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The Resolutions of 132/37 - Series Finale

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Final Battle Theme: Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

Tabuu's Point of View.

Stooben was dead.

My older brother was dead.

“Evoltsul...” I whispered hoarsely.


Evoltsul...!” I growled.

“What, Harper?”

EVOLTSUL!” I screamed.

Murzon's shadows surrounded and shot out from my body, wrapping around me and my dead brother as I stood, trembling with rage.

“Murzon!?” Evoltsul hissed.

“I'm gonna- I'm-” I screamed in rage, the shadows forming claws on my hands, “I'LL DESTROY YOU!"

Evoltsul laughed.

"Go on and try."

Series Finale

Resolutions (Part Five)

The End

Nalia's Point of View.

Bradley held out his hands. In his right hand, a blade made of light energy formed, and in his left, a sword made of darkness spawned.

I dashed at him, swinging Sin for his chest. He blocked with both of the swords, and released a pulse of energy. I responded with my own, and there was an explosion as we both blasted through the roof of the room, through more and more floors until we finally hit the ceiling of the Vault and burst through it.

We flew above the Vault, silhouetted in the blood-red sun over the black city.

I airdashed towards Bradley, charged Sin with light energy, and slashed.

He countered with the dark energy blade, causing an explosion that sent us both flying backwards. I flapped my wings to regain control of my velocity and fired a volley of spears of light energy at him. Using both of his blades, he slashed them away before they could connect, and I burst towards him again.

I held out my palm, and on each of my fingers, there was an Oscura charging.

Quintuple Oscura!” I shouted.

A massive wave of darkness shot from my hand, blocking out the sun and overwhelming the King as I shot for him.

Tabuu's Point of View.

I leaped at Evoltsul, slashing at him with my shadowy claws, roaring in hatred.

They ripped through his chest, sending his blood to the ground.

He growled, and leaped back.

He summoned spears of light energy that stabbed into Murzon's shadows and impaled themselves through my hands, keeping me in submission.

I screamed in agony, and I heard the yells of the people around me.

The people around me.

My friends.

I was forced to the ground, and I looked up at them.

Blusk was screaming at me to get up, Walkazo was yelling to keep fighting, and Alex was crying out, telling me not to die on him.

I grit my teeth, and tried to pull myself up. I couldn't move Murzon's shadows, so I was completely stuck to the ground by them and the spears of light energy. I clenched my teeth together, and with all of my force, pulled my hands up, freeing them from the spears of light energy. I wanted to scream, but I held it in and pushed myself up, forcefully pulling Murzon's shadows off of me as Evoltsul watched, wide-eyed.

I roared and finally broke free, charging at the Mastermind Troll.

Just as he was about to react, the sun was blocked out, and for just a moment, the world went completely dark.

I pulled back and slammed my fist as hard as I could into his face the moment I could see it again, shattering his nose and sending him to the ground.

I conjured Golden Fang even though I knew I couldn't use any of his abilities, and now that my enemy was finally defenseless, I swung my scythe again and again and again, blood staining the gold and splattering everywhere.

I lost myself in the haze of anger and bloodshed.

When he died, I felt the seal break but I didn't care. I didn't stop. Not when Blusk told me it was over. Not when Alex asked what the hell I was doing. Not when Skell told me I was going too far. Not when Walkazo told me to stop.

In my eyes, he didn't deserve a burial. He didn't deserve an honorable preservation. He killed my brother and thousands of people. He didn't deserve a goddamn thing!

I kept swinging, mutilating his corpse as much as I could, screaming in rage until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned.

Blood was all over my face and body, and standing there as a spirit, looking younger and happier than I'd ever seen him in life, was my older brother. My eyes were widened, the Mastermind Troll's blood mixing with my sweat.

“Stop it, bro. It's over.”

I trembled.

I felt Stooben wrap a comforting arm around my back and he squeezed, giving me one last brotherly hug.

“It's over, little brother. You did a great job, okay? There's no need to go that far. You're supposed to be the good guy, remember?”

I nodded and closed my eyes, feeling the warmth of his embrace.

“Goodbye.” I whispered, knowing I wouldn't get another chance to say it properly.

“Goodbye.” he repeated.

Eventually, I felt him pull away, and when my eyes opened again, he was gone.

I looked into the sky at the final battle between Nalia and Bradley.

All that I could do now was wait.

Nalia's Point of View.

Bradley cut through the darkness and dashed towards me in the air in a blind rage.

When he reached me, I kicked him in the chest.

He stopped for a moment, then slashed. I blocked both of his blades with Sin, and we kept parrying, murder in our eyes and our hearts.

With a final swing, I cut off both of his hands, sending them, along with his energy blades, falling beneath us.

He gasped.

“No...” he whimpered, “I'm not going to die by a filthy Cynd's hand!”

“Any last words?” I muttered.

He growled.

“If it's any comfort," I said, "You will see your son in the Spirit Realm.”

His eyes brightened.

“That...” he smiled and tilted his head down as if he was getting sleepy, “That doesn't sound so bad at all...”

"Is that all?"

"Yes. Goodbye."


I closed my eyes and swung a final time, beheading the WikiMedian King.

The headless body of the King plummeted from the heavens, landing on the harsh black pavement of the unforgiving earth. The sun shone down on the battle, on Spam City. Over the fallen god and the avenger.

The final battle was over.

Evoltsul and Bradley were defeated.

The curse had broken.

We had won.

Two Years Later.

Ending Theme: The Riot =TEENS OF ANGER=: No More No

Nalia Cynd's Point of View.

The curse has been broken for years...there's no risk of her being infected by it so...why am I still hesitating?

I was currently acting more like a “scared schoolboy in love” rather than a “great and feared King of WikiMedia”.

