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The Xephyr Board

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The logo for The Xephyr Board.

The Xephyr Board — commonly called "Xephyr Forums" or "XB" — is a rather popular forum that was created by Stooben Rooben. It is mostly composed of members of the MarioWiki and Userpedia; however a few of the members there invited their friends from real life to join. The forum is considered to be an "elite" version of the MarioWiki and Userpedia Forums, as it takes their greatest features and improves upon them, all the while adding it's own unique features. The site has a low member base, but has high activity. The forum also has a reputation for being too emo, but it's a possibility that the people who say that broke their bottle of Awesome Sauce, or just aren't cool enough to dig good rock music.


Science is often considered to be equally as awesome as the Xephyr Board; but in some rare cases, the Xephyr Board is considered to be even more awesome. It's never the other way around, though.

The Xephyr Board consists mostly of bad-asses and smart-asses. However, not everything can be perfect; a few dumb-asses and jackasses have wound up joining the Xephyr Board, only to be ran out of town by the best of the Xephyrians.

Original Concept

The original concept of the Xephyr Board was devised in October of 2008. Stooben disliked many of the strict rules on the MarioWiki and Userpedia forums, so he decided he'd make an attempt at creating his own forum. The goal of his forum was to be a very low-key website that was a place to lounge around and get away from too much strictness. After talking with Black Hole Sun and Z3r0 Tw0 about the concept, they agreed that it would be a good idea to go ahead with it.

The Xephyr Board I


At the end of November 2008, Stooben finally set up the Xephyr Board on Invisionfree. Z3r0 Tw0 and Black Hole Sun were amongst the first people to join in, with Uniju and A. Rex joining soon thereafter. The forum was extremely active for the first week, encouraging other users to join. Phailure, Jaime, Palkia47, and Neurario joined the Xephyr Board eventually, making the place slightly more active. The forum seemed to be thriving with activity, but there still was an extremely low member base.

Start of the Downfall

Because of some problems on the MarioWiki, Stooben created a board on the Xephyr Board that was strictly for the MarioWiki's Sysops' access. On this board, they ended up discussing a few Administrative problems that were to important to discuss on a place as lame as the MarioWiki Forums. The main discussion that went on here was the premature promotion of Grapes — because Grapes are only good when they're ripe. They also discussed that the wiki needed two new Bureaucrats, because the ones that they had at that time weren't doing a real good job. (It is rumored that the lack of motivation in the Bureaucrats at that time was due Porplemontage being a cheapskate and not paying them.) Stooben showed Porplemontage the posts that went on in this board, which then led to the demotion of RAP and Cobold, and the promotion of Time Q, Stumpers, and Stooben.


Main article: Jaime

Jaime, who was a Patroller of the Xephyr Board — which was the equivalent of a Local Moderator — began to troll the Xephyr Board, sucking the fun right out of it. (He was one of the few dumb-asses that actually made his way into the Xephyr Board.) Jaime trolled topics, flaming Stooben, Uniju, and Black Hole Sun with virtually every post he made. He sockpuppeted a few times as well, which led to his demotion and ban. However, Jaime was able to mysteriously un-ban and re-promote himself, once again harassing the Xephyr Board. Though the forum was pretty much dead at this point, Stooben and Z3r0 Tw0 decided to end Jaime's constant attacks by outright deleting his account. The Xephyr Board was abandoned for over a month after this.

The Xephyr Board II

In early March of 2008, The Xephyr Board had been resurrected by the power of music, (which, despite the belief of several insane conservatives, has nothing to do with Satanism). Black Hole Sun had returned to the Xephyr Board because he had nothing better to do. He came back more sarcastic and critical than ever, but it was that extra oomph that made the members remember how great the Xephyr Board was. Stooben, Z3r0 Tw0, and many of the other members returned, making the board slightly more active. Stooben and Black Hole Sun then put their genius brains together to think of a way to bring in more people. Stooben did some research on forums that had good features — ones that would attract more people. After a few days of searching, Stooben found SMF For Free, so the entire Xephyr Board moved there.

The Xephyr Board III

Their stay on SMF For Free was very short — for only 17 days. By that time, Stooben had found out that SMF For Free were scam artists, and that they were far too lame for the people of his forum. So, Stooben decided to do the bad-ass thing by getting his own database and hosting the forum on his own domain. Thus, the Xephyr Board and its members moved once more. Since Stooben finally had his own database that he could do whatever he wanted with, the Xephyr Board never has to move again. The members there enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the forum, and it is thriving with more activity than it ever did. There are currently 108 members on the forum, some of which come by on a regular basis to make a hell of a lot of posts to improve the place even more.

