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UMA(also known as marioimaginer)is a famous cop toad of the mushroom kingdom


one day UMA was searching for Mario games.He found out that all results came in the same website-the mariowiki.Soon,he found out about the mariowiki chat room.He found many friendly users there.So,on October 2012,he made his account on the chat.While searching for chat rooms,UMA discovered #userpedia.He found out that it was chatroom of a wiki based on users(and that was this very wiki).So,on 25th November 2012,he got his account done on userpedia
holidays from work!!!What I look like a CAT??


UMA is a cop of the mushroom kingdom.He has won gold medals many times for saving the kingdom(except for those times when Mario saved the kingdom ).He likes Maths a lot(probably because UMA stands for "Ultra-Maths-Athlete")and his favourite food is none other than munchy chips.


He has appeared in The galactic diamonds