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The Resolutions of 132/19 - Elect The Dead

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Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead

April 7th.
Two Months and Twenty-Three Days

Ruin's Point of View.

My Uncle and I stood on the roof of the Wikipedia Capital Building.

It was early morning, the faintest twinges of sun creeping into the sky.

My vision was already fading, so I needed to be quick.

"I'm going to kill you. You've lived for a good couple of centuries- the immortal, pure-blooded Cynd. Well, immortal is really pushing it, isn't it? Death comes for us all. And you are no exception."

Wales laughed.

"Please, Ruin," he chuckled, "You may be, in fact, one of the most powerful members of our bloodline, but you don't stand a chance in hell against me."

"That's what you think, isn't it?" I levitated several feet into the air, and flexed my body into a cross shape, "I've reached a power beyond either you or your brother!"

"Really, now?" Wales sneered.

I concentrated.

Two great, white, bloodstained feathery wings burst from my back, a golden halo appeared above my head, and fangs shot from my mouth. All of my power came to the surface, including some reserves I didn't even know existed.

It began to rain blood, which hit the ground and instantly evaporated.

I conjured both of my blades and set foot on the ground, a couple of feathers falling and marking my descent.

"You're trying to put an end to your own family!?" Wales screamed.

"No," I responded, preparing my blades, "just you."

Season Finale

Elect The Dead

Wales conjured a single jet-black katana. It had a blood red version of the Cynd family crest (a broken halo laying on the ground) on the base of the blade. It had been passed down for generations. Black fire blazed from the sword, and then he ran for me.

I slashed for his head, and he ducked, leaping into the air towards me.

I moved swiftly, dodging his attack as he stabbed into the ground, and stabbed for his back.

He held his katana with both hands and blocked it with his back turned. He smirked at me, and slashed my blade away, sending a torrent of black fire at me.

I dodged it, and held out my palm towards him.

"Archangel Art!" I shouted, "Bloody Light!"

Hundreds of blades appeared, made of light energy and suspended in midair. They all pointed and locked onto Wales, and shot straight for him, leaving a red trail in the air.

He screamed, releasing a spherical barrier of black fire all around him.

The fire cancelled out the blades, and the barrier exploded, sending projectiles of black fire all around the roof.

In the transformation state, everything seemed slowed down, and at the same time, I was even faster, yet it took some concentration and good manuevers to get out of the way of the fire. I flapped my wings, going high into the air above Wikipedia's tallest skyscraper. I held out both of my hands, and charged what was basically my ultimate attack.

"Archangel's Art!" I screamed, "Armageddon!"

Spears of light fused with the showers of blood, and into a giant sphere of energy, which I held over my head in my right hand.

Wales' eyes widened.

"The Cynds..." I said, "Are well known for their affinity with darkness-based attacks. We were the Dark Knights of the WikiMedia realm. But did you know..."

I charged the sphere.

"Did you know, that we were originally meant to be Paladins? Not cursed, not evil. Good. What made our family like this, then?"

"What the hell are you talking about!?" My uncle screamed up at me.

"Our red eyes are a curse, not a blessing. When one of our paladins, nearly a millenia ago, killed a relative of the WikiMedian King, a curse was placed on us all, making it where it was impossible to reach our true powers. Cursing us, our lovers and our children with these damn red eyes, and even a lock on our abilities- the closer we came to our true selves, the closer we also came to death!"

Wales stared in shock.

"But there's a way to circumvent it. Take the eyes of your kin. You'd know about stealing eyes, wouldn't you? You killed your sister for hers', and Evoltsul killed your father for his! It's a nice, fucked-up family tradition! Take one another's eyes for power!" I screamed, "Well, this is the end of it! I'm going to open a gate to WikiMedia with your blood, and I'm going to fucking kill them all! In your final moments, behold the true form of the Cynds!"

I threw the sphere at him.

He tried.

He really did.

He tried to hold back the sphere with his hands, but it was futile.

It was the equivalent of holding back the sun, and even for him, it was impossible.

His feet were being pushed into the cement, and he was straining to keep it from detonating.

I smirked, and finally laughed madly.

"Ruin! There's innocent people in this building!" Wales screamed.

I chuckled.

"Save them, then! Save them, Steward!"

He screamed, and there was a massive explosion.

Fire and smoke shrouded the rooftop.

I glided back down, setting foot gently on the roof.

He had stopped it, but at the cost of his life.

Suddenly, he leaped out of the smoke, clothes tattered, beaten, bruised and bloody. He held his sword towards me, and threw the flaming blade straight for my heart. I blocked and deflected it aside with my left wing, and held out my right palm towards him as he fell towards me.

"Adieu, Great Uncle, Mister Steward, Jimmy Wales Cynd."

My blade shot out of my sleeve, impaling him through the heart as fell towards me. I grasped the sword by the hilt, and he came all the way down to me, blood stained all over the silver blade and running onto my hand. He coughed a mouthful of blood onto my chest, and I laughed.

"I guess this is the end for you, isn't it?"

The sun had finally risen, casting a golden glow on the two of us. In an act of desperation, he used the last bit of life remaining in his body to try to move my arm away as I reached for my new eyes.

It didn't work.