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Thousand Tiger

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Thousand Tiger is an enemy troll made up by Paper Jorge and TheGreatBlockyBoo. Despite his name, Thousand Tiger is actually an orange shark with an electrified spear. He was supposed to be the main villain of Ten Thousand Trolls but TTT was canceled and he never appeared. He was set to be the final boss in Server's End and Rush Wiki but again, never appeared. He still hasn't appeared in any user fanon, but it is confirmed that Thousand Tiger made his first appearance in a comic on March 6, 2009 in the comic Friday Night Live, returning as an enemy. His ultimate form Ten Thousand Troll is a Shadow-like Bowser with an orange-like tint. It is very powerful and can be achieved once TT swallows the "UnMarioWiki Power Cookie" or a similar source of power.


Friday Night Live

In Episode 3 of Friday Night Live, Thousand Tiger hires the UnMario Gangsters to plan an attack on Paper Jorge's studio, trying to get revenge on him after an encounter many years ago in which Jorge blocked him and almost killed him. Unfortunately for him, Yuna100, one of the UnMario Gangsters was a spy for Thousand Fire, a team of users trying to kill Thousand Tiger (it is assumed RedFire Mario and Thousand Tiger have had a bad encounter before). Thousand Fire stops the UnMario Gangsters from killing Jorge and they get in a huge war. While this happens, Thousand Tiger escapes. It is unknown if he will return, but he probably will, seeing as his plan of killing Jorge was not accomplished.

Ten Thousand Trolls

In Ten Thousand Trolls, Thousand Tiger would have been the main villain of the series (the whole comic even being named after him). Because TTT was canceled early in its run, Thousand Tiger only made one appearance in Comic Six. In TTT, Thousand Tiger and Orange Yoda reunited many trolls and took over Wario Wiki and Donkey Kong Wiki and turned them into troll wikis and then TT's next plan was to successfully attack the MarioWiki and take over it.

The following information is about issues that were never released.

If the comic had not been canceled, in the next issues of the comic, Sysops would have been called out to stop Thousand Tiger from destroying the Mario Wiki however before they knew it, the sysops were imprisoned in the Troll Wiki and blocked. Crypt Raider was sent out to become a spy and soon became a bureaucrat in the Troll Wiki and his plan was to have another sysop from the wiki come to Troll Wiki so Crypt could promote that sysop and both Crypt and the sysop would demote all the other trolls.

The plan failed however and Thousand Tiger's attack on the wiki continued and soon the whole wiki was overrun with hundreds of trolls. Even other wikis such as Wikipedia and UnMarioWiki would be overrun with trolls until all users fought Thousand Tiger. Thousand Tiger then revealed his true form called Ten Thousand Troll, although in the end, the MarioWiki would win the war.

Server's End

Thousand Tiger never appeared in Server's End because it was canceled early although if the series had continued, TT would have been the final enemy. As confirmed by Jorge, at the end of the series after the two sides of the Chatroom united again, they would stumble upon the castle of Thousand Tiger. The users found out that Thousand Tiger was plotting destruction upon the wiki and soon Thousand Tiger found out about the users spying on him and turned into Ten Thousand Troll. In the end, he was defeated and the users of the chatroom returned to the wiki. This part of the story was only confirmed by Jorge through a YouTube video.

Rush Wiki

Thousand Tiger would have made a slightly minor appearance in the series, Rush Hour 4, in where he and Wayoshi were both the ones who had plotted the destruction on Europe. Rush Hour 4 was canceled early in its run. Later however, Jorge released Rush Hour 5 in which he explains what happened in the rest of Rush Hour 4. As it turns out, Thousand Tiger had a whole base where he kept all the bombs. Carter and Lee (S-Y and Jorge) storm into his base to stop him and Wayoshi from causing any more havoc. S-Y and Jorge both fight Thousand Tiger and his allies but in the process, accidentally send a bomb to space and blow up Mars. After doing this, Carter and Lee were demoted from sysops (and both took their own separate ways away from the wiki) and it is assumed Thousand Tiger and Wayo escaped.

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