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Trolls Island

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Trolls Island
Creator Mr bones
Debut 2010
Genre Epic
Latest Issue Intermission: Part Four
Rating E for Everyone

Trolls Island is an adventure comic made by Mr bones. It follows the adventures of Mr bones, who accidentally summoned an island full of trolls, and seven other wiki users who try to seal away this island. But they do not realize that it holds a dark secret that may cause the destruction of their universe...


Main Heroes

Minor Heroes

Major Villains

  • Bruno

Minor Villains

Other Characters


Prologue : A ship crush

Chapter 1 : The fuzzy and the evil Willy

Chapter 2 : The Mysterious Island

Chapter 3 : Witch way?

Chapter 4 : The blast and the furious

Chapter 5 : Let's play a Game...Freak

Chapter 6 : U sock!

Chapter 7 : Elementary, my dear Bones

Chapter 8 : Hellphabet Soup

Chapter 9 : The Revenge of a Paint Roller

Mini Update Thingy

Intermission: I Lied

Chapter 10 : Hammer Spikes!

Coming soon.

Chapter 11 : The Frozen Shard

Coming soon.

Chapter 12 : The Truth

Coming soon.

Chapter 13 : The Final Strike

Coming soon.


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