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The Resolutions of 132/1 - Mesmerize

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Chapter One


I had a dream that night.

I was walking along an ocean shore, and the only light source was the moon, reflecting its pale light from the water. I was barefoot, walking on the coast, and in the black, hooded robes Alex had given to me. But my body felt...different, somehow.


I turned to the source of the voice- a man in attire similar to mine, standing on the beach some yards away from me. I couldn't see his face, and I didn't recognize his voice; yet, I responded.

"What is it, Nalia?" I said. If I had control of my body, I would have blinked. But, I didn't. Everything was happening like a recording- all I could do was watch from this man- this Christopher's- eyes.

"I know what you're going to do." Nalia said, holding out his right hand. Suddenly, a celestial blue scythe materialized inside of his palm, and he grasped it firmly.

"And what are you gonna do about it? Strike me down?"

"Christopher, are you out of your mind!? Taking him on by yourself is suicide!" Nalia shouted.

I laughed.

"Don't you think I know that? One life for hundreds, maybe millions. I don't see the problem with the exchange."

"Christopher, you're being very noble, but-"

"But what?" I interrupted, "I'm tired of waiting, and you know I'm not very patient. Evoltsul has already slaughtered many people, and I'm not going to let him continue for our goddamn first rank! We made the Council to kill him! And now you're telling me not to!? Make a fucking decision, Cynd!"

"Christopher, I want him dead just as much as you do, but this isn't the right way to go about it! Going now, by yourself, before we're all ready, is a death wish! What will it take for me to get that through your thick skull!?"

"Sorry, Nalia. But I intend to kill him, and I'm not going to let you or anybody else stop me..."

I held out my hand, and as Nalia's scythe appeared in his hand, my own came into mine. It was a brilliant gold, all over, not to mention deadly sharp.

A cold breeze came, and Nalia's hood fell back. His skin was unnaturally dark, his pupils were red, and his eye whites were black. He had long, bleached-white hair going down his face and back, and two small fangs poked out of his mouth.

"If that's how it is..."

He dashed towards me, and swung his scythe for my face. I stepped back, spun under the blade, and kicked his feet out from under him, slashing at him as he fell to the ground. He kicked back my scythe, and quickly hopped back up, grasping his weapon with both hands and swung where I had been just a second previously. I leaped backward, jumping onto the water, and standing on it's surface. He dashed after me, splashing water all around, and then I did something rather peculiar.

I held onto my scythe in a backwards position as it vibrated at a high frequency, a blood-red energy beginning to emanate from it. When Nalia was immediately in front of me, I stopped the charge and lifted it upward in a crescent shape, releasing an energy wave at point-blank at my foe.

His red eyes widened, and he was blasted skyward as the energy wave continued to the shore, slicing the water apart, sending large waves in either direction. When it came to the shore, it exploded, sending tiny bits of sediment and water in all directions. Nalia gained traction in midair, and blasted back at me.

I smirked, and leaped backwards.

Nalia blasted into the water like a missile.

It was taking a long time for him to come up.

I looked down and around me, but I couldn't see down into the water- it was simply too dark.

And then he came out of the water, directly in front of me, grasping a large sphere of what looked like darkness in his hand.


Christopher! I heard an unfamiliar voice in my head, and held my scythe out to block Nalia's blow.

My eyes widened as I was blasted away from the shoreline, moving faster than an average speedboat on the surface of the ocean. My heels skidded across the water's surface, I managed to gain traction atop the water, but then Nalia was beside me, and he slashed.

His blade ripped through my shoulder, sending scarlet blood to the water below. His eyes widened, and he hesitated to attack again.

Which I took advantage of, pulling back my scythe, then damn near cutting him in half. He screamed, and fell back, landing on the surface of the sea. He floated, and his eyes flickered as he desperately tried to keep them open. His blood stained the water, and I reached down, lifting him up. He was helpless. I teleported to the shore and gently set him down. He was still giving slow, labored breaths. I made it to the sand, and set him down. I glanced at his wounds- and his body was putting itself back together.

No, seriously. His wound was healing- his body was stitching itself back together, reproducing blood and internal organs and stopping further bloodshed. I had never seen anything like it, but apparently Christopher had, because he didn't pay it much mind.


I looked down at Nalia.

"I'm going. And there's nothing you can do about it."

I turned around, and began to walk away. I waved my hand, and a dark portal appeared right in front of the water.


I turned around.

"Promise me..." Nalia said, wincing as he pulled himself into a sitting position, but promptly falling back down.

"Promise you what?" I asked.

"Promise me...that you'll come back alive..."

I grinned, and put my right hand into a V.

"I'll be back, buddy, Just wait for me..." I turned around, and began stepped a foot into the portal.

"V," I said, "for Victory!"

The dream ended, and I awoke with a scream. Alex quickly got up.

"You okay, Tabuu?" he asked, running over to me from his bed on the other side of the room.

"Yeah...I just...had...a weird dream..." I muttered, putting my head in my hands.

"Dream? What happened in it?"

I thought long and hard for a moment. And then a realization came to me.

"I don't remember..."

A./N. So that you know, Tabuu's dream was somebody else's memories- Christopher's, who he is a reincarnation of, but just doesn't know it yet. Also, I can tell that this story is beginning to get a bit self-centered, but don't worry, I'm not going to make this all about myself. My avatar may be the main character, but this is not going to be a narcissistic little rant. I just have to get his characterization out of the way, and then I can move on to other people's. If anybody wants to sign up, PM me on the XB or on Userpedia, or just ask on the Talk page of this story. Now, you signing up does NOT guarantee you a starring role, or even a cameo- I can't work with so much characters at once, and at a certain point, I'll stop accepting suggestions for sign-ups, period. I can only handle so much people at a time before I get overloaded on characters, and it just becomes a chore to write. But, yeah.

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