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Toadbert101's Doofus Adventure

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Toadbert101's Doofus Adventure is an old comic that was started in Mwuserpedia.


The comic began on MwUserpedia as Toadbert's first sprite comic. It became his first notable project on Userpedia due to prior experience making comics both on paper and MS Paint. Production spanned over a very short period in the Summer of 2007. It followed the Userpedian standard that a user's first comic was generally their name followed by some sort of "adventure".

Toadbert added characters as he could get them to sign up, which had involved manually sending messages to a sizable number of people he percieved to be popular members of the community. The responses he got on the Mario Wiki ended up forming most of the cast list and order of appearance.

The plot began with minor influences to Saw and various interactions from the community, leading to the Leet speak and general nonsense. It gradually became a tale that could take itself semi-seriously.

A number of factors almost lead to the comic being lost forever. MwUserpedia had run out of image space and required images to be hosted externally. Toadbert had used Picoodle to host the latter half of the issues and figured that he didn't need to keep them on his computer anymore. Years later, Picoodle deleted all pictures that were a few years old, leaving only the first seven issues that had been uploaded on MwUserpedia. Luckily, SonicMario had downloaded all the issues while he reviewed the comic in User Soup and were recovered by Toadbert.


Chapter 1 - The arrival


Chapter 2 - The first test


Chapter 3 - Dry Bones,Knife,Bean and Toa Waluigi! Oh my!


Chapter 4 - The (sort of) escape!


Chapter 5 - More people!


Chapter 6 - Trampoline!


Chapter 7 - Out of there!


Chapter 8 - Back to the Future Internet

F TBDA8m f34e0fb.png

Chapter 9 - To the Mario Wiki!

F TBDA9m dd97616.png

Chapter 10 - In Danger of Dying

F TBDA10m 9217bf4.png

Chapter 11 - Trapped!

F TBDA11m e3c1efc.png

Chapter 12 - Don't wanna be recycled

F TBDA12m c307277.png

Chapter 13 - Long awaited last issue with a dumpload of users and long title

This one never came out.

Commander Leet came out and was ready to kill everyone. They gathered up and performed a Sysop-User blast, literally just the Sysops and Users building up an energy attack and killed him.