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The Resolutions of 132/32 - The War Begins

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No theme for this chapter, so on, so on.

MCD’s Point of View, about One Year Later.

We have one month until WikiMedia’s invasion.

We’re invading Spam City.

All of the armies of the Wikis have gathered into one massive force, and we’re at the gigantic front gate into the black city.

The leader of the massive army was Porplemontage, as decided at the InterWiki Meeting. The great blue Bowser was in front of the gates, and then he roared.

Porplemontage grew to a massive size, and punched the gate off it’s hinges. The giant Koopa roared and ran into the black metropolis, destroying buildings with his claws, stomping on smaller places, and breathing scorching flames everywhere in sight.

So much for leading the ground troops.

In the skies above us, people in airships were already flying into the city, bombing and shooting down at our enemies.

There was a massive airship some distance behind us, from where the strategists like Zero communicated with their teams. My team was outfitted with comm. units, from where Zero would observe the battlefield and give us strategic backing while we fought.

On his que, my team and I charged, head-first, into the battle of our lives.

Chapter Thirty-Two

The War Begins

Ruin’s Point of View.

We were less than a mile from WikiMedia.

Cecil! I heard Dante’s voice in my head, The WikiMedians found out about your preemptive strike! They’re going to the Wiki World right now with their Gate into the Spam City, allying themselves with Evoltsul and the trolls!

This is bad. Their gate would get them into the Wiki World instantaneously!

What do I do? I broadcast back.

Hurry to WikiMedia! All the combatants left, and they left their gate open!

I told all of the traveling party the news, and within a few minutes, we were inside of WikiMedia.

The streets were golden, the ground was clouds, blah blah, blah blah.

The Gate was an easy energy signature to pinpoint, so in less than thirty minutes, we found it and we entered the Spam City, right into the War.

MCD’s Point of View.

Using the rocket soles, I was flying in the air, shooting trolls down from the tops of buildings with explosive spears of energy. Porple could be seen in the distance, taking down buildings and roaring flames. An inferno of blue fire was farther away, indicating where Stooben was in combat.

NSM was on the ground, in an intense gunfight with a large group of trolls. KPT was punching, kicking, grabbing and throwing any troll stupid enough to come near him into the street, the sky, the pavement and the walls, and finally, Neptune was using his gauntlets and literally tearing people apart.

The trolls and WikiMedians had joined forces.

In the Vault, Evoltsul and King Bradley waited for who would dare to challenge them.

Day turned to night, and I switched my scouter to night vision. It targeted enemies and identified them, and I shot for them as indicated.

I noticed something.

There was someone flying towards me, holding a silver sword.

My scouter identified him as the troll’s second-in-command, Willy on Wheels. I turned my weapon into an energy blade and blocked his strike, but it sent me flying backward and I crashed onto the roof of a building, my weapon sliding across the roof and stopping near the edge of it. Willy walked towards me, blade outstretched.

No mercy was in his eyes.

And then.

There was an explosion of incredible energy above us. Looking up, there was a comet of golden fire and black flame falling towards us. I could only state upwards dumbstruck as the comet landed on the roof between me and Willy, causing a massive explosion of great fire and energy.

When the fire cleared, two figures, standing back-to-back, became visible.

Both of them were wearing long black robes that were moving in the wind. One had a large amount of messy black hair with a streak of gold through it, and the other, in contrast, had utterly bleached white spiky hair. The skin on the black-haired one was a light-brown tan, in comparison to the unnaturally black skin of the one with white hair. The black-haired one had mismatched brown and golden eyes, and the other had red eyes with streaks of celestial blue inside of them. The one with mismatched eyes wore a wolfish smirk, exposing large canines reminiscent of a wolf’s, and the red-eyed one wore a matching smirk, showing fangs.

The one with black hair held a long, slimmed-down golden scythe over his shoulder, and his partner held out his own celestial blue scythe at his side.

My scouter identified these two as Reaper Council members Tabuuownsall132x2 and Nalia Cynd.

And they had reached Mastery at last.