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The Resolutions of 132/36 - Resolutions 4

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Donna Burke - Heaven's Divide

Please listen to the song while you read this. Trust me, it makes it ten times better.

Chapter Thirty-Six

Resolutions (Part Four)

Heaven's Divide

Stooben’s Point of View.

I slashed for Evoltsul’s chest, and he blocked. I pulled back and kept swinging my sword at him, the sound of steel clashing going throughout the air.

Evoltsul had great power and deadly skill, but, thankfully, we seemed pretty evenly matched.

He started charging dark energy into his slashes and so I also charged mine with my blue flames. Blue fire and darkness exploded from the point of contact every time our blades clashed, highlighting the battle magnificently.

I slashed for his head, and he ducked.

He jabbed his sword for my stomach, but I quickly blocked and dodged to the side. We both leaped backward from each other. Fire blazed from my blade, and I swung my sword through the air, releasing a whip of blue fire at my opposition.

He stopped it with a pulse of dark energy from his body, and, at the same time, we charged for one another.


Tabuu's Point of View.

I dispelled Golden Fang, and kept running.

Thankfully, Nalia and I managed to get to the injured before Evoltsul did the seal again, and I still had Murzon at my disposal. I was significantly less powerful, true, but I wasn't entirely dependant on Golden Fang.

Nalia and I were running down an alley in Spam City, hurrying to the Vault, in front of which we felt Stooben and Evoltsul in battle, and inside of which we felt Ruin and Bradley's showdown.

When we were about to make it to the end of an alley, a man in white WikiMedian robes appeared before us.

I summoned Murzon's shadows, ready to attack, and Nalia conjured dual lightning daggers due to the fact that he couldn't use Celeste.

The man held his arms out in surrender and walked closer to us.

“Calm down,” he said, “I'm not here to fight.”

He came out of the darkness, and we saw his face.

A Cynd. He had brown hair, pale skin, and the signature red eyes.

“I'm Dante,” he said, “Cecil's informant from WikiMedia.”

He explained Ruin's plan to us, and spread the Gluttony energy to Nalia as well.

“You need to go help Ruin,” Dante said, “he can't do it by himself.”

“Of course.” Nalia said.

I saw a smirk cross my friend's face.

“I have a plan. I've done my research on WikiMedia.”

He hurried on towards the Vault, and I ran for the site of the final battle against Evoltsul.

Stooben's Point of View.

Our blades clashed. We leaped back from one another, and the fight became more fierce.

Evoltsul covered himself in darkness and pulled out two blades- Vanitas.

Not this time!

He fired the X-shape beam at me, but this time I charged my blade with blue fire and slashed, cutting it apart. He kept swinging the swords, releasing beam after beam, all of which I either dodged or destroyed.

He sped towards me, and I blocked his blow. He charged another sword beam and fired while we were still in blade lock, sending me stumbling backwards as he slashed again, cutting open my chest but thankfully not going too deep.

“Stooben!” Alex shouted.

“No,” I screamed, “He's mine!”

I jumped back, and Evoltsul dispelled Vanitas.

He held out his arms, putting his body in a cross shape, and I knew what he was going to do before he did it.

I jumped out of the way just in time as he summoned the twelve-foot long blades that Ruin was notorious for using and made many cuts through the air at the place where I had just been.


I extended the ring of fire, making a larger ring for the two of us to fight in and raising the wall of flame as high as I could.

He smirked, and flashed toward me again.

This time, I concentrated, keeping an eye on his every movement.

(Before you ask, yes I know light travels faster than sound. Evoltsul's slashes, in this case, are too fast for Stooben's eyes to keep up with.)

I heard the strikes before I saw them, and slashed in the direction where I heard them coming, each time blocking an attack I couldn't even see. The attacks came from all directions, until Evoltsul finally stopped the assault, becoming open to attack. I slid across the ground towards him, slashing my flaming sword upward. He jumped back, missing my blade. However, the fire that followed hit him, and since it didn't have enough time to actually paralyze him, he was sent flying into the air.

He dispelled the two swords and summoned a spear in his right hand, following with a lightning dagger in his left.

He stabbed the dagger into the spear, covering it with the same lightning blue energy, and gained traction in midair, aiming it for me.

“Cynd Art,” he shouted, “Spear of Ragnarok!”

I leaped out of the way as the spear shot towards me at an incredible speed, but when it hit the ground, there was a massive explosion that sent me off of my feet and in the air, towards my fire. I solidified the flames I was nearing and pushed off of them with my hands, landing back on my feet as Evoltsul came down from the air.

He held out his fingers like a pianist, and there were glints of darkness all around me. Figuring out what he was about to do very fast, I roared, surrounding myself in blue flames that overtook the threads before they stabbed into me and destroyed them.

