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The Resolutions of 132/20 - Scorpions and Scarecrows 2: Lust

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Beginning of the "The Gate" Arc.
System of a Down - Marmalade

April 21st.
Two Months and Two Days

Chapter Twenty

Scorpions and Scarecrows 2: Lust

Scarecrow's Point of View.

Some weeks had passed since Wales had been killed.

I was in Max's tent in the middle of the Spam Desert, filling him in on all of the latest happenings around the world. He was surprised about Wales' death- seemed quite sad about it, actually.

And that's when it hit me- the stupid, obvious truth- hit me with the force of a goddamn sledgehammer.

“Old man...” I asked, reaching casually behind myself, “what were you called before you were sealed here?”

Max's eyes glinted.


“What's your last name?”


I grabbed my gun, and pulled it out, aiming it between his eyes.

“Evoltsul. I'm afraid I can't let you live.”

He didn't flinch.

“You do realize that killing me- if you could even do that- would accomplish nothing for you, correct? Don't you owe me?”

I sighed, and lowered my gun.

Evoltsul smirked.

“Thought so.”


I turned.

Scorpion had been hiding behind some of the tarp, and had fallen out of it.


“Back the fuck off!” He screamed, holding out his Muramasa at me.

“What the hell're you-”

“I won't let you tell them where Evoltsul is!”

“He's a wanted man!”

“He can give me more power!”

I came to yet another realization.

When I first bought Scorpion to Max, my plan was to use him to defeat Tabuu and knock his recklessness and cockiness out of him.

But instead, I created a monster.

“Do you need my help, Scarecrow?”

I turned to Evoltsul.

Suddenly, a spike of red and black energy stabbed through my midsection.

“If you desire more power,” Evoltsul said, “You must pledge yourself to me.”


Evoltsul smiled, and a tear of blood fell down his face as the energy spike dissolved into me.

I felt it.

The power- the overwhelming darkness clouding my soul.

I turned to Scorpion, leering at him.

I put Murzon's mask on my face, and a dark energy fully covered the left half my body, black tendrils of darkness spreading all around.

I adjusted the mask to the side, so it only covered the left side of my face.

Murzon cackled with glee.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

I couldn't help but bring myself to laugh, too.

Scorpion hadn't moved throughout the whole thing, a scowl on his face.

I held out my left arm (the one covered in the armor of dark energy), and sent a black energy beam at Scorpion. He quickly slashed it aside, sending it at the roof of the tent, which promptly disintegrated the entire tent, creating a ring of black fire around the perimeter where it had once been.

“We got company.” Murzon said, sending out a shadow through the black fire, making it where I could see outside of the ring of fire.

It was Lust again, walking across the sand. He's found us, and Evoltsul.

“You handle that thing,” I said, “I'll take Scorpion.”

The armor of dark energy slid off my body, and Murzon's mask joined it, forming a humanoid shape with the mask as the face.

Murzon laughed maniacally, and leaped outside of the flaming circle, leaving me with Scorpion and Evoltsul. I pulled out my katana, and held it at Scorpion.

“It's time to close the curtain.”

Nalia's Point of View.

I stood in front of a massive crowd of people as the ceremony began.

The Admins of Wikipedia and myself stood on a large stage in the middle of the Main Square.

I won't bore you with the details, I suppose.

In my Uncle's Will, he left a single successor in the case that he died.

A ceremonial WikiMedian robe was put on my shoulders.

Guess who?

Murzon's Point of View.

I laughed madly, sending a sharp tendril through Lust's chest, impaling it and lifting it into the air.

“Is that really all you got?” I said, suddenly calming.

Lust pulled me out of it's chest with its gauntlets, and charged at me, slashing more tendrils aside with its gauntleted hands. I dodged as it's right hand shot for my mask, and, and countered by turning my arm into a blade and slashing for Lust's head. Lust stopped it with its left gauntlet, and slashed with its other.

A shadow wrapped around Lust's right arm, and constricted.

Something broke.

Lust screamed in agony, and another shadow covered its left arm, destroying it as well.

I chuckled.

How pathetic.

“Don't- please-”

I impaled Lust through the chest with my right arm, and lifted the creature into the air.

I formed hundreds of tentacle-like appendages, which burst from my back and all pointed at my opponent.

The points turned razor-sharp, and shot forward, impaling Lust from approximately twenty-six different angles at once.

Blood splattered the desert floor, and I withdrew from the mangled and mutilated body, turning and walking away to rejoin with Scarecrow.


Lust roared, releasing a giant ball of light energy at the wall of black fire, going through it and flying at Scarecrow and Scorpion.

Damnit, I forgot how quickly Cynds could heal!

SCARECROW!” I shouted.

He and Scorpion leaped out of the way, and the blast went straight at the chained Evoltsul.

There was a massive explosion, and a blinding light.

Tabuu's Point of View.

We all felt it.

Ruin and the other Cynds, Nalia and the Wikipedians, Stooben and the Reapers, and everyone else on the goddamn continent felt the massive release.

It was beyond the Great Twenty, beyond Ruin's released form, beyond any fathomable power we had seen in years.

But it, along with it's owner, was finally back, in full force.

Evoltsul's seal had been broken.

April 21st.