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My sprite.png
Join date April 26, 2010
Gender Male
Likes Forums, Wikis, The 'Shroom, Bowser, etc.
Dislikes Warnings
Age 10

Tigertot is formerly a user on the Super Mario Wiki and Wikia. When he first came to the Super Mario Wiki, he mostly edited userpages. However, he decided to change and make more edits on mainspace articles.


The Three Mushketeers

Tigertot guards the third Shine Sprite and is the fourth major villain in The Three Mushketeers. He appears during issues 31 through 37, makes a small appearance in Issue 57 and tries to commit himself to prison in Issue 71.

Super Mario Wiki: Rise of the Spam Lord

Tigertot appears in Super Mario Wiki: Rise of the Spam Lord as the protagonist. He is the king of the Hammer Bro Tribe and he prefers to use hammers to attack the soldiers of the Spam Army.