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The Wiki Time Machine

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The Wiki Time Machine
TWTM Logo.png
Creator Mario Fan 123
Debut November 10, 2010
Genre Adventure/Comedy
Latest Issue Issue 1, Season 1
Rating E+ for Everyone

The Wiki Time Machine is a adventure/comedy sprite comic made by Mario Fan 123.


Certain day, Mario Fan 123 finds a broken, weird clock. He brings it to home and he shows it to his friends, who stay weeks trying to fix the clock. When they fix the clock, Mario Fan makes it show the correct time but he travels to the future. A minute later, he finds his friends again and they think it is a time machine. With the 'Wiki Time Machine', they can travel back and forward in time to fix events of the MarioWiki and fight trolls.


Main Heroes

  • Mario Fan 123 - The comic's main character. He is the one who finds the broken time machine. He can use 'Tattle' and see the stats and description from a Troll.
  • UltraMario3000 - One of Mario Fan's friends, he can do the 'Ultra!' attack which can make up to 3000 damage to Trolls.
  • Smasher 101 (John Cena) - A Yoshi friend who can use the 'Smasher Tongue' attack which can swallow Trolls, make eggs and throw the eggs on the ground to make damage.
  • GreenThunder - The famous thunder friend can use the 'Thunderstorm' attack and heal Trolls with his epic thunders. Or better, green thunders.
  • Fuzzipede27 - A Fuzzipede who can use PSI abbilities and headmissiles enemies. He can destory trolls with huge meteors, bees, and Pokémon.
  • Neptune99 - A Dark Bowser who is able to multiply himself.
  • GalacticPetey - A Petey Piranha who can change into Godzilla, complete with Godzilla's powers.
  • New Super Mario - A good friend of Mario Fan 123. Does all powers that Mario can do

Main Villains

Minor Villains

  • UltraWario3000


Season 1: The Beginning of Everything


  • The comic was just a joke made at chat, until UltraMario3000 gave Mario Fan the idea to make a comic.