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Turtwig's Toyz

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The exterior of the store.

Turtwig's Toyz is a large toy store created by Koopa-Paratroopa.


Turtwig's Toyz is located in Pwnzplace. On the first floor, Wiki Plushies and other wiki toys are sold. The second floor is for Pokémon merchandise. This floor mostly sells merchandise of Turtwig, Pikachu, and Lucario, as those are Koopa-Paratroopa's favorite Pokémon. The third floor is the largest, selling video games and trading cards. The fourth floor is a Pokémon battle arena, but is sometimes used for Pokémon Contests. The fifth floor is a kart shop, complete with practice racetrack. The storage room and president's office is also located on the fifth floor. The sixth floor is an Earthbound paradise, modeled to look exactly like a miniature version of Onett, complete with several sub-stores, and moving cars along the road. On the seventh floor, you can get your starter Pokémon and start your journey. The eighth floor is a place to catch wild Pokémon, similar to the Safari Zone in the Pokémon games. On the ninth floor, Luigi3000 makes sprites and clothes not found anywhere else. On the tenth floor, video game tournaments are held. There is a Competition Area with a wide-screen TV, Wii, and laptops for tournament info, as well as a Rest Area, so people eliminated can still play or rest on the couches.


Turtwig's Toyz appears in the game Animal Wiki.In the game, it is the main shop of Pwnzplace, and where the player must work when beginning the game.


Employees get special uniforms and can sign up on the talk page.

  • President: Koopa-Paratroopa
  • Vice-President and Sixth Floor: Totodile3456
  • First Floor: Boozooka
  • Second Floor: Hamtaro Clone
  • Third floor: DHS and RFM
  • Battle Judge: Hamtaro Clone
  • Contest Judge: Koopa-Paratroopa Clone
  • Kart Shop: Hamtaro Clone
  • Plushie Designer: Koopa-Paratroopa
  • Box Desginer: Koopa-Paratroopa
  • Advertisement: Stooben Rooben
  • Sprites/Clothing: Luigi3000
  • Floor Designer:Koopa-Paratroopa


Wiki Plushies are Turtwig's Toyz's main product. These plushies come in three varieties:Normal Plushies, which are sold for 400 Wiki Coins and come in a box, which are the most common, Giant Plushies, which only appear on sale days for 1000 Wiki Coins and are typically as large as the user it is based on, and Comik Plushies, which portray a character in it's appearance during a certain comic, are the rarest ones and sell for 500 Wiki Coins.


  • The store is named after Koopa-Paratroopa's nickname, Super Turtwig