Eventually, Maria proved that she was as much of a jackass as Jaime by trolling the Xephyr Board in late June. When Stooben came online later that night after the trolling had happened, he decided to prove how much smarter he was than what many find to be some random European, fascist, hypocritical and idiotic troll by shutting off immediate user registration. Now when a user creates an account, it has to be approved by an Administrator before they can post.

Xephyr's Power Sources

The Xephyr Board may seem like a great place on its own, but it has a lot of different resources that help to keep it that way. This is the exact reason why people shouldn't diss the underdog; they're way better than what they back up.

Awesome Sauce

Awesome sauce.

Awesome Sauce is perhaps the most vital part to the Xephyr Board. It keeps it running every day, and generates massive amounts of awesomeness to attract lots of people to the forum. The Xephyr Board runs on approximately 200 gallons of Awesome Sauce each day, or a gallon roughly every seven minutes, which to some people who aren't awesome, seems like a lot of damn Awesome Sauce. (Not that they would really know how much awesome it takes to make something actually awesome.) Awesome Sauce is blue in color because blue is an awesome color. It also has a spicy kick to it whenever someone takes it, which proves how kick-ass it really is. Some are worried that the supply of Awesome Sauce keeping the Xephyr Board going will run out, but this isn't a real concern since Stooben's database is chock full of bottles of Awesome Sauce.


The Power of Music

No one can destroy the metal. The metal will live on.

The Power of Music — known also as the "essence of music" and "the metal" — is the reason the Xephyr Board even exists to this day; thus, it is easily the greatest and most vital part of the forum. The Xephyr Board was created as an homage to the Gods of Rock, and how they changed the lives of so many people in this world. The Power of Music dates as far back as quite some time ago. (It's too difficult to find the exact date of the creation of the Power of Music, so let's just leave it at that.) Many people find the Power of Music to be what makes the entire world go round; it is these people that do not care whether music is doused in mud or soaked in bleach — it is how they want it to be. The Gods of Rock smiled at the small offering bestowed upon them; they gladly accepted the fact that the Xephyr Board would forever be a tribute to all of them, and that it would provoke freedom of speech and great music.

The Pick of Destiny

No one reading this page will ever be kick-ass enough to obtain this. Ever.

The Pick of Destiny is the only solid musical object that helped the Xephyr Board get where it's at today. Stooben was lent the Pick of Destiny by a mysterious unknown force; he did not ask who or what this force was, for it was clearly bad-ass enough to take part in the creation of the Xephyr Board. Stooben took the might of the Pick of Destiny and used it to create his forum, with as many fantastic aspects as possible. Once the Pick of Destiny had fulfilled the Xephyr Board's destiny, Stooben returned the pick to the bad-ass force that gave it to him originally. It is because of the Pick of Destiny that the Xephyr Board gained so many unique features that attracted it's members — especially the kick-ass ones like Black Hole Sun.


Climb aboard the Peace Train.

Peace is what continues to power the mellow energy flowing throughout the Xephyr Board. While Peace is often associated with hippies, (whom to some, are annoying idiots who should die), Peace is not a bad thing. Peace is, in fact, a very positive thing that helps to keep the world in balance. Peace helps to make people join together, have a good time, and learn to respect one another. It is because of Peace that the members of the Xephyr Board are such tight buddies, and why they gladly accept those who are not evil, all the while not accepting people that are completely good. Peace is associated with many beautiful colors too, which is why the people who enjoy Peace generally have a great favorite color. The constant flowing energy of Peace also helps protect it's believers from the forces of evil, making people more neutral on many situations. Furthermore, the Xephyr Board's name was derived from Peace, so Peace should receive all the credit for helping to create such a great name.


Because not everything can be peaceful.

Anarchy — also known as the "Rebel Yell" — is the opposite of Peace. Anarchy is not necessarily bad, but it is considered to cause many more problems than Peace — though, this is really just the opinion of arrogant snobs. Anarchy is constantly referenced and homaged on the Xephyr Board from its many members. The most notable Anarchists on the Xephyr Board are A. Rex and Shyguy27. Anarchy constantly appears in topics, be it in arguments, or simple jokes. Anarchy helps balance the energy of the Xephyr Board. Since it is the exact opposite of Peace, and the same amount of it exists, the Xephyr Board maintains a perfect balance. Anarchy helps to make the Xephyr Board push the envelope every day, be it with it's mature topics, or its extreme lack of rules. Many people love the fact that Anarchy is freely welcomed to the Xephyr Board, as it helps to create a harmonious balance between the most unlike users.