronald Reagan didn't come and neither did anyone except for Obama and Washington, so they went to Xzelion's bar but Xzelion was dead so Daniel Webster took over the bar instead of him. Webster told them they are out of the usual, so Obama got a delicious cake and he must eat it, and Washington got actual drink for himself to drink. They both forgot all about the war and became drunk even though Obama just ate a cake not a alcohol!

That night Uncle Sam went back to Quebec to talk to his evil overlord Blitzwing, he said he was a good person for helping make a new nuclear war. Uncle Sam got a coupon for pizza at a pizza place, but he didn't really like pizza much so he probably won't use it later, unless it is important in the last chapter where they have to use it to help the good guys after a change of heart where he wants to kill Blitzwing!

And than the author got lazy so he stopped writing for a while.

Chapter 3: Before a Time Skip

A little while after what happened before, a nuclear war was breaking out. Everyone nuked each other. Moofle suddenly sat to begin and worry for this world, but he saw Cardcaptor Sakura was on, and he loved this episode, so he started watching it instead of the world worrying. And suddenly the TV changes! It says he won a prize to meet the real life Sakura, so he got in car and began driving to south dakota. Than one of the nukes hit him, so he began worrying if he'd be OK again, and he stopped in a nuke-proof hotel because it was kind of late. He just hoped south dakota was still there when he got there.

Ronald Reagan was still pretty cross. He knew that nuclear war would destroy the world, but they kept firing nukes! So he called up his top adviser, Cardcaptor Sakura! She flew in from south dakota even though she was doing a prize thing at the time. The sudden Cardcaptor Sakura told him that she can save the day if she is united with her friend DarkHero Sonic the Dark, who went away to the mountains many year ago and never came back, people said he might have died but Sakura still had faith in her friend. So she want to the mountains and began to look for DarkHero Sonic the Dark, while Reagan stole missile launch codes so no one could fire some of the missiles.

So than Moofle's mom called him up and told him to come home, and he said that that was what she said, and than she said that yes that was what she said, and than he said he cant go home until he gets to south dakota, and than moofle's mom said that south dakota blew up, and moofle shed tears for cardcaptor sakura who was actually in asia climbing tall mountains looking for DarkHero Sonic the Dark, but moofle didn't know that because the newspaper didn't tell him that.

Chapter 4: My brother told me to write it

Uniju was sitting in a chair writing this story. But he didn't want to! He was actually doing it because his brother Clargo the Crispy told him to!

Now it's 2012.

Cardcaptor Sakura is climbing Mr. Everest Mt. Everest. She got to the tip top and was very happy about herselve, because she saw a house DarkHero Sonic owned! So she went and knocked on the door on the house, and DarkHero Sonic opened it because he heard the knocking from another room. Cardcaptor Sakura knew that DarkHero Sonic had no news! So she had to tell him about the happenings of war between America and South. DarkHero Sonic was sad because he was a buddhist after being in the mountain long. Cardcaptor and Sonic knew that war had to be saved of the world, so they began to plan a plan in the house over tea. They sent a text message to reagen telling him the new plan, and said they would be back to help in about years.

Raegen heard his phone in his pocket so he opened pocket and look to inside of it and take out the cell phone that he owned, because he heard the Toradora theme which was his ring tone! He looked and it was text message he got from Cardcaptor! He read of the plan and thought it was good so he text back to say ok to her.

Cardcaptor and Sonic's plan said that Raegen would disguise his selve as washington to trick obama into going to south america to make a war treaty! obama would die there because he went there after being re elected with washington as his vice president, so Reagen was the new vice president because he would look like washingtron. Now obama would die which would be sad but than George Reagen would be president and he would make an actual war treaty. They knew they could have done that from the start with disguise on, but they didn't feel like backspacin and Reagen understod them's feelings.

But they's plan got ruined when Obama didn't get re-elected! Moofle was the new president of the united state because his campaign was about how sakura cardcaptor abandoned him and he was sad. Everyone wanted to vote because Moofle is a Pirate Moofle! or something like that anyway. And Guylamt dindt want to spot a nuclear war, he made plan to destroy South America! See what happens next when I make it in a month or something.