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The Resolutions of 132/29 - The Gate

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Yet again, I couldn't come up with a theme for this one. I might add one later.

Season Finale

The Gate

Tabuu's Point of View.

I simply stood there.

The rain hadn't yet stopped, but the battle was long over. Evoltsul and the other trolls retreated, but Wales/Greed had been killed yet again. There had been many causalities, not to mention the amount of damages that had been done to people's houses and other buildings.

Grapes had come by to check on me, but I asked her for some time alone.

Porple and the others came back to the Wiki not too long after Evoltsul made his exit, having been alerted by Ruin.

All in all, things had completely gone to hell and I was as helpless as ever to do anything about it.

My hair and my clothes were soaked, and the water weighed me down. I looked at Scarecrow's body on the ground, bloody and unmoving. He had the nerve to die with a smile on his face. I couldn't bring myself to move from that point or speak- just stare at my dead friend's body and wonder at what point everything went completely wrong.

I looked at Murzon's mask.

It had suffered no severe damage at all, and the rain was even starting wash away the paint a little around the eyes.

It almost looked like he was crying.

I crouched down, and grabbed the mask.

“You should know something, shouldn't you?” I muttered, staring at the mask. I didn't expect it to come alive or anything, and it didn't. But in a way, I felt as if Murzon was staring back at me.

Put me on...

I blinked.

Am I hearing things?

No, I heard Cyria reply, That's him. It's Murzon. Let him in.

It didn't seem like the best idea, but I did as I was told, and put the mask on my face.

I was inside of my inner world, standing on the water yet again. Across from me stood Murzon. He was in his humanoid shadow body with his mask on his face.

“Thanks for letting me in.”

The mouth and the eyes on his mask moved like he was speaking, and he turned, taking in the sight of my inner world.

“Nice place you have here.” he said, putting a shadowy hand to where his chin would be, “I really appreciate the architecture.”

“Thank you, I suppose.”

“So, what do you want to know from me? All about Scarecrow's past? All about how he found Evoltsul in the desert? All about how he killed Scor-”

“Quiet. And wait, he found Evoltsul in the desert?”

“Let me give you a brief explanation. I begun my existence as a split personality in Scarecrow's head,” Murzon tapped his forehead, “and he and I kind of lived life in shifts. He was the dominant personality, and whenever he would go to sleep, I would wake and be in control of his body. During the day, he was Scarecrow. And during the night, he was me. His best friend is Willy on Wheels. Yes, I know, Willy is a troll. But he and Scarecrow were childhood friends before all that happened. So, Scarecrow was on his way through the Spam Desert to get to the Vault to visit Willy in Minimum Security, but we got lost. We saw a tent, and inside was Evoltsul. He identified himself as Max, so neither he or myself knew how he got there or what he was doing there. We somewhat befriended him, got him some water. He was in these chains all over, and the tent was filled with a bunch of tech and stuff. He had made a navigator thing, and he let us have it. However, he also took me out of Scarecrow, which put me into a mask.”

I nodded.

“Scarecrow got along with you just fine, but he felt that you were overconfident. So, after one of you and Scorpion's fights, he-”

“He took Scorpion to Max to teach me a lesson, right?”

“He didn't mean any serious harm. He just wanted to teach you to be a little less overconfident.”

“Evoltsul gave him a fucking Muramasa, man.”

“I'm well aware of that. We weren't aware of the effects of a Muramasa- Max had told us to leave the tent while he spoke to Scorpion alone.”

“I see. We both know what happened after all that, but what happened for Evoltsul to be freed?”

“Alright. We both went to Evoltsul after figuring out his identity. We intended to kill him. However, both Scorpion and Lust had followed us, and at this point the Muramasa had completely driven Scorpion past rationality. He intended on killing us and forcing Evoltsul to give him more power. Lust had tracked us, presumably to find out our location for Ruin. Scarecrow and I certainly couldn't take them both at once, and Evoltsul offered us the power to fight them both. The price was giving him control of us. With our new power, I was able to split from Scarecrow as long as I didn't stray too far, and I defeated Lust while he fought Scorpion. I turned away from Lust early, however, and Lust fired an incredibly powerful attack towards Scarecrow. Both Scarecrow and Scorpion dodged, but it hit...”


