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The Resolutions of 132/31 - Approaching WikiMedia

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No theme for this chapter, so on, so on.

Chapter Thirty-One

Approaching WikiMedia

MCD’s Point of View.

My username is MrConcreteDonkey, but my actual name is Concrete. I prefer to be called either that or MCD.

Alright, now we have that out of the way.

I’m twenty years old, and in the MarioWiki army. I have neatly-cut brown hair dyed white, blue eyes, and a nice tan. My weapon is- and don’t laugh- a Wii remote.

Well, it looks like one on the outside, but it’s much different.

I can use the D-Pad and the A button to change what kind of energy it uses, and the B trigger on the back releases a spear of whatever kind of energy chosen. If held, it stays there and I can use it as a sword, but if released, it shoots out at whatever I’m aiming at.

I also have a scouter over my right eye (not the same one from DBZ, nerd) that does thermal imaging, and Night Vision. It also analyzes and identifies people and animals it sees, as well as highlighting dangerous elements in the environment. It also displays a reticule for wherever I’m aiming the Wii remote.

I normally wear a black jacket and a plain white T with black jeans, and finishing my outfit is a pair of shoes with rocket soles that I can activate at will. Meaning yes, I can fly.

In the army, the squad I’m in is comprised of NSM, a good friend of mine that uses dual pistols as his weapon, Neptune, who uses these giant claw-like gauntlets to rip his enemies to shreds, and Zero, our local narcissistic strategist. Using a comm unit, he analyzes the battlefield, speaks to us, and gives us command for the strategic element of every battle.

And finally, there’s KPT, our leader.

He could’ve been a Bureaucrat if he wanted- but he declined. According to him, he hates violence. He only uses violence when it’s necessary. And when he deems it necessary, damn.

With his bare hands, he can punch through brick walls, through people miles into the air, rip out street signs from the ground, and generally beat the holy hell out of anything. In a training simulation, he destroyed an entire army of trolls with his bare hands.

He is badass incarnate.

The war hasn’t yet begun, but more and more virtual training complexes like the one in the Reaper’s Council HQ are being made worldwide, so that all of the armies have an endless source of training.

Evoltsul has gained much more followers and doing God-Knows-What in the Spam Vault. And speaking of the Spam Vault, the Vault is now just the capital of Spam City. Spam City covers the entire desert, about twice the size of Wikipedia. The buildings, the cars, the streets- everything- is black. It’s like Mick Jagger was given some paint and just went crazy with it.

It’s heavily fortified, and rumor has it that they have weapons like NukeDPL.

Everybody in the armies and the Admins are rigorously training in the simulation rooms, becoming strong for WikiMedia’s attack and the coming battle with the trolls. Everyone is ready for war. According to what we’ve heard, the ground soldiers of WikiMedia are all about as powerful as a low-level Sysop or high-end Patroller. Their squad and platoon leaders are on the level between Sysop and Bureaucrat. The generals and other major leaders are as powerful as Stewards.

The WikiMedian King is, without competition, the most powerful being in existence.

There were four royal families in WikiMedia- Cynd, Wales, Bradley, and Ramirez. The Cynds were the only ones that were naturally immortal, but were disgraced, and along with a few from the Ramirez and Wales families as well as some of the peasants, were sent to settle in the Wiki World when it was still ruled by the Great Twenty.

If you become the head of one of the families, you gain immortality, and from there, you may become the King. The current King, the one that’s been King for thousands of years, is King Bradley. Now, the immortality gift is different from the one that the Cynds are born with. For the Cynds, it’s simply in their blood. The gift of immortality doesn’t allow for high-speed regeneration, but makes you damn near invulnerable to most attacks and hard to kill.

Ruin’s Point of View.

Travelling through the dimensional void to WikiMedia isn’t taking nearly as long as I expected.

My informant in WikiMedia is the last one there of Cynd blood, who’s capable of teleporting instantly from dimension to dimension. He’s no good at fighting, but he’s a great source of information. Like Alex, I have him a mental link to me with one of my eyes, and even across dimensions, the connection with him remains strong. My informant’s name is Dante Cynd, and he’s the father of Vincent Cynd, also known as Pride.

He’s the one that awoke the seven sin energies within me- Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, and Envy. These energies are within the Cynds, and while they don’t have to be awakened to be used, they are much more powerful when awakened. They allow channeling of different weapons and abilities.

Sloth energy allows for the summoning of unbreakable and extremely powerful spears.

Wrath grants increased speed, the summoning of Corpus, the mannequin soldiers, and the lightning daggers.

Pride is the two blades Vanitas, and allows great surges of dark energy.

Lust allows transformation based on the person of most importance to whoever sees them, as well as the gauntlets and proficiency with light energy.

Greed increases power and summons the black blade of the Cynds, but lowers your regeneration abilities. It also summons the threads of reality, that pierce through the seams of reality itself and come out wherever it pleases. It was used to kill Scorpion by Evoltsul.

Gluttony is the only energy that can be constantly duplicated and spread from person to person, and it allows for the links and some of the power of the ones you’re linked with. I have Gluttony in all of my revived family, Dante, and Alex.

Envy is the one that allows the summoning of my blades and the heavy increase of dark energy.

In essence, I am Envy. My other energies were used to revive my mother, father, Vincent and Wales, but thanks to the Gluttony energy I can still use those energies as needed. The being known as Lust was artificially created- made only for the purpose of containing the Lust energy.

Thanks to how my energy is spread among different people, I cannot die until they are all killed, or my eyes expire.

If my eyes are destroyed, all those containing my energy will die as well, including Alex and Dante.

However, I’m going to have Gluttony implanted on all of the Family Heads and the King in WikiMedia.

When I succeed, I’ll destroy my eyes.

This will happen- everyone containing my energy, including them, will die. Killing an immortal gives their immortality to the person who killed them, and that immortality will revive me and all those with my energies. Immortality cannot be granted to the same person twice- if it is, they will simply die.

With this plan, I will kill the King and break the curse.

My name isn’t actually Ruin, by the way. It’s Cecil. Cecil Hector Cynd.

Ruin was the name I took in reference to what I’ve bought upon my family.

But I’m not bringing ruin to my family.

I’m bringing Ruin to WikiMedia.