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Toadberts random vision of torture

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It was Paint it Black. I stood next to him, munching on a big chocolate bar. "Hey Pib" I said. "This is my guide on total, utter agony." I ate all of the chocolate while Paint watched. He was helpless. But I didn't care. Paint walked towards me, as I chewed, and shook his head as if to say I WANT SOME cry. He pulled a small dagger from his pouch, but didnt realize it was also chocolate, he smiled, thinking it would hurt me. He poked me in the arm with it, and moved down to my hand. I grabbed the dagger and ate it too. "I asked. "Do you have more?" He shakes his head furiously, tears falling from his eyes. I chuckle. He pulls out a medical scalpel, and pokes my foot. "The foot is connected to another part of your bod-" but I ate the chocolate scalpel too. Pain is in apparant pain. He tries to stab my foot again but I eat his chocolate again. I gag, I had eated much chocolate. He lets out a scream of frustration. While I gag, chocolate bunnies come in. "Dont worry Paint. No one will find us. No one will hear us." Paint begins devouring them. I say "You... you psychopath! What do you want from them!?". Paint devoured the bunnies bodies and satisfied his hunger for chocolate. The bunny heads scream "asdfasdf eat us eat us" Paint screams at them "What do you want from me?!" The bunnie heads say "Screams. Blood. Tummy aches." The bunny heads then begin eating Paint.

"STOP! STOP PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU, MAKE THEM STOP!" I nearby had recovered and ate the bunny heads. Paint cries for he could not eat the last of the chocolate. The whole room flooded with it a second later.


but then jesus avenged himself.