“Yes. The blast was powerful enough to break the seal. Lust died after the final attack, then Evoltsul killed Scorpion since Scarecrow retained enough control not to. He then took us to the Spam Vault, where he freed the trolls. Willy's one of the youngest and the strongest trolls out there, beaten only by Evoltsul himself. So Evoltsul had Scarecrow talk Willy into convincing the other trolls to fight for him, and since Willy was already the leader of the group, it was no problem at all. After we'd walked for some time and come within close enough distance to the MarioWiki, Evoltsul created a portal for mass transportation with these giant statue things, and that's how we got here.”

I sighed.

“So, Willy's out to kill me now...fuck.”

“Willy isn't your only problem. Evoltsul isn't too happy about the fact you're still alive.”

“Technically, he did kill me.” I shrugged. It wasn't that Evoltsul wasn't a force to be feared or anything, it was just that I was so used to him trying to kill me at this point that I wasn't bothered by it.

“Thanks for speaking to me, Murzon. But what're you going to do now that Scarecrow's gone?”

Murzon scowled, and crossed his arms. He was deep in thought, then I was suddenly surrounded by his shadows.

“Cyria!” I shouted.

“Don't worry.” Murzon said. The shadows wrapped around my body and lifted me into the air, and Murzon walked onto them, coming up to my level.

“In addition to the powers of The Golden Fang,” Murzon said, “I lend you my own. I figure you can set things right if you have some push in the right direction. I won't even require usage of your body or anything. The only price of the deal is that you continue Scarecrow's will and protect his friends, alright?”

He held out his hand.

I didn't see why not, so I grabbed it.

I reappeared in the physical world, and the rain had stopped. The mask fell from my face and shattered on the ground. What remained of it turned to dust, and dissolved into the air. Along with Golden Fang's presence, I could feel Murzon within me as well. I took a moment to stand and regain my composure and I lifted Scarecrow's body from the ground.

I intended to find a place for my friend to be buried.

I could worry about other things later.

Alex's Point of View.

Ruin had drawn a large circular blood seal from Wales', Lust's, Pride's, Sloth's, Wrath's, and his own blood on the ground.

We were in the ruins of the Church, the Reaper Council's old headquarters. In a ring around the ruins stood a large amount of the spirits that had once stayed in the sanctuary.

Ruin stood in the center of the circle and at the center of the blood seal, holding out his arms in a cross shape.

“I'm ready.” he said.

Inside of the circle was a triangle, and myself, Sloth, and Wrath stood at one of the three corners. In the center of the triangle and the blood seal was Ruin, and at the same time, we all fired different kinds of energy at him.

Sloth sent a large amount of light energy at Ruin, Wrath countered with dark energy, and I finished it off with what was basically elemental energy in it's purest form- from which fire, water, air, and earth could be formed.

A barrier around Ruin stopped the power from hitting him and caused it to circle around him rapidly, and he added his own life energy to the mix to control the other energies.

In sin we breed,
In sex we tie,
In life we love,
In death we lie,
From sin I spawn,
And life they gave,
I am a Cynd that wishes to,
Open The Gate,
To the heavens above,
And from heaven's divide,
I wish to split the sky,
Dark is not evil,
Light is not good,
And using this incantation,
I beg you, The Gate, to yield to me.”

Ruin recited the chant from memory, and held his palms skyward. He expelled the light and dark energy, and they fused, creating a large explosion. The smoke cleared quickly, revealing the large doorway that was The Gate to WikiMedia.

He concentrated the purified energy and his life energy, and formed them into an energy sphere. He held it in his right hand and over his head.

“Again!” he shouted.

We all fired our variations of energy into Ruin's sphere, where they battled one another for dominance.

