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The Resolutions of 132/6 - Brother

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A./N. I know, very brief. But it's important, k?

"How did you do it?"

We were in a white limousine. I sat across from Nalia Cynd, Junemarie Blusk sat to my left, and Skell sat on my right. Nalia himself was in between Alex, who was on his right, and a new member I didn't recognize was on his left, reclining in the corner, her face hidden by a veil of blue hair. A fridge was right in front of the window where the driver was, from which I had taken a Sprite. We were riding to MarioWiki.

"I wrote a blood seal on the sleeping body of the Tabuu clone. I sealed my soul into him, using a variation of Evoltsul's sealing technique. I died soon after, but I managed to teleport him to a safe place- the open fields near MarioWiki seemed ideal."

"You idiot. You could've died!"

"I was dying already. It was my last resort."

Nalia sighed.

"I forget. You're too reckless for your own good sometimes."

"But I don't go back on my word. I came back just as I promised."

Nalia sighed. He was my best friend- I knew he missed me, after all.

"Shut up."

Chapter Six


"So, who's the newbie over there?"

Said newbie turned to look at me, brushing her hair out of her face.

She had red eyes, I noticed. Brighter than Nalia's. Cool.

"The name's Walkazo. Don't talk like I'm not here."

"Sorry, I did come off as a bit rude, didn't I? What's your rank?"


"Oh, alright. I'm guessing you found the scythe? What's her name?"

"His name. His name is Pantaro."

"Cool. What's his ability? You gotta be pretty good if you're just behind Nalia."

"I don't know."

"...you haven't awakened him yet, have you? Wait, how the hell did you get that high in the ranks?"

"Skill. My strength and skill already rival a bureaucrat. And I'm an experienced MarioWiki user, you know."

"Well, sorry if I seemed like an asshole. The name's Chris, or Tabuu, if you prefer that."

"I already know all about you, Rank 3. You're spoken of a lot, trust me."


It was silent. I sipped from my Sprite absently. I couldn't wait to see Stooben again. As his brother.

And just then, Nalia's phone rang. He grabbed it, and answered.

"...what? Will he be okay? ...oh god..."

He jumped to the front, and yelled at the driver.

"Change of plan! Take your fastest route to MarioWiki's hospital!"

The driver nodded, and Nalia sat back down, head in hands.

"What's wrong?"

"Stooben...they don't think he's going to make it."