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The Resolutions of 132/25 - Greed

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Akira Senju - Crisis In The North

Tabuu’s Point of View.

I did my best to alert everyone before it started.

I was too late.

In no time at all, the Front Gates were completely destroyed and the siege had begun. Already, trolls were burning down houses and battling inexperienced Sysops, Patrollers, and normal Users.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I ran towards a group of five trolls and prepared Golden Fang, getting him to dull my blade. There was no need for any casualties. They were all still in their Spam Vault outfits- typical black-and-white stripes. I leaped into the middle of the group.

“Nice night, eh?” I swung my dull scythe and knocked the legs out from underneath the one in front of me and knocked him out with another blow when he hit the ground. I ducked a punch from another one, grabbed his arm and threw him over my back, plowing him into one of his allies. I swung Golden Fang again, releasing a scarlet wave of energy at the two, sending them flying backward, slamming against the bricks of a house and landing on the ground, unconscious.

I continued fighting like this against more and more trolls, but the waves never stopped coming. They were seriously wearing me down.

“Stand back, boys.”

They stopped attacking me, and I fell to my knees. I looked up to the source of the voice.


“What the...!?”

“Didn’t you know?” he said, “I’ve changed sides.”

I screamed.

Murzon’s shadows stabbed through the palms of my hands and wrapped around them completely, lifting me into the air. Scarecrow was wearing the mask on the top of his head, and instead of the shadows completely covering his body, they were only on his back.

Scarecrow lifted me higher into the air, and stared up at me coldly.

“It’s such a shame,” he said, preparing hundreds more shadows to stab into me, “that you and Scorpion are both dying so close to one another.”

I stared into his eyes, and they glinted red.


I roared, releasing a pulse of energy from my body that broke my bonds. I fell to the ground, and looked at my hands. I focused on them, and forced some of Golden Fang’s power into healing them. My scythe came into my right hand, and I was filled with a new emotion for the battle.

Not fear.


Evoltsul’s Point of View.

I scowled when Willy informed me of the news. He had just returned from the search, and he said that Porplemontage had left just a small amount of time earlier. I didn’t shout or express my anger beyond my facial expression, and I turned around, beginning to walk away.

“Gather the troops,” I said, looking back, “we’ve no more reason to be here.”

“But MarioWiki has never been more defenseles-”

I interrupted. “I’m in no mood for slaughtering sheep. Now come on.”

“Funny. You used to enjoy doing that quite a bit.”

I turned.

Ruin was standing in the middle of the street some distance away from me, clapping slowly.

“You here to fight?”

“No,” Ruin said, “you aren’t worth the time or the effort. Instead, I’m just going to leave you with a friend. I have to go talk to my brother. Now, later. Play nice!”

I growled, and he disappeared in a blaze of white fire. The flames quickly extinguished, revealing a standing coffin of the same color. The lid of the coffin fell, and a man in white robes stepped out of it.

His eyes were closed and his face was bloody, but he wasn’t beyond recognition.

My brother opened his eyes and looked around, gathering information of his surroundings. His eyes found mine, and he stared.

“My name is Greed,” he said, conjuring his signature black blade, “and I’m here to take your life.”

Chapter Twenty-Five


Tabuu’s Point of View.

I swung my scythe at Scarecrow, and he blocked it with a shadowy blade. I growled and pulled back for just a moment, swinging again and again and again, breaking through his guard and cutting him across the chest.


He stumbled back, and the black shadows covered his wound for a moment, healing them.

I took a far leap backward, and tried my best to analyze the situation.

Alright. Scarecrow can attack with those tendrils. Long-range is out of question. Medium and close range are more effective, but he can heal much too quickly. If I take out Murzon, Scarecrow will have his healing abilities and long range attacks gone. That would help, I suppose, but Scarecrow can still fight on his own.

I smirked as an idea came to fruition in my head.

I shattered Golden Fang and reformed him into two swords, and blasted towards Scarecrow.

Concentrate. I dodged a small sharpened shadow as it shot past my right eye, and ran onward. Just think. I ducked as another one swung over my head. Don’t get distracted. I leaped over some that tried to burst out of the ground and impale me, and I continued onward. Scarecrow sent hundreds of weaker tendrils towards me, and I slashed them out of the way, finally in close range of him.

I charged both of my swords with Howl, and I stabbed them both for Scarecrow’s chest. The shadows quickly blocked and shattered my blades, and with a pulse of dark energy, I was blasted backward. I kept to the ground, using my feet to keep my traction, and when it stopped, I simply stood, staring at Scarecrow.

“Ready to die, Tabuu?”

More shadows emerged from the ground and pointed for me.

I walked forward at a slow pace.

“Right now, you have hundreds of thousands of shards of Golden Fang in the air around you and in the ground below you,” I said, waving my arms around to indicate said places, “and in precisely five seconds, they will all explode with the force of a TNT explosive. Each. You have two choices.”

I put my finger in the air. “One,” I said, “die.”

“Two,” I continued, “surrender. What’s it going to be, Scarecrow?”

He hissed at me and completely covered his body in Murzon’s shadows.

“Are you sure you don’t want to give up? Last chance.” I said.

“You can’t do anything to me. I’m completely protected from any outside attacks.”

“That’s the thing. I lied.”

At that exact moment, every single one of the shards that had been embedded within Scarecrow’s shadows exploded.

Evoltsul’s Point of View.

“Back off, Willy,” I said, conjuring my own blade, “he’s mine.”

Greed flashed towards me, and I blocked his strike. We both pulled back and kept swinging our swords at one another, going at it like a pair of matadors.

“You know brother,” I said, “it’s been a very long time since we’ve fought like this!”

“It has, I suppose.”

We began putting more force into our swings, charging energy into our swords and releasing waves when they clashed, destroying the concrete and buildings around us.

“What happened to you, Wales?”

“I have been reborn.” He said this just as I stabbed through his heart.

He didn’t even flinch.

“What the-” he was charging an Oscura beam, pointing his finger between my eyes.

“I can’t die twice, you know.”

He sent me flying backward, and I crashed into and through a stone wall. I picked myself up from the ground and brushed myself off, holding my blade at the ready as he approached. In exactly three seconds, I had leaped to my brother and dealt him exactly two hundred and fifty-six blows from my sword.

He blocked every single one of them, and responded in kind.

“Age hasn’t slowed you down one bit, eh?” I said as we parried, our swords clashing with each other repeatedly.

“I could say the same to you, Max.”

We both leaped backward and held our blades towards one another. My heart was pulsing in my chest, and my eyes were widened in excitement.

I felt alive again.

I twitched my hands, and wires shot from all directions around Greed. He flexed and released a quick pulse of energy, which disintegrated them. I ran for him again, charging an Oscura blast in my left hand.

Muramasa Oscura!”

I lunged for him, and pressed my hand against his body. I released the wave, and it exploded through his chest. Blood shot from his back and splattered all over my body. His eyes widened, and he fell backwards into a puddle of his blood.

“Think you can heal from that?”

I waited some time for a response, and then realized I wouldn’t get one.

I had just killed my brother.

And I laughed.