The flames cleared, and Evoltsul smirked, holding out his hands.

He summoned two black gauntlets- not quite like Miero's God Hand, but somewhat similar- and leered.

In front of me, he transformed into my dead mother.

“I have no idea who you see me as,” she laughed, “but I hope it doesn't cause you too much pain to get killed by them.”

“You son of a bitch!” I screamed, running for him.

Just as I was within reasonable distance, he transformed back into his normal form, summoned the Cynd black blade, and swung it.

Cecil's Point of View.

My blade never connected.

“Instante Oscura.”

An ball of dark energy appeared in the air in front of Bradley's chest, and a wave of darkness shot towards me, sending me flying across the room, crashing against the wall.

I groaned, and fell to the floor, forced out of Resurrecion to conserve energy. I pulled myself up from the ground, and stumbled towards the WikiMedian King, summoning one of my blades and swinging it for his head.

He effortlessly knocked it aside, and I stumbled forward when the blade fell out of my hand.

In an instant, he was in front of me.

In another, his blade was coming for my body.

I shut my eyes.

I heard the blade pierce flesh, and blood splatter to the floor.

I opened my eyes.

Nalia was standing in front of me, the blade protruding from his back, impaled through his heart. His arms were trembling, but he moved his hands to the sword and grasped it.

“G-get back, Cecil!”

I stumbled backward and fell to the ground.

“Who are you?” the King boomed.

“I told you my name already,” Nalia hissed, “my name is Nalia Hector Cynd. I am the man who's about to kill you!”

He grabbed the King by the front of his robes, pulling his face to his, and the instant their eyes locked, infecting him with Gluttony.

I reached for my eyes but Nalia shouted out to me.

“No!” he shouted, “That's not necessary!”

Suddenly, there was a pulse of energy from my older brother that knocked the most powerful being in existence off of his feet and to the back of the room.

Power exploded from my older brother's body, and I felt it coming over me, too. What was going on!?

“It isn't necessary,” Nalia said, grabbing the hilt of the blade inside of him, “to kill them to take their immortality. In fact, infecting the King just now and taking the blade Sin just did almost exactly what you originally set out to do. The blade Sin was forged by our ancestor and the other three original leaders of the families, and because I'm, technically, the oldest Cynd living that hasn't thrown away the name, that makes me the leader of the Cynd family. The blade Sin was made so that if it was stabbed into a family leader, it would give it's ownership and therefore immortality to the victim. Since I was the victim and infected with your energy, it spread to all of the others that had the Gluttony energy as well. The other family heads just died, but King Bradley remains immortal and living because he is still the wielder of this sword, just shared ownership with me.”

The King scowled.

“However,” Nalia said, “the blade Sin is the only one that is capable of- you guessed it- killing an immortal. And guess what? You just broke the curse by killing three of the people who cast it.”

There was a burst of light energy from Nalia, and I then it happened.

Two black, feathery wings burst from his back, a golden halo formed over his head, and four additional wings of light energy appeared above and below the others, taking the appearance of a six-winged angel.

“This isn't Resurrecion.” Nalia said, “This is Rebirth. You just gave me all of the Cynd's power back.”

He pulled the sword out of his body, and held out the blade at the King.

“I said it once. I'll repeat myself. My name is Nalia Hector Cynd. And I'm going to kill you. That is my resolution.”

Stooben's Point of View.

It was too late to stop.

The blade tore through my heart. My blood splattered to the ground, and I stumbled backward. Evoltsul's eyes showed some form of pity, and my own began to close as I struggled to stand.

No...I can't fall...

“Looks like I win.” Evoltsul smirked.

The ring of fire extinguished, revealing my comrades.


I turned.

My little brother was screaming and running for me. It was becoming really hard to see him now- my vision was fading.

I turned towards Evoltsul, whose gaze had turned from pity to cold.

I uttered my final words,

Demon Seal,” I said, putting my hand over my wound and staining it with blood, “Vita.”

I pressed my palm to Evoltsul's chest before he could react, placing a heavy seal on his powers.

"Now you're no stronger than the rest of us..." I spat.

It was the last thing I could do.

I fell to the pavement, landing on my back. Hard.


Tabuu was screaming very loudly.

It's not a big deal, little bro.

I'm just-

I'm just sleepy, alright?

Just let me have a rest.

Tabuu dropped beside me, and kept screaming, grabbing my shoulders and rocking me. I couldn't make sense of his words at all. I'd listen to whatever he had to say after I got just a little more rest.

I smiled one last time and shut my eyes.

If it's such a big deal, little brother...I'll get up in a minute, okay?