Ruin held his right arm towards the gate and put both of his palms beside one another and outward.

Concentrating the energy greatly, he released it as a giant wave that fired into The Gate and forced it open, causing an explosion that could be heard for miles and a pulse of energy that could be felt all across the globe.

Ruin sighed, and fell to his hands and knees.

He was greatly exhausted from the energy he had put forth, and stayed in that position for a long while until his breathing steadied and he regained his stamina. He turned away from the gate, and nodded at Sloth and Wrath.

Melinda Cynd and her husband walked towards one another, and held out their arms, causing a large amount of Corpus, the mannequin soldiers that Walkazo and I had fought before, to rise up from the ground. They were clothed in white robes like the rest of us.

Ruin now addressed the spirits around us.

“I have done my fair share of evil,” he said, “and no matter what I do, I will never be able to redeem myself. Spirits, I ask this one last favor of you. You all mourn of the mad world we live in- the WikiMedians intend to come and make it far, far worse.. For the sake of your living families, comrades, descendants...please, come into these bodies we have made for you. They are immortal and allow a great boost of power to the user. We have created them for the purpose that you come into them and you use them. If the body is destroyed, you will not be- you will simply return to being a spirit. You all lost your lives because of the horrors of war and conflict. Yes, I am asking you to join another one with me. But not for a selfish purpose anymore. I'm not just doing this for the Cynds now. Because of my actions, because I killed Jimmy Wales Cynd, WikiMedia wants to destroy all of us. I don't want the others to be drawn into this conflict before they are ready- and you, the previous generation can help me protect them. If we can hold back the WikiMedians so they have a longer time to prepare, that would be great. If we can end the war before it comes home, that'll be even better.”

There was silence, and I saw the spirits converse with one another. One spirit in particular, however, came up to Ruin.

“Vincent,” Ruin said, “of course.”

He held out his arm, and in a blaze of white fire, a white standing coffin appeared. The lid fell open, and there was Vincent's original body, completely unharmed. The spirit walked into the body, and after a few moments, Vincent opened his eyes. The young man stepped out of the coffin, and looked at Ruin.

“Sorry about what happened when you bought me back as Pride.” he said, stretching.

“It wasn't your fault that your memories had been all addled. But you're back now.”

“Yeah,” he said, smirking, “and I'm surprised you've gotten to this point of our plan so quickly. But it isn't just for the 'fam anymore, is it? It's for the good of everybody.”

He summoned his blades, and sheathed them in scabbards on his waist.

“What about Envy and Gluttony, though?” he said.

Ruin indicated himself. “I've decided to keep those two within me in case things come to their worst.”

“I see.”

After some time, the other spirits joined with the Corpus, and then something happened.

The Corpus went from their mannequin-esque appearance to actually looking human. Hair grew from their heads, their skin colors changed, some gained or lost weight, became shorter or taller, and their eyes opened.

“It's like I have my body back again...” one of the males in the front muttered, looking at his arm and opening and closing his palm.

Each of them were able to conjure different weapons, and then Ruin stood in front of The Gate. The portal was a blinding light, and Ruin turned and looked back at all of them.

“Through this portal, the time it will take to make it to the other side will be many months. You will be walking through the dimensional void. We have plenty of rations and water, and if we ever run out of either, the dimensional void is comprised primarily of other worlds. We can freely go to them and take what we need and continue on. While we go through the void, you will all be trained the best we can before we go and begin our fight. WikiMedia isn't going to be here for another year, as my contact in WikiMedia has told me. I've shared this vital information with all of the major powers of the Wiki World, so they should be prepared in case we fail. You will find that you're far more powerful than you used to be. You're now capable of teleportation and opening a portal to the location you desire- for the rest of this week, you can all go to your families and friends and spend time with them. At the end of this period of time, we will all come back here, and we will begin our traveling. Before the year is over, we will march on WikiMedia!”

The immortal army cheered, and the rest of us shared a smile.

In one week, we would leave the Wiki World and get ready for war.

