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The Resolutions of 132/28 - Pendulum (Part Two)

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Yet again, I couldn't come up with a theme for this one. I might add one later.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Let's Turn Back The Pendulum (Part Two)

Junemarie Blusk’s Point of View

I wasn’t even seven years old when it happened.

I lived in Wikia with my father and mother.

My father was a man of confidence. He was a renowned businessman and philanthropist, and worked tirelessly to help people in bad situations.

My mother was a strong woman, but she was very kind. She was a supporter to my father’s cause, and she would help him every step of the way.

My father’s hair was a sharp black like my own, versus my mother’s bright red. He had blue eyes in contrast to my mother’s brown, and his face was soft, while my mother’s was sharp and angular. My mother’s eyes were more prone to squinting, and my father always had this wide-eyed expression. I had my father’s hair color, but like my mother’s, it ran down my back, as opposed to sticking up in spikes. I also had my father’s eyes, but the rest of my features were from my mother.

We lived in a decent house, and my parents went out of their way to make sure I was spoiled and happy as a child.

One day, my father came home wielding a large black scythe. He didn’t explain to me or my mother what it was- he simply retreated to his study and for days on end, he would study it. Two days before my seventh birthday, he called me inside.

“Yes, Dad?”

He smiled at me, and laid the scythe in his lap, turning his chair to face me.

“Touch it.”

I looked up at him.


“Just touch it. I think you’ll find it interesting.”

I wasn’t so sure about it, but he didn’t seem to have any negative intentions, so I reached out and grasped the weapon in my right hand.

There was a flash, and I appeared on a dirt road deep inside of a forest. My father was nowhere in sight, and I was completely alone. The trees- and, well, everything- were in monochrome colors. In the distance, a crescent moon hung in the night sky, twisted into a shape that resembled a smile.

For some reason, though, I wasn’t scared.


I heard a hiss, and a large white snake slithered from the forest, and stared at me with its black eyes.

My name is Miero.


I could’ve sworn that I heard that snake talk just now. Is this some kind of dream?

No, it isn’t. The scythe you just grabbed- I am Miero, the great Snake. I am the strongest of the Great Twenty Beasts, and I consider you worthy of wielding me. From today onward, you and I are deeply bonded. I will always stay by your side, and I will never let any harm befall you.

I was confused, but I relaxed myself and walked over to the snake. I crouched down and set my palm over his head, and began to stroke him.

...What are you doing?

“I’m petting you, silly.”

I’m not some kind of domestica- on second thought, keep doing that...

Miero closed his eyes and leaned into my touch.

“So, where am I?”

Miero opened his serpentine eyes and stared at me. “This is your inner world. I...kind of changed it a little, though. Like, the moon and the color scheme...

“Naw, it’s cool. I like it.”

...You’re taking this surprisingly well.

“I’m already speaking with a talking snake in a black-and-white world. I figure you’re telling the truth.”

...For a kid, you act way older than I expected. I was...I dunno, I thought you’d be freaking out a bit more?

“I’m smarter than your average kid.”

Heh. I suppose that’s good. I’m glad I talked to your father.

“Is that what he’s been doing for these past few days?”

Yes. I’m very knowledgeable, and I helped him in anyway I could. He’s a good man. But too old to bond with me. So, I discussed things with him...and now you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.

“That isn’t so bad.”

I smiled, and sat down on the ground. I crossed my legs, and continued playing with the white snake. At first, he didn’t feel like cooperating, but eventually he gave in and played along with me.

“So, not that I don’t like hanging out with you or anything...but when can I get out of here?”

Anytime you like. Just call for me whenever you want to come back in.

“How do I do that?”

Just talk in your head for me. I’ll take you in here whenever you want.

“Alright, I guess I’ll go.”

I closed my eyes, and I was back inside of my dad’s study, standing and holding Miero in my hand.

“How did it go?” he smiled at me.


I lifted the scythe with both of my hands, and found it incredibly heavy.

In a flash, it was gone.

“Hey, what the-”

It’s alright. You can conjure me back at anytime. Like I said, just call for me.

“Okay.” I responded out loud.

“You go on to bed now, alright June?” my Dad ruffled my hair, “We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

I obeyed, and left his study. I walked upstairs and into my bedroom. I shut my door, didn’t bother to change my clothes, and got into my bed.

When I went to sleep, I found myself back in the inner world with Miero. Instead of a snake, he had taken on a different form- a man with long black hair that went down his back and face with pale skin. He was in black robes and a scythe like his physical manifestation rested on his shoulders. He was sitting on a tree stump.

Welcome to dream land,” he said, holding out his arms, “being stuck here with me!

I laughed, and walked over to him. We sat and talked for a long time.

He told me of his past, how he and others like him created the world we live in. About his family and friends who were snakes like him, about how life used to be.

“What happened to them? The other members of your tribe?”

His face darkened, and he was about to answer, but suddenly jumped.

Wake up. Now.” he commanded.

I obeyed, and opened my eyes in the real world. I got out of my bed, and looked around my darkened room.

I heard an earsplitting scream from downstairs that I recognized instantly.


I opened my door and ran down.

“Mom,” I shouted, “are you okay!?”

I stopped at the foot of the stairs.

My mother was laying in a puddle of blood on the floor in front of me. There were noises coming from the kitchen, and I thought I heard my dad in there. I immediately ran inside.

“Dad, what’s going o-”

I stopped.

A man I didn’t recognize was standing in the kitchen, holding a gun towards my father. He was wearing a black ski mask and was in a black tracksuit. My father had bullet wounds on his right shoulder and his stomach, and was leaning back against the sink. His eyes met mine, and I saw him mouth out the word “No”.

“Where the hell is my money, Blusk?”

The man in the ski mask hadn’t yet noticed me, too focused on tormenting my father. My father took glances at me and looked at the door, sending a distressed signal that was apparently telling me to run.

“L-look, I know I haven’t paid my debt to you yet, but I’m almost ther-”

Another bullet shot through my father’s leg.

“I know you have my fucking money, Blusk. Don’t make me kill you, too. Your wifey isn’t doing so well in there, you know. If you don’t hurry up, she might just die.”

My father sunk down to the floor.

“Please...I don’t have anything...”

The masked man wouldn’t have it. He lifted his gun and shot my father in the head.

During this whole process, I simply stood there. I was too scared to move, and there was too much happening for my young mind to process.

Then the murderer turned and saw me.

“Ah...” he said, looking down at me, “the bastard’s child...”

Don’t you DARE talk about him like that!

I heard Miero scream, and my vision began to fade. I stumbled around the floor for a few moments, unable to maintain my balance as flashes of black and white clouded my senses.

When I came to, I was on the floor, covered in blood.

It wasn’t mine.

By the time the Wikian Police Force had made it to the house, my mother and father were already dead. And the man who had killed them was mangled beyond recognition.

I had done it.

Not even seven years old, and I’d already killed a man.

When I was in foster care, they were scared to put me with the other kids because they thought I was dangerous. Until I was eighteen, I was raised in a house where everybody believed I was the worst kind of insane.

Maybe they were right.