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The Secret CSS

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There's no turning back now!

FireBabyLuigi11,Chapter 2

FireBabyLuigi11 and Porplemontage's Army: The Secret CSS, shortened to The Secret CSS, is a canceled story written by FireBabyLuigi11. The Secret CSS is story one of the FireBabyLuigi11 and Porplemontage's Army series. This story is a action/adventure story with a bit of comedy, that takes place at the Mario Wiki during Summer/Fall of 2010.

Brief Plot

This is about a secret protected CSS page that could send people to the Marioverse, which could be used as a weapon of some sort. It is also about a group of users called Porplemontage's Army which includes FireBabyLuigi11 a user against vandalism, that has the power to save the world!...........But he doesn't know.




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6