Well, I wouldn't.

I had to stay in the Wiki World to keep an eye on Tabuu and the others. I still had work here to do.

Especially concerning the Mastermind Troll.

Stooben's Point of View.

During the InterWikian meeting, Nalia discussed Evoltsul's plans and the events in the Vault. In addition, he spoke of WikiMedia's intentions- just as Ruin and his cronies crashed the party. It was not for the sake of an attack, though. He let us know that we had about one full year to prepare for the WikiMedian's attack, and that before that happened, he intended to open a gate to WikiMedia and attack them before they attacked us- at the best, winning the war and if not that, at least holding them back for some time.

He had no hostile intentions towards the rest of us anymore, and he was already preparing to leave for WikiMedia, since it would take a long time to make it without usage of their gate.

We had made it back to MarioWiki just after Evoltsul's retreat, and I immediately searched for Tabuu's power signature. He was fine- that was a relief. After using some healing to help out those who had been injured, I immediately came for him.

He was walking towards me across the street, holding Scarecrow's corpse in his arms.

“Hey.” he said.

I walked beside him, and put an arm on his shoulder.

“You alright? What happened?”

“I'll be okay. Let Cyria explain.”

A shard of Golden Fang appeared in the air between us, and I grabbed it. I heard Cyria's voice come on in my head, and he explained the matter with Scarecrow, Murzon, Evoltsul, and Willy.

“I see.”

The shard dissolved in my hand, and the connection with Cyria was broken.

“We have one year until WikiMedia comes, Chris.”


“We're going to have to put a stop to Evoltsul before that. There's no way in hell we can take both the trolls and WikiMedia on at once.”

He nodded.

“I want you to leave the Wiki with me.” I said.


“We're going to train for Evoltsul's return. I'm going to teach you some of my own techniques, and you're going to completely master Golden Fang. Cyria and I talked about this while you were...”

“While I was dead?”


“Alright,” Tabuu said, “I'll be happy to. First, I we need to take Scarecrow to Fantendo. He deserves a proper burial.”

Walkazo's Point of View.

During the fight, I had been occupied by a swarm of Willy's sockpuppets. The thing about sockpuppets is that they aren't a fraction as powerful that their owner is, but they're perfectly synchronized. What ever they hear or see, the others in the group and Willy himself hear and see as well. And when they use combination attacks, they're truly deadly.

Near the end of the battle, however, they simply retreated and I was left to help some of the younger users fend off the other trolls.

However, there was something strange about the whole thing.

As opposed to us pushing them back, they simply fled. It was as if they had come for something, and not finding it, they simply left.

And I was right. When Stooben and the others returned, he confirmed my suspicions. They had been led by Evoltsul and Willy, and had come in search of Porplemontage for some reason. Why they would be after Steve and then just leave instead of waiting a little longer for him was beyond me, but they had caused some damage in the small amount of time they had been here.

Once I made it back to my house early the next morning, I wanted to crash into my bed and just sleep.

However, Pantaro alerted me to a presence outside of the house just as the said person knocked on the door. I groaned and went back through the house and opened the door.

Standing there, hands in his robes, silhouetted by the moonlight, was Nalia Cynd.

He nodded at me.

“What're you doing here?” I asked.

“May I enter?”

“Sure, I don't see why not.”

He came into the house, and looked around.

“Nice place.” he muttered.

He walked towards the living room couch and sat down. I sat in a chair across from him, and leaned forward.

“So, what are you doing here?”

“I need you to come to Wikipedia with me.”


“You need to come to Wikipedia with Skell and I. You already know of what's going to go down in about a year. You have great skill, but you need to learn how to release Pantaro's power and completely master him before the WikiMedians arrive. Skell and Blusk are the only ones so far that have completely mastered their scythes, and so they're the best you can get for help. Blusk will train you, Skell can train me since he knows me best.”

“I'm a sysop. I have responsibilities here.”

