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The Resolutions of 132/21 - The Vault

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Serj Tankian - Yes, It's Genocide (I Want To Die For Your Fear)

Scorpion’s Point of View.

I ran at Evoltsul, and leaped, charging my Muramasa’s malevolent energy.

He stared with a look of mild surprise.

I lunged for his heart.

Then I saw them.

Black threads. Hundreds of thin black threads, extending from and shooting out of thin air. I glanced at Evoltsul’s hands, and saw the strings extending from his fingers and literally tearing into the seams of reality. My blade never found it’s mark.

My arm had been impaled by the strings.

More of the threads shot through my stomach, then my chest.

My legs and arms came next, and two stabbed through my neck. My feet and hands were impaled, and I was there, suspended in midair by his strings.


I felt another one stab through my heart, and my hand lost it’s grip on my blade, allowing the demon blade to fall to the desert floor.

I stared into Evoltsul’s red eyes. They showed no remorse, no conscience, and no mercy. He lifted my Muramasa from the ground.

“The thing about a Muramasa,” Evoltsul said, “is that they can’t be sated by anything but blood.”

He stabbed the blade through my ribs.

My vision was fading, and my blood was slowly being lost from the threads. The impalement by the blade sent it all over my body and splattering to the sand below.

I saw more threads appearing from all directions, and they glowed a dark purple.

“These will completely destroy your body. Sayonara, Scorpion.”

I closed my eyes.

Chapter Twenty-One

The Vault

Tabuu’s Point of View.

I sat the edge of the roof of Wikipedia’s Tallest Skyscraper beside Nalia, watching the sunset.

“What do we do...?” I muttered.

“He hasn’t attacked yet...I reckon we can take some time to think about all this...” the Steward muttered, setting his elbow on his leg and resting his chin on his palm.

“Sloth, Wrath, Evoltsul, and Ruin...” I muttered, “how the hell are we supposed to do this? This was worse than a few years ago...”

There was a chuckle from behind us. Nalia and I both turned.

Sloth stood there, in a white button-up shirt and blue jeans, with a black T shirt underneath.

“What do you want!?” Nalia spat, conjuring Celeste and holding it out at Sloth.

“Calm down, calm down,” he said, walking over to us and sitting beside Nalia, “I’m not here to fight.”

What the hell?

He sighed. “I’m not the best father to you, I know. But you need to know the truth.”


“Ruin didn’t kill your mother and I. Well, not on purpose. You see, when a Cynd enters one of the forms, it starts to drain away at their very life. The source of our power is our eyes, and when we go blind, we die very soon after that. To keep him alive, your mother and I needed to give him each one of our eyes. We’d never entered any of the forms before, so we thought it would be fine.”

Sloth gulped.

“It didn’t turn out quite as well as we planned. Ya see, when Ruin had gotten one from each of us and had just put the eyes in and we were about to put his in, we lost control. We each entered the first form for the first time, and we both tried to kill him. He didn’t mean to do it. He really didn’t. But he had extended his blades in an instant, and he’d killed us, just that quickly. Part of our consciousness remained in the eyes that were now his own, and he bought our bodies outside, burned down the house, and ran away.”

Nalia stared in shock, and Sloth continued.

“Eventually, he met up with your cousin, Vincent Cynd. Vincent had learned all about the Cynd’s family history, and he and Ruin began to plan things out. While Ruin was there, he became aware of our continued existence inside of him, and he went to the graveyard where we were buried. He took our bodies from the ground and bought life back to them, and he took what remained of us from himself as well as parts of his own soul, and we were alive again. He called me Sloth, and your mother Wrath.”

Sloth sighed.

“The process had rendered him near blind. He went back home to Vincent, and murdered him. He took his eyes, and revived his body as Pride. But something was wrong. Me and your Mother remembered our pasts clearly, but not Pride. For some reason, there were false memories in place of his real ones, and by the time you met him, he was completely delusional.”

“Why have you been attacking us?”

“We’ve been trying to severely injure, not kill. Ruin wants you out of commission so you won’t get in the way of what he’s planning.”

“What does he want to do?”

“He wants to open the Gate to WikiMedia.”

“...for what?”

“Have you ever wondered why our eyes are red?”

Scarecrow’s Point of View.

I was still firmly in Evoltsul’s control as we walked across the desert sands. Night had fallen, and we’d made it to the Spam Vault.

Evoltsul walked towards the front entrance of the Vault, and with a wave of his hand, the door exploded off of its hinges.

A screeching alarm went off all around the Vault, and a squadron of seven heavily armed guards came out of the entrance. They all pointed their guns at Evoltsul, and opened fire.

Not a single bullet connected.

He simply walked forward, and their bullets kept reflecting off an energy barrier he’d made around himself.

“Bullets aren’t working!” the apparent leader screamed, “Physical armaments, NOW! Do NOT let The Mastermind Troll into the VAULT!”

The squadron leader pulled out a sword, and ran at Evoltsul, brandishing the weapon. Evoltsul didn’t even bother himself, he just flicked his hand, and blood exploded from the dead man’s body. Evoltsul continued walking, right on past the mangled corpse. He conjured a single sword, and blocked the blow of another guard that had ran for him. One circled and attacked from behind, but he ducked and blocked that one’s blow as well. He leaped split-kicked both of the guards in the face, landing back on the ground and slicing open the chest of his first attacker. He spun and beheaded the one behind him, and leaped backwards, stabbing his blade behind him and impaling another advancing foe in the heart. He pulled out he blade and bought it back down, vertically bisecting another one.

Three remained, and they ran for him as well.

He threw his sword skyward, and lunged at the first with his bare hand, ripping out the man’s heart and crushing it in his fist. He kicked the standing corpse toward his comrades and caught his blade. It was glowing red, and I realized that it had been charging.

He slashed it an X shape in the air, creating golden energy waves which shot for the group of three men, severing completely through each one of them.

They were all dead.

His sword vanished in a dark haze, and he stepped into the doorway of the Vault.

He looked back at me.

“Come, Scarecrow.” he said. He smiled malevolently.

“We have work to do.”