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The Resolutions of 132/24 - Before The Attack

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Akira Senju - Stepping Along

Tabuu’s Point of View.

When I got home that night, I was quite happy.

Grapes and I had went out on a date, and everything went quite well. She was fun to be around, liked many things I also enjoyed, and had the greatest personality. She also had a bit of a taste for sarcasm, but so do I, so it wasn’t a problem. So, I opened my apartment door, expecting to fall to my bed and go to sleep.

Instead, there was a figure in white robes standing in the corner of the room, arms crossed, leaning against the wall.

It was Ruin.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Before The Attack

Evoltsul’s Point of View.

Scarecrow and I walked across the Spam Desert, a small army of the world’s deadliest trolls walking behind us. They were still in their Spam Vault outfits, but it was no matter. I restored their weapons to them, and even had one valuable troll in particular.

Willy on Wheels had a very light tan, blonde hair, and black eyes. He walked right beside Scarecrow. Whenever Willy was around, since he was Scarecrow’s friend, I allowed Scarecrow full control of himself, but he wasn’t able to tell Willy that he was under my control. Willy was quite young, but he was powerful enough to subdue even the most hardened trolls in the Vault, and had become their leader while inside. Since Scarecrow and he were such great friends, Scarecrow let him know of my cause and they were joined and riled up in no time.

Finally, we made it within range of opening the portal. I put my hand up, causing the army to stop in their tracks. I raised both of my palms skyward, and then it happened. Two giant flaming Oni statues appeared, one wielding a sword and the other wielding a shield. The one with the blade was made of black fire, and the one with the shield was made from white flames. The shield Oni set his shield on the ground, and the sword Oni stabbed his sword through the center of the shield.

The two Oni backed from the two weapons and got on all fours, opening their mouths and breathing fire from their bodies at the blade and the shield. The flames finally fused and created a blood-red portal on the shield. The black Oni pulled his blade out of the shield and the white Oni lifted the shield up, holding it on it’s side and stabbing it into the ground.

“My brothers, MarioWiki beckons.”

The two Oni disappeared with their weapons, leaving the portal independent of the shield, floating in midair.

I stepped through the portal and laughed.

I suppose I should have a conversation with my old pal.


Tabuu’s Point of View.

“What do you want, Ruin?”

His red eyes bored into mine.

“MarioWiki is about to be attacked.”

“...Why didn’t you tell the ‘Crats or something?”

“Who am I, again?”


I stood up, conjured Golden Fang, and began walking back out of the apartment.

“It’s no use, anyways. You were out too long, and the ‘Crats the others already went to Wikipedia with Skell’s help.”

“...You’re telling me that the MarioWiki is basically defenseless right now!?”

Ruin nodded.

“Are you going to help me,” I began walking to the door, “or not?”

I turned around, and Ruin was already gone.