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Typical Tragedy/11 - All Apologies

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I'm not sorry.

Tabuu's Point of View.

When night fell, we could finally see the station in the distance.

I called the Station and let them know we were on the way, and after that, our journey continued in silence.

Pantaro, who was walking beside Walkazo, turned to the latter and asked: “What's your name?”

“It's Walkazo.” Walkazo's voice sounded odd, and I turned around, looking back at her.

Most of her face was covered in a coat of blue hair, and the side of it that wasn't covered wasn't visible anyways, because it had become too dark.

“Nice to meet you.” Pantaro said.

Maybe it was a trick of the eyes, but Walkazo trembled.

“Likewise.” she said.

“Hey, uh,” Pantaro asked, “Have I met you somewhere before? You seem kind of...familiar...”

“Pantaro!” Scarecrow shouted, “Come here!”

Pantaro did so.

“I'm just going to be straightforward,” he said, “But Walkazo? She's your sister. Well, you two weren't actually related by blood, but you were raised in the same orphanage.”

Pantaro paused.

“I'm sorry.”

I didn't know whether he was saying it to Scarecrow or to Walkazo.

But then, he might've been saying it to both of them.

After some time, we made it to the Station. It was beside a small town, and after we retrieved all of our things, we decided to spend the night in a nearby Inn.

I crashed into a bed in the room I was staying in. God, the simplest things become so much more comfortable when you've had a long, hard day. Alex was laying in his bed across the room.

“Hey, Alex?”


“You remember that serial killer from a few years back?”

“Rudnicki? Yeah, why?”

“He used to kidnap people and eat them. Hannibal Lecter shit, you know?”

“Yeah, but...why're you bringing him up now?”

“I don't know. He just kind of popped into my head.”

“I know the feeling." Alex said, "Good thing he was executed.”

“What was it, again? Lethal injection? Electric chair?”

“No, they hanged him and then one of the officers watching snapped and started to shoot at him, like he was worried that his neck snapping and his windpipe being blocked wasn't enough to kill him.”

“I once looked at a picture of him. You know what bothers me the most about him?”

“What?” Alex asked.

“He looked normal. Handsome, even. Except for his eyes. His eyes were...cold. No, that's not the right expression. His eyes were empty. Not scary empty, but empty. Like there was literally nothing there. Those eyes changed when he was hanged, though.”

“What do you mean?”

“I watched the video, and they had zoomed in on his face for whatever reason. And his eyes, they went from empty to just...hateful. You've gotten death glares before, right? It was like that, but worse. So much worse. It was terrifying, and they were so expressive. In those eyes, I saw an endless well of nothing but pure hate for any and everything they saw.” I had trouble describing it, but Alex generally understood what I was trying to say.

“That's some creepy shit. Glad he's dead.”


We were silent for a while, and I yawned.

“Hey, Alex?”


“What do you think of Pantaro?”

“I dunno. I mean, I've never talked to him personally or anything. He seems okay, though.”

“Yeah...but, do you know why the people on the NIWA Missing Persons list left?”

“Rumor's abound that they were sent on some sort of secret mission by the big man himself, Porple.”

“Sounds fishy.”


After that, there was silence. The moon shone through the window, illuminating the dark room.

Finally, I said it.

“I'm fucking terrified, man.”


“A fucking World War, and we're the only people who can stop it, you know? If we fail, a lot of innocent people are going to die. And even if we succeed, chances are people are still gonna be dying left and right. I feel like this is my fucking fault. I wrote that article about the rising tensions to make some money- I didn't think about how that would raise paranoia and-”

“A steward was murdered, and another disappeared. No matter what you had or hadn't written, it still would've happened.”

“You don't know that. Maybe the spy killed Wales because my article encouraged him to.”

“Look, what's the likeliness of him having read your article? No offense, but the only reason you even make money is because you're a big enough name in the community for people to read your shit so that you don't whine until they do.”


“You know that what I'm saying is true. But seriously, blaming yourself for something on this scale is just ridiculous. And we're not going to fail.”

“How do you know that?”

“Hello? We have Scarecrow, Walkazo, Smiley, MBV, Pantaro, me...oh, and you.”


“Look, man. Scarecrow is beyond badass, Smiley is seriously skilled, and Walkazo is formidable. MBV is the best damn healer we could ask for. I don't know about Pantaro, but since he's a Sub, he's strong by default. We can do this. I'll always have your back, no matter what trouble you get into. Dudebroskis for life, remember?”

“Saying that word out loud is just...”

“I know, but you still get the message, right?”

“...Yeah. Thanks.”

“It's not a problem.”

“Hey, Alex?”

“Yeah, Tabs?”

“Thank you. I'm going to sleep.”

“Likewise. Night.”