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The Resolutions of 132/30 - Mastery

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Chapter Thirty


Tabuu’s Point of View.

Stooben and I exited the Wiki the following morning, joined also by Walkazo and Nalia.

We were walking down a foresty path on a windy morning, underneath the light blue, cloudless sky.

Walkazo was explaining her scythe’s powers to us- she had finally awoken Pantaro’s abilities.

“Pantaro is a hawk,” she explained, “black body, blood-red talons. His abilities are all based on wind manipulation- solidifying it and using it as a weapon, creating great gusts, strengthening wind magic techniques, and even flight!”

She was pretty excited about the whole thing.

“You know,” Nalia said, “we all already have the necessary power to fly by ourselves.”

“I know,” she said, “but using Pantaro is different. It takes no power, no effort. No matter how fast, how slow you go, no energy is used, and it’s much more accurate then how we normally do it.”

(A./N. The “normal” way to fly in Resolutions is to concentrate your power near where you want to take off then kind of detonate it. The way to gain traction in midair is concentrating at a point of great air friction, and finally, simply walking on air is just solidifying it around your feet. I know, you’re screaming “Godmod!” but it’s my story, bitch.)

Now that I thought about it, flight like that sounded pretty cool.

Nalia was about to respond, but then a white portal opened in front of us and somebody stepped out of it.

I conjured Golden Fang immediately, and looking to my side, my allies had conjured or prepared their weapons as well.


Alex’s Point of View.

I was eight years old, living with my mother inside of the MarioWiki. My mother was a white mage, and she had recently started teaching me magic techniques. She’d been considered for Sysop, but she declined. She wasn’t interested in fighting.

She’d made me a small wooden staff for casting spells, which, according to her, I really had a talent for.

As fate would dictate, we ended up living in an apartment complex in a room beside a young girl my age who was also a magic user. Her name was Walkazo Ventus. Yes, I know, weird name. When we met, she actually remarked on our last names- mine’s Windia, by the way- and how they’re both themed after, well, wind.

Later on in life, I would tell her I was more of a fire person.

Fine, she said, wind strengthens fire, right?

Since we met as little kids, we’ve basically been friends all our lives.

We would later meet up with a certain two nomads who would pass through MarioWiki occasionally- Christopher and his older brother made frequent appearances in our lives, and we befriended them pretty quickly. We went with them one time into the mountains in Wikia, where we found our scythes. Well, Walkazo found Pantaro in the surrounding forest, and I found Belial near the peak. Pantaro was a jet black hawk, with mastery over the skies, and Belial was a phoenix, an immortal bird coated in eternally burning flames. The two were a lethal team, and actually would’ve defeated Evoltsul when he sealed them if he hadn’t taken them on separately.

We were the two people from MarioWiki that became a part of the Reaper Council- and because we didn’t want all of the attention and preferred to work together, she took rank five and I took rank six.

And then...

After Alex and Walkazo’s encounter with Ruin and Wrath. (A./N. In chapter 16, “Blind”)

“Alex, your eye!”

There was blood pouring from the right side of my face and into my hand. I couldn’t see out of my right eye, either. Putting two and two together in my head, I was not at all surprised at what Walkazo said next.

“Your eye...it looks just like Ruin’s or Nalia’s...”

For the first time, I heard Ruin’s voice in my head and found I could converse with him mentally.

“I’ll be fine.”

I stood up, and Walkazo and I started walking back towards the base.

During the walk, I explained Ruin’s goals and his past. And then I stated my intentions to join him.

“...You’re allying yourself with our enemies?”

I could hear the disgust in her voice. I turned away from her, and I mentally prepared myself for what I was about to do.

I conjured Belial and slashed at her.

She blocked quickly, and leaped far back from me.

“What the hell are you doing!?” she demanded, holding out Pantaro at me.

Belial echoed her statement in my head, and he disappeared out of my hand in a blaze, burning my palm. I found I couldn’t conjure him again. He refused to take part in this.

“I’m not trying to kill you,” I said, conjuring one of Ruin’s long blades from my sleeve and holding it in the air, “but I need to put you out of commission for a while.”

I swung the blade at her, but she quickly cast a magical shield around her that I couldn’t break through. I charged up the blade with more energy and swung with more force, this time shattering the shield. She leaped out of the way and charged at me, and we began our battle.

I stuck to using the blade and she used physical combat as well as magic techniques- she was deadly skilled, but when she was about to cast a spell, I slashed Pantaro out of her hand and to the ground some distance away from her.

Before she could react, I used Thundara on her, stunning her and keeping her still.

I raised my blade, prepared to slash.

The battle was over, but I...

I couldn’t bring myself to hurt one of my best friends.

I dispelled the sword, and quickly cast Decelga, a low-level paralysis spell which would hold her just long enough for me to escape. It would hold her for about an hour- plenty of time to get away.

I turned my back on my friend, and said one last thing to her.

“I’m sorry... But this is just the path I have to take. I don’t want you or Tabuu or Stooben or anybody else to get hurt... So please, stay out of my-... our way.”

I leapt into the trees, and began rapidly jumping from branch to branch. I was getting as far away from her as I could.

With Ruin and the Cynds, I would stop the Council and the others from interfering. We would find and kill Evoltsul off for good (and Ruin also planned to take his eyes before we went to WikiMedia) while he was still in his seal, and we would go to WikiMedia and break the curse on the Cynds for good.

Maybe then, Nalia, Ruin, Wrath and Sloth could finally be a family again.

Maybe then, I wouldn’t have to worry about my friends being put in harm’s way by that son of a bitch again.

This is my resolution- I will protect the people I care about.

No matter what the cost may be.

Tabuu’s Point of View.

In his black robes once again, Alex stepped out of the portal, which promptly flickered out behind him.

“I...” he gulped, “I have reached Mastery. I am now returning to the Council.”

Walkazo clenched her jaw and remained silent. I was ecstatic to see my best friend again, but then I noticed something that was completely impossible to ignore.

“Dude...” I started, “what the fuck happened to your eye?”

He was about to respond, but then Nalia interrupted.

“You’ve been working with Ruin, haven’t you?”


Nalia indicated his eye.

“That’s a link with my brother, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Alex repeated.

“I knew it. Well, welcome back to the Council.”

“Thank you.”

Walkazo had turned, her blue hair hiding her face.

“Walkazo, I...”

She glared at him.

“Walkazo...” Alex said, “I’m sorry...”

Without warning, Walkazo slashed her scythe through the air, casting Decelga on Alex, which would keep him in place for about an hour.

Her anger subsided.

“It’s all right,” she said, “but I gotta pay you back for the hour I spent frozen in place like an idiot.”

Alex sighed, and we all walked past him, starting down the path.

He could catch up.

While we walked, Walkazo explained what had happened and why she didn’t expose him beforehand- neither Nalia or Stooben were angry with her, and I wasn’t either.

I could talk to Alex when he got out.

I know I’m ready for this.

I’m surrounded by my best friends, and a girl I love is waiting for my return. For my friends, for her, and for everyone else, I’ll become strong. I’ll fight alongside and protect the people I care about. I’ll follow Scarecrow’s spirit, and I’ll bring Willy back to the light.

These are my Resolutions.