I was wearing a tuxedo, holding a rose in my right hand at my side.

I was no good at this romance stuff.

It was rare when my two jobs as the Steward of Wikipedia and the King of WikiMedia gave me a break, and I realized.

It's now or never.

I have to do it.

I knocked on the door.

And waited.


Finally, the doorknob turned, and Junemarie Blusk opened her door, in some casual clothes as opposed to her old black robes. After the disbanding of the Council, we didn't wear the robes anymore.

“Yeah, Nalia?” she looked at me, “...why're you dressed like that?”

I gulped. God, how do teenagers even do things like this?

Blusk tilted her head in childlike curiosity.




“Spit it out already, Cynd.”

“Could we, uh...”

Goddammit, Nalia!”

“Go out!”


“Go out with me!” I shouted, wincing and closing my eyes.

There was silence, and I heard a chuckle. I opened my eyes and Junemarie started laughing in earnest.

“That was it? Oh, wow. You look so cute when you're shy. And sure. Give me some time to get ready!”

She shut her door and went back into her house. I still heard her laughing, and while I was worrying for her sanity and my pride, I couldn't help but smile.

All I had to do was ask?

Cecil's Point of View.

The Cynd Royal Family has been resestablished.

As it turned out, many members of the other royal families and most of the normal citizens hated King Bradley. The WikiMedians who fought us were the small amount of loyal subjects that he had left. Upon news that Nalia had killed his ass, they literally celebrated and crowned him King.

Alex gave up his immortality after about a month, deciding that he wanted to live a normal life, he came to me. Since the curse was broken, I was actually able to remove the Gluttony energy from Alex, so he was, once again, a mortal.

People really liked Nalia as King. He still held his position as Wikipedia's Steward, and he did as much as he could for both places.

He lowered taxes (Bradley had been charging twice as much as he needed) and used the money from Bradley's regime and a reasonable amount of tax money to start programs in WikiMedia and Wikipedia alike, helping the poor out, getting people educated, and reforming many other problems in both communities.

I sat at the table in the kitchen of our house, munching down on some chicken soup that Mom had made for me before she and Dad went out to enjoy their lives as Melinda and Hector Cynd instead of Sloth and Wrath.

And honestly, I enjoyed being Cecil Cynd, the King's peaceful younger brother, as opposed to Ruin, the leader of the Sins.

I was really enjoying my newfound peace in life.

Willy's Point of View.

I stood in Fantendo's graveyard.

It was outside of and overlooking the city atop a grassy hill.

The wind was blowing and the sun was setting, making the whole setting look quite majestic. I was in front of Scarecrow's grave, standing beside Tabuu. He wasn't wearing his robes- he was wearing a collared black shirt with a white T underneath and blue jeans.

We never talked, never fought since the War. Everyday since then, we've come to the graveyard and visited Scarecrow's grave, never saying a word to each other.

I swallowed my pride.

“I forgive you.” I said.

“I don't deserve it.” he said flatly.

“You didn't want to kill him.”

“But I did.” he echoed me coldly.

I sighed. “Look, Tabuu...you need to forgive yourself.”

“If I had killed Evoltsul or I had been patient...none of this would've happened...” he muttered.

“But you did kill him.”

“Not before he killed Scorpion and Stooben and god knows how much other people. Not before I killed Scarecrow.” he said harshly.

“You have a wife and a child waiting for you at home,” I said, “you need to let this go. There's no more fighting. The world's at peace. Let it go. Blaming yourself won't help you or your wife or your child.”

“Yeah...I guess you're right.”

Tabuu turned, and a dark portal opened in front of him.

Without another word, he walked into it and disappeared.

Alex's Point of View.

With Evoltsul's death, the Great Beasts were unsealed and freed. All of them, however, since they didn't have a home to return to, stayed with their masters.

They remained in scythes, but they could physically manifest in human and animal form.

They could come and go out of them as they pleased.

Except for Skell, since his scythe is fused with his body and soul.

Walkazo and I are still really good friends, but despite the rumors, we don't see one another in a romantic light. I did, however, find out something new about Belial. Despite his name, his intimidating voice, and how he talked to me, well...”he” isn't a “he”...

Belial's actually a girl.

She always used her phoenix form and voice in my head, so I just kind of assumed she was a guy since that voice sounded all tough and intimidating.

But then I saw her human form.

And damn.

Her hair is a very light red, her eyes are fire-red, and her figure is-

Oh man I sound like such a pervert right now.

Anyways, other than admiring my partner in a way I never had before, there was something else that Walkazo, Pantaro, Belial and I did together.

We flew.

Belial would enter her phoenix form, Pantaro would turn into a great black hawk, and they'd let us get on their backs and ride them as they soared throughout the skies like they did all those years ago.

No matter how much times I do it, it never gets boring.

There's nothing quite like flying.

Tabuu's Point of View.

Every day, I visit the graves of Scarecrow, Scorpion, and Stooben.

I have a house now, just outside of the City.

Married to Grapes. We have a newborn daughter named Emeryl.

I still write stupid stories on my computer.

Still use a talking weapon.

The Council disbanded, though. We fulfilled our purpose- killing Evoltsul and unsealing the Great Twenty. I still wear my black robes whenever I go out to explore or visit WikiMedia.

Cyria is staying with me, though. When I get too old to use him, I'll pass him down to Emeryl.

I go to WikiMedia often to visit Nalia, Cecil and the rest.

Alex and Walkazo come by frequently, and it's always good to see them.

I train with MCD and his squad on occasion.

You know, it's strange how things have changed over time.

Years ago, I had no idea what the hell MarioWiki was all about.

Now, I can't imagine life without it.

So, I guess this is it.

I've fulfilled all my resolutions.

What about you?