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The Resolutions of 132/35 - Resolutions 3

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No theme for this chapter, so on, so on.

Chapter Thirty-Five

Resolutions (Part Three)

Infernal Rage

Cecil’s Point of View.

The family heads had all been defeated and infected with Gluttony.

Now for the King himself.

I entered Resurrección, and was in fierce combat with King Bradley. Despite how powerful his sword was, I was able to more than keep up with him, though considering how heavy it must’ve been, it was a miracle he could swing it around with one arm like that.

“Why do you fight me?” the King asked.

“That’s a pretty stupid question.” I retorted.

I had both of my blades extended, and we were rapidly slashing at one another in midair.

I swung my swords in a scissoring motion for his head, but he blocked with his sword and repulsed me with a powerful burst of energy.

I regained control of my velocity with my wings before I hit the wall, and blasted back at him. I slashed in different places of his body, as fast as I was capable, and he blocked every single one of them.


I leaped back and threw both of the blades at him, and he slashed them away.

“I’m going to kill you,” I said, “and undo the curse on the Cynds by doing so.”

Bradley’s gaze turned cold.

“The Cynds shed first blood and killed my son,” he growled, “you monsters deserve your fate!”

“Do you know what I’ve had to do all my life because of you!?” I shouted, “I had to kill my own family members and take their eyes to stay alive! Because of your ass, I destroyed my brother’s life and killed my parents! You think one fucking mistake by my ancestor is worth the hell you’ve put my family through!? I’ll fucking kill you!”

I dashed at him, and he slashed for me. I leaped, jumped off of his sword, landed behind him, and before he could counter or block, slashed at his back.

Alex’s Point of View.

Walkazo and I entered the battle a little late, but we were making up for it.

She used Pantaro to send me skywards, high above the scene of the battle. I charged Belial, holding him back while magma and fire formed on my scythe.

When I couldn’t hold it anymore, I slashed and released it, sending a huge column of flame at the black Oni statue.

Walkazo solidified wind around it to compress it and added normal wind to make it even stronger, and it hit the chest of the Oni statue hard, blasting a large portion off of it and sending it stumbling backwards.

It recovered quicker than we expected, however, and stabbed its sword through Porple’s body, breaking through and protruding from his shell.

The blue Koopa gasped.

His blood was spilling to the ground, and the Oni simply held it’s sword inside of Porple’s chest.

“You MOTHERFUCKER!” I screamed.

Walkazo used her wind to send me plummeting down, and I held out my scythe, charging it with as much energy as I could.

Finally, I made it to the Oni’s arm, which was still extended, holding the sword.

I slashed, releasing the flame and utterly annihilating the statue’s arm.

The statue stumbled back again, and Porple pulled the still flaming sword out of his body, beheaded the black Oni, and used the sword to stab through the head of the white Oni statue.

There was a massive explosion.

I landed on the ground hard, but Walkazo managed to stop herself.

When the smoke cleared, the statues were gone.

Porple fell back and landed on the pavement with a crash, shrinking back to his original size.

He was dead.

And Evoltsul stood, surrounded by Stooben, Blusk, Skell, Walkazo and myself.

And laughed.

He just laughed, clutching his stomach and roaring with mirth. He couldn’t control himself. Something about it was just so funny to him.

Quickly, however, he stopped, and his face turned serious.

Before anybody could react, he released a pulse of energy, and I found that I was completely cut off from Belial.

He stopped us from using our scythe’s abilities!

Skell fell completely unconscious, and now, none of us could attack Evoltsul without promise of certain death.

“So, what’s it going to be? Reapers?”

There was a blaze of blue fire that circled Evoltsul, and Stooben walked towards him, a look of deepest loathing on his face and a blue-bladed flaming sword in his hand.

“So you’re going to challenge me?”

Stooben nodded.

“Right here,” Stooben growled, “Right now, for what you did to my little brother...” he held out his blade at Evoltsul, “I’m going to kill you.”

Evoltsul smirked.

Stooben lunged.