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The Resolutions of 132/3 - Memory

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A./N. Yeah, a kind of quick-and-lazy chapter. It was a necessary inspiration rush, though (I've written and rewritten this "regain your memories" scenario way too much times) and you should expect another update, soon. Full length and quality and stuff. Yeah.

I gasped as I came above the water, coughing it out of my system and swallowing a lungful of sweet, sweet air. I looked around.

I didn't see a shore in sight. I appeared to be in the middle of the ocean, but...

There was no sky. Or rather, there was, but it was just more water, defying gravity. Where am I?

"At the center of your mind."

I turned in the water towards the voice.

A man, clothed in a simple white robe, stood on the water, looking down at me.

"Stand up. This is your world."

I found, to my amazement, that I could press down on the water's surface as if it was solid ground. I pushed myself up, and stood.

"Who are you?"

The man smirked.

"Cyria. The Golden Fang."

Chapter Three


He stretched and yawned.

"I gotta say, you sure took your time, Harper. I thought you'd really been taken out."

"What're you talking about? My name is Tabuu, dammit!"

He laughed.

"Really? You look just like Chris to me. You gone amnesiac, buddy?"

I looked at my reflection in the water. I was a young human adult now, with pale skin, brown eyes, dark hair (which, due to the water, was running down my face and back) wearing black robes. And clutching the scythe Nalia had just given to me.


The beach.

The memory struck at me like a knife to the skull.

I screamed, and clutched at my head. Cyria looked up and smirked.

A torrent of water fell from the body of water above us, and into the one we were standing on.

"Good. You're remembering. Let me help."

The Golden Fang smirked, and got into a fighting stance, standing with his feet wide apart, and conjuring a scythe quite similar to the one I held in his right hand.

"Help? What the hell are you doing? What the hell are you?"

"I told you. My name is Cyria. I am the Golden Fang, of the Great Twenty. I am the weapon you hold. As for the first question...I'm helping you remember your past life, Christopher."

I growled, and got in my own stance, clutching my weapon in both hands.

His hood fell back. He had short golden brown hair, tanned skin, and yellow eyes. He did a wolfish smirk, and dashed at me.

Our fight began.

In a flash, he ran past me, a trail of scarlet energy remaining in the air where his scythe slashed, sending me flying into the air.

He leaped after me, and I dodged a blow in midair.

What? Since when can I do this?

I was able to concentrate energy to a certain point and use it to gain traction on thin air. No way!

I charged the scythe with energy like I remembered from the dream and swung the blade at Cyria. He ducked and released an energy wave of his own, sending me plummeting to the water below.

I landed on the surface with a splash, sinking into the water. I struggled and swam back up, pulling myself up on top of the water, looking up.

The sky was falling.

Gallons of water fell by the literal metric ton from the sky, adding more and more forgotten memories into my head. With every new piece of knowledge reacquired, I felt a pain two times worse than the one before.

I stood but then fell to my knees, barely keeping myself up in front of Cyria, who had landed back on the floor. He smirked down at me. It was pouring rain, now.

"What the hell...is going on...!?"

I felt far too weak, but I ran at him and swung my blade for his head. He swirled, kicked it out of my hand, and punched me into the air. I fell back into the water. I was sinking, now. It was going dark again, and I could just barely see him, standing on the water's surface. I tried to wade back up, but found it futile. The water was weighing me down somehow.

The sky of water was your memories, Christopher...it's okay...you can close your eyes, now...when you wake up, you will remember everything. You'll be yourself again.

I reached through the darkness, my mouth finally opening. The last of my air escaped, and water flooded my mouth and nose, suffocating me, filling my lungs and stomach. My eyes were closing. My hand fell to my side.

And I was gone.