“I've already spoken to Porplemontage about it. You don't have to come, but if you do, you won't be demoted and you're allowed to come back at any time. You need to at least learn your scythe's power before we go and fight Evoltsul.”

I couldn't see a way out of it, and he didn't mean any harm, so...

“Alright, I guess I'll come. When do you need me?”

“Take as long as you need to. Give me a call when you're ready.”

He stood, and dropped a card to the table.

I looked at it.

It had his name written on it with a PhD beside his name and his phone number underneath it.

“You aren't a doctor.”

“It helped me pick up chicks before I went all Steward.”

We shared a laugh.

He walked to the door and opened it, looking outside.

“The sun's going to rise soon,” he said, turning back at me, “you may as well get some sleep before that happens.”

He disappeared into the darkness, and my door was closed.

Willy's Point of View.

Evoltsul and I walked in front of the army of spammers behind us, and we had made it back to the Desert.

“Why're we going back to the Vault?” I asked.

“The Vault used to be an execution ground for criminals,” he said, “and there's plenty of untapped sources of power in the labyrinth. It used to be my own place of residence before the conflict with Wales all those centuries ago. I can't break into my own house, can I? We're taking the Vault back. Next year, the WikiMedians are going to come. Before that happens, we're taking the Wiki World as our own, and we're going to use that power to take WikiMedia as well. From WikiMedia is access to even more worlds, and they will be ours as well.”

“What's your motive?” I asked.

His eyes glinted. “That's personal. You just follow Scarecrow's will.”

I clenched my jaw. “What happened to him?”

“He was killed in the battle,” Evoltsul responded, his face betraying no emotion, “by a certain Tabuu.”

I felt my anger build up within me.

“Tell me more about this Tabuu person.”

“He's a member of the Reaper Council. He's strong, as you can tell from him beating Scarecrow. He doesn't stand a chance against me, so don't worry about it.”

“I want to fight him.”

“What's that?” Evoltsul turned back to me, and I thought I saw his eyes shine red for a moment.

“I want to avenge Scarecrow.”

Evoltsul smiled.

“Good. You have your motive now, don't you?”

He turned away, and we were almost at the Vault's entrance.

“Yeah,” I said, scowling, “I suppose I do.”

Tabuu's Point of View, One Week Later.

It was late at night, and Stooben said we would leave first thing tomorrow.

Grapes and I walked the sidewalk underneath the night sky of MarioWiki, my arm wrapped around her waist.

“I'm going to miss you.” I muttered.

“You're always gone, don't worry about it.”

An idea came into my head, and I handed Grapes a shard of Golden Fang.

“What's this for?” she asked, holding it in her hand.

“It's a link with me.” I said, “Just close your eyes and open your mind, and at any time you'll be able to speak with me.”

“We could just use a cell phone, you know...”

“I like unconventional methods.”

She chuckled, and pocketed the shard.

We walked like that for a long time. I wasn't sure what to say to her, but I did repeat a bunch of “I love you”s and the such during the time.

“Ya want me to walk you home?” I offered.

“No,” she said, “I want to stay at your place for the night.”

I felt that awkward feeling you get when you're feeling shy. I'm not going to say “butterflies in my stomach” because that's overused and makes no sense at all. Yes, I know it's an expression. I just don't like using it.

“You're taking Alex's bed?” I asked as we came to my apartment door, and I dug in the pockets of my robes for my keys.

“No,” she replied as we walked inside, “I'm taking yours.”


And no, nothing sexual happened. Christ, I hate it when people ask me that. What else do you want to know about my life? That I write stupid stories on the computer in my apartment? I have a life, dammit. And I'm not going to tell you every detail about it.

Except for this.

You should always enjoy what you have, even if you feel it's more than you deserve or you feel you're being left out. Don't fret over what's about to happen soon, and don't let the past get you down, either. Look to the future with your head held high, and enjoy what you have now. Whether it's a romantic partner, a good friend, or a good smoke, it's best to look to the future with optimism.

Yeah, the end of the world as you know it may very well be on the horizon.

But trust me- you'll be fine.