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The Resolutions of 132/26 - Goodbye

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I don't want to break from your side...the falling ground screams "Goodbye"...

Serj Tankian - Goodbye

Tabuu’s Point of View.

It began to rain.

It poured heavily, soaking and weighing down my hair, watering out the puddle of Scarecrow’s blood on the ground.

He was badly injured, but not quite dead yet.

He pushed himself up, and stood, wobbling on his feet. Murzon’s mask was still intact, somehow, but it seemed like he had been subdued again. Blood and water were mixing in Scarecrow’s hair, running down his face. He stumbled towards me, still holding his blade.

“D-damn it, Tabuu...”

He almost fell forward, but stabbed his blade into the ground and used it to remain standing. He stared up at me, and the red glint in his eyes kept blinking on and off.

I walked towards him.

“Evoltsul has you under his control, correct?”


I frowned.

“I’ll kill you...” Scarecrow muttered, standing back up, “or you’ll kill me.”

“I don’t want to kill yo-”

“Shut up. This is war, you hear me? There is no ‘I don’t want to kill you’. It’s kill or be killed. I don’t want to kill you, but I don’t have a choice. Do you want to live, Reaper?” he advanced towards me, holding his blade out at me.


“Then show it. You wield one of the Great Twenty. You’re a necessity if we want to defeat Evoltsul. I’m just another soldier. Prepare you weapon. Come on.”

“You’re not just a soldier! You’re my friend!”

“I’m not your friend anymore. I’m your enemy. Now, enough talk. Fight me.”

He lunged forward, and I formed Golden Fang in my hand just in time to block his strike.

“Come on,” he shouted, twisting his blade and sending my weapon flying out of my hand, “you can do better than that!”

I summoned my scythe to my hand and blocked another blow.

“Stand tall! Hold your blade firmly, and don’t let go!” he pulled back and continued swinging at me, and I continued blocking as he pushed me further backward.

“But you have to do more than just defense! Come on, Tabuu, come on!”

He sliced me across the chest, and I screamed.

“You feel that pain? Take it. Take that pain and turn it into hatred. Take that hatred and use it!” he lunged forward and stabbed me through the stomach. I coughed, and blood poured out of my mouth and splattered to the watery ground. The rain was becoming even heavier (if that was possible), and it was causing me to lose blood faster. Scarecrow pressed his hand against my chest and pushed me backward, pulling out his blade from my flesh.

I felt my control slipping away.

Energy began to fill my body, and Golden Fang shattered, beginning to form an armor over my body. I felt a searing pain in my eyes, and a helm shaped like a wolf’s open maw formed over my face. More shards formed a spear which formed in my right hand, and I realized now that neither Cyria or myself were in control.

It was our combined instincts, an adrenaline rush turned up to eleven, the simple will to survive. My eyes locked onto Scarecrows, and he smiled grimly.

“I suppose this is it.” he said, holding out his blade, “Come, Tabuu. Let’s put an end to this.”

I roared, and lunged for him, wishing the whole time that I could put a stop to what was happening.

But I knew I couldn't.

Chapter Twenty-Six


Scarecrow’s Point of View.

I smiled grimly.

Tabuu’s eyes had gone a shining red- not quite like the Cynds, but closer to the color of the energy that was released when he used Howl.

“I suppose this is it.” I said, holding out my blade, resigned to my fate, “Come, Tabuu. Let’s put an end to this.”

He roared and lunged at me, and I swiftly dodged to his left side.

“You can do better than that.” I slashed, cutting through his armor and his body, causing him to give a wolfish whine of pain.

He turned and stabbed his spear at me, and I blocked it, pushed it aside, and sliced for his chest. The armor here didn’t give in, and I jumped back, dodging his retaliatory strike. The spear disintegrated, and the shards formed into claws as he got onto all fours and a tail formed behind him, about as long as a wolf’s, but more characteristic with a scorpion’s. He howled, releasing a torrent of scarlet energy at me.

I charged my blade with dark energy, and with a few quick strokes, I cut down the wave before it could cause any harm to me.

He pounced towards me, and I lunged my sword for his chest. This time, the blade stabbed through and I kicked him back away, charging my blade with more dark energy and running towards him. He ducked and his tail stabbed forward, connecting with my chest and releasing a large amount of energy into me.

I screamed in agony and was blasted backward, sent flying into the air. He leaped upward towards me and howled again, releasing the energy at point blank range, acting before I could stop it.

There was an explosion, and I was sent back to the ground. I fell from the heavens, landing in a puddle of mud. I tried to pull myself up, but found that I didn’t have the strength anymore. The life was leaving my body already.

I allowed myself a smile.

Tabuu came back down, and the armor shattered. He had been fully healed, and he walked over to me, looking down at my broken body. Is that tears going down his face, or just water?

Where are my thoughts going?

He crouched down and grabbed my shoulders.

“Damnit, Scarecrow! Don’t you fucking die on me now!”

Definitely tears.

“Good job, Tabuu...”

“Don’t...don’t do this to me, Scarecrow...”

I smiled weakly.

“Sorry, Tabuu...”

I began to let my eyelids fall.

“No! Don’t die on me, Scarecrow! Don’t!”

I closed my eyes, and allowed myself a smile.


I took a final breath, and I was overcome with a feeling of inner peace. I suppose this is death, huh?

I guess it isn’t so bad...