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The Resolutions of 132/9 - The Pride 3

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The Pride's Point of View.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

I was kneeling down in front of a throne, where he sat. The room was completely shrouded in darkness, but his eyes- his unnaturally red eyes- glared through the darkness.

"First, you fail to kill Stooben Rooben. Then, you get the shit beat out of you by Nalia when he wasn't even at full strength, and yet, you come back here with your tail between your legs asking me for another assignment. Thanks to your loud mouth and Stooben's survival, they know about us, and it's all your fault."

His voice was soft, but I could feel the anger in his words. He spoke slowly, enunciating each syllable with full intent and purpose, and while he never stooped to screaming or shouting, when he was angry, you knew it. And it scared you.

I sighed.

"Look, I didn't expect them to be as strong as they turned out to be, alright? Stooben should be dead, and I didn't go all out on Nalia. He caught me off guard."

A suffocating force came over me and I was forced to the floor completely, trying to keep myself from being crushed. The weight lightened, and soon was gone.

"I apologize," he said, "I lost control of myself for a moment there."

I heard it in his voice. I could hear him mocking me, reveling in the power he had over me.

My name being Pride made matters much worse.

My emotions told me to leap at him and wipe that smug look I couldn't even see off of his face.

My brain told me that doing so would cost me my life.

"Please, master," I begged, "give me another chance!"

He chuckled.

"Fine. But only because your begging is so pathetic to listen to."

"Thank you, Master. I won't fail you this time."

"You'd better not," he said, "because I may find no further use for you if you do."

Just then, the door opened a tiny bit, sending a sliver of light into the room, showing one side of his pale face.

And the bloody tear that had run down it.

Chapter Nine

The Pride 3

Scarecrow's Point of View.

I walked through the Spam Desert, on the way to visit the Vault. One of my friends, Willy on Wheels had recently been imprisoned there, but he was soon to be released, and allowed in minimum security, which allowed visitation. I soon found, however, that I was lost. It was windy, which meant I could barely see with a bunch of flying sand in the way.


Shut up, Murzon. You aren't a desert navigator either.

Maybe not. But I'm not the one currently stranded in the middle of the desert, am I?

Technically speaking, you are. You being me, and all.

The split persona went silent. Thank god.

A tent appeared some distance away, revealed by the desert sands.

Tent means people. People means water, food, and possibly directions. Get your ass over there.

I obeyed, running to the tent. It was actually massive, going over a few acres of sand. However, it was hastily erected, made from a sand-colored (and sand-covered) tarp, impaled and held up by a bunch of sticks. Inside of it, there was a bundle of chains, and, more importantly, a small oasis pool.

Jackpot., we both thought.

I stepped inside, brushing by the chains and dipping my hand into the clear water, bringing it to my face and drinking it. After many more handfuls and my thirst was satisfied, I turned back, and was about to leave when I heard it.


I turned around. I hadn't been paying attention, but the chains weren't just chains. Rather, they were wrapped around a standing figure, and locked into the ground. I saw the man's face.

He had red hair, tanned skin, and blood-red eyes. He had some stubble on his face, and I couldn't guess his age, but he seemed to be quite aged, at least in his fifties.

"W-who are you?"

"M-max." the man said, sighing like a thirsty dog.

"Who did this to you!?"

"Don't...feel sympathy for me...I earned this...but please...water...I need...some water..."

"Can't you move?"

He budged a small distance.

"The oasis has dried up...it's been years, and since about a month ago, I haven't been able to drink any longer."

"How have you made it this long without water?"

"I'm not what you'd call an ordinary human...but please, I'm thirsty."

I nodded, and picked up water in my hands, hydrating the man until he was full of water.

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

"No. I don't need food. Is there something I could do for you?"

I thought for a moment.

"I could use a guide to get through the desert..."

He laughed.

"Just that? Go look in the back...I think my Navigator should be back there."

I nodded, and went back through there. Eventually, a found a small electronic device that somewhat resembled a touchscreen phone and turned it on, revealing what looked like a road map, showing my location with a red indicator. On the side of the screen, it showed a MAP option, a SATELLITE option, and a THERMAL option.

I ran back to Max, and showed it to him.

"I'm guessing this is it?"

"Yeah. You can charge it with a standard USB, don't worry."

"Why do you have all of that stuff back there?"

"This seal that I'm in has strengthened over time. I used to have more freedom of movement. The seal gets stronger each time I go to sleep. After I made the tent and moved all of my stuff inside of here so I didn't get bored, and so it didn't come into the wrong hands..." his eyes glinted, seemingly shining red for a moment, but it was gone just as soon as I'd noticed it.

"Wait...you made that stuff?"

"Yeah. I'm a bit of a techie. Are you sure there isn't anything else I could do for you before you go? Tech isn't the only thing I'm good at. I think you know by now that I'm far more than human..."

I thought for a moment. What do you think, Murz?

I heard no response. I smirked. He was sleeping.

"Actually, I've been having this problem for quite a while..."

The Pride's Point of View.

I stepped out of the white portal, and looked around. I was, yet again, at the Chapel. I walked through the sanctuary and came to the elevator. I sliced the door open with one half of Vanitas, and stepped in, descending underground. I could sense them. Everybody's here, at the HQ.

I'm going to kill them. My humiliation ends now. I'm going to kill them all. I don't necessarily want to. I don't get my kicks out of killing those who have done nothing to me. But I had to listen to my Master, or he'd kill me. It's kill or be killed. I can't fail this job.

I'm going to have to kill them all.

It'll be a travesty if I fail, this time.

If I do, I know I won't live to tell the tale.