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The Resolutions of 132/23 - The Metro 2

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System of a Down - The Metro

Chapter Twenty-Two

The Metro 2: BLIND But BLEED Mix

Alex’s Point of View.

I couldn’t use my scythe, since the others would sense me and pinpoint my location. Instead, I conjured one of Ruin’s blades from my sleeve and blocked a tendril of dark energy that had shot at my chest. I pushed Scarecrow back, into the aisle, and he sent multiple tendrils of dark energy at me. There was a sharp pain in my eye, and I heard Ruin’s voice in my head.

I’ll help.

Spears of light appeared in the air, and they blocked out Scarecrow’s darkness-based attack.

The passengers on the train were in a panic, and I shouted out to them.

“Move to the front of the train, now!”

They immediately did so, and Scarecrow smirked. He was wearing Murzon’s mask on half of his face, the dark substance coming from the mask and covering his back, emerging in dark sharpened tentacle-like appendages.

“Well, well,” Murzon cackled, “it looks like we found our missing friend!”

I scowled, and leaped back from Scarecrow. The tendrils of shadow immediately shot for me, and I charged fire energy into Ruin’s blade, slashing at the tendrils and cutting them down. I forward and slashed at Scarecrow, cutting the train car in two. He blocked the strike and leaped backwards, and the part of the train that he was on began to lag behind.

He leaped forward, creating a blade of shadow and slashing for my chest. I swiftly dodged the strike, and I stabbed my blade skyward.


I casted Thundaga on Scarecrow, momentarily stunning him. I used the opportunity to stab for his chest, but he came out of it quick enough to dodge. He swiftly cut open my midsection, stepped back, then lunged forward to stab through my heart.

I blocked the strike by conjuring another one of Ruin’s blades and using them in an X shape to stop his fatal blow.

Ruin’s voice came again.

Need some more help?

There was another jolt of pain from my right eye, and I saw spears of light appear just outside of the train. Scarecrow didn’t seem to notice them. They all pointed and locked onto him, and I leaped backwards as they shot through the trains walls and windows, straight for him.


The spears didn’t do any fatal damage, but they all pierced Scarecrow’s body, keeping him in place for just a moment. This time, I acted faster and slashed him in the chest, sending him flying out of the train car and onto the tracks. I casted Firaga, creating a barrier of flame to stop him from pursuing.

I sat back down and sighed. The back of the train car was a gaping hole, and the other cars had been left behind a long time ago. I watched as the train continued, leaving the wall of flame I had created in the distance until I could no longer see it. Once we were close to the next station, I jumped out of the train and landed beside the tracks. From there, I made it out just fine and abandoned the robes, finding them much too conspicuous.

Using the money Grapes had lent me, I bought a cheap hoodie from a bargain bin, and wore that with the hood on to cover the right side of my face. I walked to the surface, emerging inside of Wikipedia. I stared up at the capital building, and I sensed both Tabuu and Nalia up there. Deciding that now wasn’t the best time to bother them, I simply kept walking, deep in thought of how me and Ruin’s plans would turn out.

Hopefully we would reach the desired conclusion.

Tabuu’s Point of View.

For a moment, I felt a familiar presence. I looked down at the pavement below, and saw nobody I recognized. The feeling of familiarity was gone, and then I walked back to join Nalia.

“I’m going to go alert MarioWiki,” I said, “and I suppose you can cover the rest, Mister Steward.”

“No need to worry. I’ll call for an InterWiki Meeting. I’ll make sure the Council handles quick transportation for the other Stewards and Bureaucrats.”

I nodded, and teleported away.

I reappeared back in Alex and I’s shared apartment, and I fell into my bed. I simply laid there for some time, allowing my mind to catch up and process it all. The world was about to go to war with WikiMedia and the Trolls. It was hard enough when it was just Evoltsul by himself.

But things have changed. It isn’t just the Council against Evoltsul anymore.

All of the Wikis are in alliance against Evoltsul. It seems like Ruin and the others are helping in their own way from the shadows, as well. The Wikis, the Council, the Cynds.

Against Evoltsul, the Trolls, and WikiMedia.

This is going to be one hell of a war.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by a knock at my door. I stood from the bed and walked to the door. I opened it, and to my great surprise, there was Grapes.

“Hey, I-”

I slammed the door in her face, and pressed my back against it. At some point during this, my face went red in embarrassment, and I lost all train of thought.

Quick, think of something clever to say! Uh, um...

She knocked again.


I opened the door again, and put on a little smile, putting one of my hands behind my head. I closed my eyes in a wince.

“Sorry, I uh...tripped.”

I don’t need to live inside of your head to know you’re bullshitting.

Shut up, Cyria.

I opened my eyes.

Grapes was wearing a violet button-up shirt with a long skirt of a matching color. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she had one hand on her hip, staring into my eyes with her violet ones, reaching into my soul. Well, that’s what it felt like.

You really suck at expressions, Harper.

Shut the fuck up, Cyria!


“Hey, uh...” for the first time, I saw her look down and blush, “wouldyouliketogooutwithme?”


She sighed, and grabbed the collar of my robes, pulling my face to hers. She stared me in the eyes, and repeated herself slowly, enunciating each syllable with care.

“Would you like to go out with me?” she was blushing, and needless to say, so was I.

I had no idea where this was coming from, but I couldn’t say I didn’t like it. In response, I pressed my lips to hers, and for just that moment, I was higher than heaven.

I forgot about Alex going missing, I forgot about the WikiMedians and Evoltsul.

The only thing that existed in that moment was just her and myself, and it felt like it went on for a great while longer than it actually did. It wasn’t a smutty open mouth kiss, nor was it really all that passionate. It was simple and quick, just another way of saying “Yes”.

But it meant much more than that.

Author's Note: This chapter was produced in collaboration with Alex25 just like the previous one, and this process will like continue.