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The Resolutions of 132/34 - Resolutions 2

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No theme for this chapter, so on, so on.

Chapter Thirty-Four

Resolutions (Part Two)

The Pride 5

Vincent’s Point of View.

I laughed maniacally. I was having so much fun!

I was flying through the air, covered in a dark haze of energy, wielding both halves of Vanitas. I was in combat with Steven Wales, the head of the royal Wales family.

Unlike his descendant Jimmy Wales, however...

“Ha!” I laughed, “You’re so fucking weak!”

I was practically playing single-player ping pong with his body. I’d kick it into the air, teleport to where he’s about to be, hit him again, and keep going like that.

After he was sufficiently beaten and I became bored of it, I kicked him to the wall. He slammed against it, and I followed by throwing both of my blades, which impaled him through both of his legs, just above the knees, keeping him pinned to the wall.

He screamed in agony and I laughed, stepping onto the handles of my swords in front of him.

He screamed louder still, but I felt no sympathy.

“You’re the one who proposed locking our eyes,” I said, kneeling down in front of him and forcing open one of his eyelids. He screamed and squirmed, knowing what I was about to do, “How about we share the curse?”

I stared into his eye, and the moment he stared back, the Gluttony energy was transferred and a tear of blood fell from both of our faces, indicating the transfer. The pain rendered him unconscious. I summoned two spears of light, put his arms in a cross shape, and stabbed the spears through his palms, keeping him restricted.

I pulled out both swords, and walked out of the room.

It was time for me to join the fray.

KPT’s Point of View.

Rudnicki is a troll notorious for his religious intolerance, homophobia, racism, power, and pretty-boy-bitch looks. He has light, long blue hair and brown eyes with tanned skin. His face looked feminine.

Especially when I slammed my fist into it and sent him flying backwards, slamming into a brick wall.

I can’t fly. I don’t have special powers. I can’t do energy attacks. I don’t have a living weapon.

But physically, I am the strongest user alive.

Do I enjoy hurting people?


But my strength is needed to protect them.

And here on the battlefield, there’s many people out here that would like to try and hurt them. I simply cannot tolerate that.

Rudnicki pulled himself up, his face bruised and blood leaking from his mouth.

“You son of a bitch! Make-up won’t hide thi-”

I punched him in the nose, breaking it and knocking him unconscious.


Tabuu’s Point of View.

Nalia and I stood atop a roof, watching from a distance the battle between Porple, Alex, Walkazo, and the Oni statues.

The sun would rise soon.

“Nalia,” I said, “we need to go and patch up the injured. After that, you can go help Ruin and I’ll go help them against Evoltsul.”


A line of sunlight rose over the horizon.

The end was near.