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Two Sprites and a Room

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Two Sprites and a Room is a really crappy sitcom created by Ugozima and Paula. The TV series airs on whatever channel decides to pick it up and is rated TV-PG. The idea for the sitcom came from a late night chat that involved crossdressing. Said discussion is archived here. The show is revolved around Ugozima and Paula as they are roommates in an apartment. According to Ugozima, this is just the crappy dub of an anime.



The series is divided into five episode seasons

Episode 1 - Pilot - TV PG

The pilot episode of the series was aired and panned universally by critics. Despite this, the series will go on for at least two more episodes.

Episode 2 - The Dinner - TV PG D

In episode 2 of the series, Ugozima ruins dinner and Paula decides to cook the greatest dinner ever! At least until Ugo decides to order some Japanese food.

Episode 3 - The Goddamn Christmas One

In the holiday classic loved by all Nerdy Guy stops by for a visit and give Ugozima his holiday present.

Episode 4 - The Rice Ball

Ugozima brings home a rice ball to share with Paula but he ends up eating it before sharing.