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The Ultimate Source of Power

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The Ultimate Source of Power is a comic made by Storm Yoshi.


Long, long ago. The wiki was created. The power source that generated such a place was incredibly powerful. Three ancient rulers sealed it away and were never told of OR seen. They gaurded it like dogs gaurding a bone. Three users showed up one day but were pushed around and chucked out of the wiki cuz they had one little spat. They didn't like this. they studied old wikian history and found out about the power. They were tough and never gave up, after 5 years of searching tehy found it. The gaurdians were asleep, unaware. The tree broke in and sealed the three. The power was about to be stolen when one of them used telekenitic powers to warp it away, and break it into 5 pieces. The three than got mad and stormed off looking for it. The ancients used their last power to send out a distress message. It was found by three users who ignored the 'rescue me' part and read the power part. They set off, unaware of what they were getting into...


  1. Issue 1, how it began.
  2. Issue 2, The first finding.
  3. Issue 3, Wild Tryclyde appeared.
  4. Issue 4, Old endings and new beginnings.
  5. Issue 5, The fight with Bowyer.
  6. Issue 6, The Amazing Chase.(Thats not really a chase XD)
  7. Issue 7, The new member.