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The Waste

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The Waste, sometimes referred to as The Wasteland, and incorrectly referred to as The Badlands, is an enormous area located North-West far-away from New Wikisburg. It is notable for it having literally all terrain, habitats, and biomes (forests being the least though) but they are very inhabitable and inhospitable because of its hostile conditions, usually hard winds and thick debris in it, but other stuff do happen.


It is unsure how this place became such a place it is today. There are only theories on its origin, but the most widely accepted one is:

A long time ago (unsure how long) the land was a peaceful and beautiful place to live until an enormous meteorite that carried extra-terrestrial material crashed in it to the land, which caused a mega nuclear explosion, from natural radioactive material deep underground, from the impact causing all life to cease to exist; although a there are small pockets of land that contain every habitat and biome, but The Waste is mostly barren flat land with little hills. It was never healed from this point on, its weather is usually hostile for any animal to live in or user for a matter a fact. A magma chamber stirs counter clockwise (as oppose to clockwise) causing its magnetic field to go out of whack for a long period of time, that is why travelers during that time refers to the place as The Vortex, as all of their navigation equipment and traveling instruments will not function properly, but the magma chamber cooled before the formation of the Super Mario Wiki. The Waste also extend out to the sea, it essentially claimed a chunk (compared to area near and around it) of the sea as its own, making it hostile to sail or fly across. At one point of its history, The Waste was covered in radioactive vapor and usually rained down acid, but now the radioactive dusts have settle underground away not to harm and the acid rains are not that acidic and happen very rarely.

G.H.O.S.T. placed their base, Sword Base, here because it can provide a cover for their base, and for its resources to power their base.


As already mentioned, barely any forests or vegetation lives in The Waste. The only vegetation that lives there are toxic and dangerous because of the toxic surrounding they live in. There are some common-looking plants that manage to live there and there are also a few plants here that can move and attack anything, kill it, and eat it. It is theorized that if any of these plants are taken out of this environment and place in a more hospitable one with clean water for it to drink, the plants will no longer be toxic and dangerous, instead they will be healthy to live around and can contain chemicals that an herbalist can turn into some antidote or elixir.

The creatures who live in this place are incredibly dangerous, although a few are tamable. Most of the creatures who survived the theorized mega nuclear explosion mutated and are far more feral, while a small amount of them are mostly the same but are diseased and decaying slowly. The most common type of land creature to pass by are usually gigantic insects or arachnids. The most prominent sky creatures, besides flying insects, are the Dragonhawks, they range in many sizes and colors (which is theorized to be related to a natural element like water) and are rumored to be tamable. But lately a new sub-species of dragonhawks are appearing that resemble a mechanical version of dragonhawks, with thin air-duct rotors connected to their shoulders, followed by metal-looking wings; it was later found out that it was G.H.O.S.T. who made this sub-species. There are a lot of other hostile creatures living in The Waste. An eyewitness once saw a dragon in The Waste. G.H.O.S.T. use the hard winds to their advantage by generating energy from the strong winds to power their ground base.

New creatures all over the base began to appear, elemental creatures (elemental for short), which are embodiments of the various existing elements found in The Waste.

In the sea owned by The Waste, a lot of creatures live here. Most which are competitive and dangerous. Not much is to say about the creatures in the sea besides a lot of them look like prehistoric creatures, a notable ones looking like brontoscorpios, pterygotus, cephalaspis, many species of trilobite, anomalocaris, megaladon, and many other monstrous looking sea dwelling creatures.

Underground The Waste, it contains rich deposits of many mineral that are worth mining, but a lot of hostile creature live in tunnels and burrows that they made as homes and roadways, most notably giant ants.

The Badlands

The Badlands is a more horrifying place then The Waste. Located in the northern-eastern side of The Waste, it is mostly located in a humongous caldera that is partially filled with lava and magma flows under in vents that disperse into the sea. It generates its own light year round. It was believed nothing can live there besides tiny organisms that use the heat as energy, but when ventured into it, it was soon discovered more terrifying creatures live there. The creatures exclusive to this area were, so far, never recorded because it was too dangerous to observe them. The creatures that are recorded are either fire or ice variant sub-species that already live in The Waste. The lava and magma in the caldera rotates counter-clockwise, messing up technical equipment using navigation, and thus it as named New Vortex. The G.H.O.S.T. ground headquarters, Sword Base, is close, but far enough for safety, to The Badlands in order to use the heat from it to power the base, geothermal energy.

The Sea of The Waste

The Sea of The Waste is the colloquial term used for the sea that is claimed by The Waste. It is also known as The Sea, The Sea of Simulation, and Sea The Waste. As mentioned already, the creatures and plants that live in the sea are very hostile and dangerous, usually monstrous in appearance; there are a few that look prehistoric and/or non-monstrous. It is located from all the way north-east to west of The Waste. It's condition is too dangerous for any ship or aircraft to go through, many aircrafts and ships have crashed. For unknown reasons, at one time it caused navigation devices to malfunction. G.H.O.S.T. also utilize hydroelectricity by building a super-dam near the sea to power their base.


Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Zero placed a safety bunker somewhere in The Waste. After the nuclear explosion was over, ironically it turns out that it caused The Waste to turn into a hospitable, peaceful place while every other place is a struggle to live. Zero had to cross The Waste after he exited the bunker in order to go back to New Wikisburg.