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UnMario Gangsters

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Unmario sysops fighting the gangsters

The UnMario Gangsters are a group of trolls that once attacked the UnMarioWiki. Although they attacked at different times and they completely didn't know each other, they were all blocked by the sysops and sent to the UnMario Spam Vault. There, the trolls met and decided to make a team known as the UnMario Gangsters, lead by GDawg186. The UnMario Gangsters have appeared in Friday Night Live, Key to the Wiki and The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. There is also other UnMario trolls who aren't actually part of the gangsters but occasionally helps them in their evil deeds, as seen in Friday Night Live.

The UnMario Gangsters


GDawg186 is a red Chain Chomp with bright white teeth (the one in the front being yellow). He is the leader of the UnMario Gangsters and the one who originally proposed the idea of starting a team, in the Spam Vault. One of GDawg's problems is that he tries too hard to be cool and gangster like, which usually makes him look stupid in the end and sometimes makes his sentences come out awkward.


'Hinanana is a yellow dressed, black hair and tanned Princess Rosalina. She also carries around a blue wand. All the other gangsters never get her name right, as they can't exactly remember how many nanas are in her name (and sometimes keep on saying "Hinananananananana..." for a long time). Sometimes, the gangsters just refer to her as Banana, not only because both of their names end with nana but because Hinanana's dress is yellow. She is close friends with Alala. In Key to the Wiki, Hinanana is the leader of the UnMario Gangsters.


Alala is a purple dressed and orange haired Princess Peach, with black gloves. She is nice and sweet to the gangsters and sometimes even users until the others remind her she is supposed to be evil. Like Hinanana, other gangsters don't know when to stop saying lala. Alala and Hinanana are both friends.


Yuna100 is a black and red capped Dr. Toad. Yuna100 is actually a spy for Thousand Fire in Friday Night Live, spying on the UnMario Gangsters to find out what their plan was. As it turns out, their plan was to kill Paper Jorge and Purple Ninjakoopa while they were running their show. Yuna100 remains to be part of the gangsters however, causing havoc in UnMario but helping out in the actual MarioWiki (in User fanon).


Aid-an is a gold crab with a Christmas Tree as a shell. His name is usually mistaken as "Band-aid" and he gets annoyed at people when they call him that. Aid-An always carries the Christmas spirit with him although because the UnMario Gangsters are not any religion and do not celebrate holidays, they usually tell him to take off the Christmas Tree off his back. Also, because of their opposing views on Christmas, Aid-An and The Grinch do not like each other.


Guyguyguy is a blue Shy Guy with a mask that's two-colored. One side of his mask is black and resembles the tragedy mask from theater, and the other side is white and resembles the comedy mask from theater. Guyguyguy also has a split personality. One of his personalities is happy all the time, and the other is sad all the time. As a result, Guyguyguy often has trouble making decisions.

The Grinch

The Grinch is a Gangster who looks just like the Grinch from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". The Grinch also has a similar personality, as he is angry most of the time. The Grinch is most angry in December because he hates Christmas. Also, because of the opposing views on Christmas, The Grinch is rivals with Aid-an.

UnMario Criminals

These guys are a separate, smaller group of UnMario trolls. They are not part of the Gangsters but work with them sometimes.






WaddleDoo was a sockpuppet of ZeroLatios back when he was a troll on UnMario.


These people are not part of the UnMario Gangsters but have been affiliated with them before.

Thousand Tiger

Maria Thalia

Known as Bowser the King/Basia here she was a former friend of Sonic Rocks. However, as Lario and SR found out through using a Rudnicki account on the Super Mario Wiki she was sockpuppeting. BTK and the sockpuppets were banned right away. Later she returned as Pokémon Trainer Elvira and managed to get Cube Game (Sonic Rocks at the time there.) to give her his password. She spammed with the account and was banned and demoted by Mr. Guy (Lario here). According to Sonic Rocks Maria and Bowser the King are different and BTK was around the golden days of the Wiki, but Mr. Guy is in denial of the statement.

Inuyasha Zero

UnMario was one of the places spammed during his early days. He later reformed and is now retired from there.


These are people who have become sysops or bureaucrats on UnMario, and then used their powers for their own good.